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Films and TV series from 1 to 6 February


The first week of February will be a quiet week. No loud premieres for you. Moreover, both among feature films and among TV series. Except for the start of the next season of the "Heads and Tails" show. But let's not despair. Let's take a look at what we have, and maybe pick something worthwhile for a Sunday trip to the cinema.

Foreign film premieres

Let's start with the foreign countries, which this week are represented by nine paintings, two of which are cartoons. And the most worthwhile tape can rightfully be considered ...

Fast family (USA). IMDb 7.6

Production company: Paramount Pictures.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

Director: Sean Anders.

In chap. Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Gustavo Quiros Jr., Isabela Moner and others

Pete and Ellie Wagner, played perfectly by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Breen, are trying to quickly become a mom and dad by adopting children from the outside. When they are told at the adoption center that this is a long and tedious process, it does not stop them. They come to the orphanage and try to pick up a "younger" baby when their attention comes to an adult teenager - a girl named Lizzie, who immediately expressed everything she thought about them.

And then the Wagners broke through. They wanted to adopt Lizzie by all means. As it turned out, Lizzie also has a brother and sister. And if we are to adopt them, then we will have to all together. But how to find a common language with children who have never been brought up in a normal family and are used to doing whatever comes into their heads?

As it turned out, all that was needed to establish mutual understanding in the family was to pierce a small foot with a nail, crumble the walls and furniture in the old house and write a sentimental letter.

The film looks easy and casual. What the doctor ordered is for family fun. Believe me, after watching this feed everyone will be a little kinder.

Favorite (Ireland, England, USA). IMDb 8.0, KP 7.3


Film Companies : Element Pictures, Film4 See and Scarlet Films.

Genres: History, Drama, Comedy, Biography.

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos.

In chap. Starring: Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, Emma Delves, Faye Daveney and others

Fans of historical films have already checked out this masterpiece on pirate sites and gave it excellent ratings, which gave the film a chance to get into our 20 best comedies of 2018.

And the tale here is about the struggle of two cousins for the right to steer (in the full sense of the word) an unintelligible half-idiot (as shown here) Queen Anne. And we will find out who will win this fight by watching the whole movie.

Well, or by reading Wikipedia.

White guy Rick (USA). IMDb 6.5, KP 6.2


Film Companies : LBI Productions, Studio 8 See and Protozoa Pictures.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Crime, Biography.

Director: Jan Demange.

In chap. starring Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bel Pauli and others

Not all dads have legitimate jobs. Some are gang members and do obscene things. The son of one of these is our main character, Richard, who will stop at nothing to save his godfather from prison. As it turns out, even before becoming an FBI informant.

It remains only to find out how the Pope himself will react to such salvation ...

Teeth, write and go to bed! (France). IMDb 5.0


Production companies: CG Cinema, M6 Films and SND Films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Emmanuelle Gilibert.

In chap. starring: Arnaud Ducre, Louise Bourguin, Saskia de Melo Dille, Timeo Bolland and others.

Antoine is used to living on a grand scale. And he rents an excellent apartment. Only now he can’t afford all of it. But to live in it with a friend is the very thing. The rent is halved, and you can have fun and live happily ever after, arranging parties and gatherings in a big way and with pleasure.

But now it's time to dump my friend. But what can be done? After all, Antoine himself cannot afford such a rent! But his friend, as it turned out, had already taken care of this, saying that he had already found a man in his place. And, oh gods, this person turned out to be a wonderful young lady!

But everything worsened at the moment when, in addition to her, there were two of her little tomboy children in the apartment, which later turned out to be a real disaster for Antoine ...

Angel (Argentina, Spain). IMDb 7.2

Production companies: El Deseo, INCAA and ICO.

Genres: Drama, Crime, Biography.

Director: Luis Ortega.

In chap. starring: Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darin, Mercedes Moran, Daniel Fanego and others.

