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Lenovo has started selling a line of inexpensive laptops in USA


USA users are familiar with the products of such a manufacturer as Lenovo. This company specializes in the development of various electronics. Laptops of this company and accessories for them are especially popular in our country. Lenovo recently introduced a line of low-cost gadgets. Let's take a closer look at them.

IdeaPad L340

IdeaPad L340 is available in USA in various configurations. Chipsets up to Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen R7 3700U can be used here. Windows 10 is usually installed for control. DDR4 RAM with a clock frequency of 2400 MHz often reaches 16 GB. SATA hard drives up to 2 TB or PCIE SSD up to 1 TB are used for data storage.

This series offers an optical disc drive that few other devices are equipped with.

This model has two screen modifications: 15 or 17 inches. The display has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


To obtain better and more productive graphics, discrete cards NVIDIA GeForce MX 110 or NVIDIA GeForce MX 230 are usually used. The device allows you to connect an additional monitor with a resolution of 1920 ? 1080 pixels.

To get high-quality sound, the gadget has two speakers with a total power of 3 W, equipped with Dolby Audio technology. Depending on the size of the display, the battery life of the IdeaPad L340 ranges from 7 to 9 hours. There is Rapid Charge functionality.

In addition, the product is equipped with a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter for the webcam, and supports the encryption standard TPM 2.0. It is really possible to use a password to protect his hard drive.

IdeaPad L340 Gaming

The more advanced IdeaPad L340 Gaming has a different design and other characteristics from the previous one. It is gaming and is equipped with Intel Core i5-9300H or Intel Core i7-9750H processors. Windows 10 is also used as an OS.


The maximum size of 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM is 16GB. For internal storage, PCIe SSDs with a capacity of 1TB and / or up to 2TB per HDD can be used.

This laptop in our country will start selling with displays of 15 or 17 inches, the resolution of which in most configurations will be 1920 x 1080 pixels. Models with smaller screens received 250 nits IPS panels or 220 nits TN-matrix. Modifications with 17-inch monitors come with 300 nits IPS-matrices and 72% sRGB color gamut.

It is really possible to connect a separate monitor to a laptop via an HDMI port. The maximum resolution in this case is 4096 x 2160 pixels.


The device uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1650 cards for high-quality graphics performance. Their chipsets support DirectX 12, providing smooth and energy efficient gameplay. To protect your eyes, Lenovo Vantage Mode reduces blue emission.

Like the previous model, the IdeaPad L340 Gaming supports TPM 2.0 encryption technology and has a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter for the webcam.

The device received a more powerful cooling system, the noise level that it emits is 30 dB. This is lower than that of peers from other manufacturers.


In offline mode, the device can work for 9 hours.

IdeaPad S540

The IdeaPad S540 has an aluminum body and slim bezels. Its screen has protective glazing.


Intel Whiskey Lake i7 or AMD Picasso R7 processors form the basis of the laptop hardware. Up to 12 GB of RAM is available, Windows 10 is used as the operating system. The user can choose a configuration with a 512 GB PCIe SSD or a combined solution with HDD and SSD.

The latter is only possible in versions with 15-inch screens. The graphics part of the laptop is provided by NVIDIA GTX MaxQ (15 "version) or MX250 (13 and 14") cards. This provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a brightness of 300 nits.


The battery of the device has sufficient autonomy and the ability to quickly charge. After charging a completely dead battery for 15 minutes, the energy will last for 2 hours of battery life. Within an hour, the laptop charges up to 80% of its nominal value.

The device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner to ensure access security.

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