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Top 5 Shinichiro Watanabe Anime


Shinichiro Watanabe is one of those anime creators who has his own inimitable style that sets his work apart from many others. Starting from music, ending with the themes of his anime. The soul is felt in them, and most importantly, the characters are truly alive. You do not want to leave their company, as you become attached to them in a relatively short period of time. We decided to recall the 5 best Shinichiro Watanabe anime that you will really enjoy watching.

5. Macross Plus

It's 2040, humanity is at its peak, two pilots Isamu Dyson and Gould Bowman are fighting for air superiority, while preparations are underway for the concert of virtual idol Sharon Apple.

Many don't know this, but Watanabe was the driving force behind this OVA, which many call the very best part of the Macross franchise. Macross Plus 1994, for almost four episodes, tells the story of how the lives of three people are intertwined against the background of the threat to the whole world in the person of AI, fueled by human emotions.


4. Space Dandy

Space Dandy is a unique project. It's a delightfully bizarre anthology show with imagery that clearly reflects Watanabe's obsessions.

As the CEO of Bones Studios Masahiko Minami, under whose wing this anime was released, said: "We have taken on a great responsibility to ensure that this is the stupidest anime in the world." The series follows the adventures of a group of space travelers, including a cool-haired bounty hunter named Dandy, a cat-like alien Meow and their assistant, the QT robot. In search of money, Dandy travels around the world, hunting for criminals, but this is only a global topic, in fact, each episode is unique both in genre and presentation.

Each new idea and concept is so radically different from the previous one that Space Dandy becomes a kind of almanac of stories. This is a true roller-coaster anime, where the zombie uprising episode ends with reflections on the importance of ecology and the morality.


Each new episode is an anticipation of the unknown from what lies ahead. Whether it's a story about a planet inhabited by living plants or a melancholic episode about the essence of sadness and death.

3. Carole & Tuesday

In his latest work, Watanabe told a touching story of two girlfriends who find each other and struggle with the difficult life of a creative person.

They try to create in a world where they are not allowed to express themselves, fight the system, and create art.

The anime takes place in the near future, when mankind colonized Mars. There is artificial intelligence on the planet, which creates almost everything for the inhabitants of the planet, including music. Today, the escaped daughter of a politician, confronts Carol, an orphan who is trying to make ends meet playing music on the streets of Alba City. Together they form a band and begin writing music. It doesn't work right away, but it's interesting to follow how their friendship evolves. And even more so to observe how their playing skills improve against this background. And of course anime has good music. Among other things, this is the studio's anniversary project.


2. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo was born out of Cowboy Bebop ideas, which mixed in the author's head with hip-hop films from the streets of New York. In this anime, one of the most unusual settings, where the modern world is mixed with the samurai traditions of the Edo period. The story of three people who are not alike fits harmoniously into all this.

The main characters of the anime are a trio of two swordsmen and an unusual girl who set off on a journey across Japan in order to find a swordsman who smells of sunflowers. The trio consists of Mugen, a street fighter; Gina, the quiet samurai and Fuu, the strange girl who brings everyone together. Even more amusing is the fact that Mugen and Jin are constantly trying to kill each other.

The battle scenes are filled with action, and most importantly, amazingly animated, which gives them aesthetics. The plot consists of arches that range from comedy to adult themes. This balance helps anime to be serious and lighthearted in equal measure.


1. Cowboy Bebop

We have talked about Cowboy Bebop more than once. This is the iconic Shinichiro Watanabe anime and one of the best anime ever. The story of space bounty hunters, mixed with wild west motives, is even more unique than what we saw later in Samurai Champloo.

This is actually Watanabe's unstoppable sci-fi masterpiece from 1998, with almost no flaws. He has been a fanbase for over 20 years now, and people love him for the creative and sometimes heartbreaking adventures of Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein. This anime needs almost no explanation or description. It just needs to be watched.


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Author: Jake Pinkman