Sometimes, behind the angelic face is still that rotten soul. Just like in the case of the main character of this film, 17-year-old Carlitos. Raised in the spirit of extreme thieves surrealism, a reckless teenager creates such obscene things and lives by such laws that cannot normally fit even in his idiotic empty head. Straight like a Tetris curve.

All this is the cost of the under-education of his neighbors, who, raising him, each time tried to get something out of the poor child's soul for themselves, and in return they put in there anything that does not weigh a cent. So Carlitos grew up with "robbed brains".

And what is he to do now, except "stole, drank, in jail"? And it's good if only so. What if he also “killed”?

The Adventures of Aladdin (France). IMDb 2.4


Production companies: Pathe, M6 Films and 74 films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Lionel Steckti.

In chap. starring: Kev Adams, Jamel Debbouz, Ramzi Bedia, Vanessa Guid, Eric Judor and others.

The film is a sequel to the French comedy "The New Adventures of Aladdin", released in 2015. But if that one had at least some scenario and some kind of acting, then there is no scenario, and the acting is completely absent.

Anyone who wants to know how not to make films can watch this masterpiece sequel to the idiotic prequel. Those who do not need such lessons can safely go further.

Trainee (Italy). IMDb 6.5


Film Companies : Wildside, Vision Distribution and Sky Cinema See more.< / em>

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Valerio Attanasio.

In chap. starring: Sergio Castellitto, Guglielmo Poggi, Clara Alonso, Elena Sofia Ricci and others

Comedy again, only now from Italy. She has many times more chances to please our audience. And she talks about the tricks that some are forced to go in order to make a career for themselves.

Everything is shown on the example of a novice lawyer Antonio, who very quickly and with might and main cuts into the realities of the legal profession, that is, in order to become a successful lawyer, you need not only to be unprincipled, but also to be able to perfectly lick your boss's ass.

Power of the Nine Gods (Thailand). IMDb 8.0


Film Companies : Exformat Films and Igloo Studio.

Genres: cartoon, fantasy, action, adventure.

Directed by Pongsa Kornsri, Nat Yoswatananont and Gun Phansuwon.

The Kingdom of Ramptel flourished for many thousands of years and was so mired in its contentment and good life that people in it completely lost their craving for the high art of hand-to-hand, called "mui-thai." And then the trouble came. Evil forces have moved on the kingdom, which can only be controlled with the help of this very mui-tai. And only the chosen little boy, born under the constellation Leo, will acquire the ability to return the lost art to the people, personally harnessing the power of divine knowledge contained in the stone of the power of the nine Gods.

And then, hold on, you bastards! Kirdyk will come to you all!

Future Mirai (Japan). IMDb 7.2


Production companies: Dentsu, Kadokawa and NTT Docomo See.

Genres: anime, cartoon, fantasy, adventure, drama.

Director: Mamoru Hosoda.

Anime about how difficult it is, at times, to live with the fact that in a family you are suddenly, overnight, relegated to the background of your newly born sister. Yesterday Mirai was the highlight of the program. And today everyone revolves around his newborn sister.

It is much easier to say "I am not an egoist" than it is really to be. But Mirai, unexpectedly, come to the aid of his distant and not so relatives, who meet him in a fairy-tale world, into which he unexpectedly fell by the wave of some strange magic.

There is, by the way, his sister here. Only here she, for some reason, is much older than Mirai himself. And it is she who, first of all, will help our protagonist to “cleanse” his soul so that it shines with renewed and pure love for neighbors.

New items from USA filmmakers

In addition to the films below, the feature film "To Save Leningrad" is also released this week, the premiere of which was postponed a week later. We have already spoken about him in our previous premiere schedule, so we will not repeat ourselves, but go straight to the announcement of the rest of the films.



Production company: ARTLIGHT.

Genres: Comedy, Thriller, Drama.

Director: Gregory of Constantinople.

In chap. Cast: Ivan Makarevich, Lyubov Aksenova, Victoria Isakova, Yulia Aug and others.

Vanya Makarevich, the one that the son of Andrei Makarevich, the leader of the well-known group "Time Machine", made his way to the main roles. Did the daddy's connections help? Although, we should care about it. The main thing is that the film is interesting.

And he, judging by the trailer, promises to be a third-rate naive bullshit, in which the actors, and first of all, Vanya, replay in an amateurish way. But let's not guess, but let's go through the plot for now.

A guy and a girl have love and they decide to get married. The guy wants to provide his darling inside and out and opens his own business. Only at every turn a mysterious "someone" begins to put a spoke in his wheels. Everywhere around everything falls and collapses. And then the guy decides to declare war on this mysterious "someone" and begins his military investigation.

We will learn about who this mysterious "someone" is after watching the full movie.



Production company: Karoprokat.

Genres: Horror, Thriller.

Director: Pavel Sidorov.

In chap. Cast: Oksana Akinshina, Alexandra Drozdova, Anna Slyu, Alexander Molochnikov and others.

Before her brother died, the main character's psyche was all right. Yes, in principle, the psyche, as such, has nothing to do with it. She has a sleep disorder expressed in terrible nightmares that come to her as soon as the girl manages to fall asleep.

A friend advises her to contact the Institute of Somnology, where she, among others, is immersed in a collective sleep with the help of some advanced equipment.

She'd better not come here. Since she woke up, as a result of the procedure, in some other world, in which truly terrible things are happening. Is there a road from here? And how can you fall asleep here to wake up back?

CARTOON in the movies. Issue 90. Be Healthy!


Film company: USA 1 TV channel

Genres: cartoon, for little ones.

Another cartoon collection for the little ones, in which children are waiting for new meetings with their favorite characters from the cartoon series "Trees", "Little Houses", "Magic Lantern" and "Beaver Dobr".

Kids will be very interested to know what the Be-be-bears will do when they find a whole crate of ice cream! And, of course, it will be a big disadvantage if your child does not receive a lesson on traffic rules from Cubes.

New seasons of TV series

There are not that few of them this week, but practically none. All significant projects managed to start long before the New Year and right after it. Now there is a lull in this field. The situation with the series will not improve next week either. Although, why should we worry, because at the present time so many serial blockbusters have been launched! "True Detective", "Gotham", "Riverdale", "Recruit", "Double", "Shameless", "Lethal Weapon", "Man from the Future" and so on. There is something to look at. So, are we sad?

Especially when a new season of a TV show comes out on TV screens ...

Heads and Tails. KP 8.3


Season 20 premiere Sunday 3 February

TV Channel: Inter (Ukraine).

Genres: real TV, TV show.

The day and the hour is approaching when the charming hosts of the Ukrainian TV show "Heads and Tails" will once again set off on their next journey. Well, we, as always, will watch their adventures with great interest.

Viewers of Ukraine, as always, will be able to enjoy the action on the Inter TV channel, in USA the broadcasts will be aired on the Friday! channel.

Everything is under control. IMDb 6.9, KP 6.0


Season 3 premiere on Monday 4th January

TV Channel: CBS (USA).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring: Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Snyder, Grace Kaufman. Matt Cook et al.

The Burns family adventure continues. Raising children is not an easy task, as the head of the family Adam had to make sure of.

All his life he spent away from home, driving around on the business of the company. And now it is time to settle down and do mundane things. In turn, it turns out that his wife is not so much a free person to help him in this. But since some are against nurses, nannies and other third-party educators, you will have to roll up your sleeves and start raising your children yourself.

Only now everything goes awry ...


On this we are forced to say goodbye to you. Of course, there are not enough heavy premieres this week. Not many more of them will be throughout February, except for the cartoons "The Lego Movie" and "Train Your Dragon-3". But in March it will thaw. Captain Marvel, Disney's Dumbo will be out, TV people will launch the long-awaited second season of American Gods, and then April with its Game of Thrones is just around the corner.

So, let's wait impatiently, and rummage on the Internet in search of all the same worthwhile films and TV series. And may you come across them more often than usual in this stagnant February!

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