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10 Most Anticipated RPG Games Coming in 2019


Before 2018 has kicked off, many gamers are already eagerly awaiting the next year to enjoy a variety of long-touted games coming out.

RPG fans will be especially pleased with the novelties, since there will be more than enough games in this genre to satisfy the needs of all gamers - from fantasy and medieval to sci-fi and horror.

Some of the games started development a few years ago. Each year, the developers pushed back their release, further fueling the interest of the players. In the meantime, you can check out the descriptions of the games in order to learn how to navigate in advance in the upcoming avalanche of RPGs, ready to hit our heads next year.

Cyberpunk 2077

The game is based on a fictional world created by Mike Pondsmith, who released the Cyberpunk 2020 board game a few years ago. Unlike the original "paper" version, the game will take place, as you might guess from the name, in 2077 in a metropolis called Knight City. When creating the game's entourage, its developers turned their eyes to the books of the famous science fiction writer William Gibson, adopting the spirit and gloomy cyberpunk atmosphere from them.

The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that it decided to move away from the canons of RPGs, most of which are inextricably linked with fantasy or the Middle Ages, and jump into the world of the future, where high technologies rule, and human society is slowly degrading.

Corsairs: Black Mark

The Corsairs series of games is rightfully considered one of the most successful ever created by domestic developers. The indescribable spirit of adventurism that flourished in the southern seas in the 17th and 18th centuries will not disregard any fan of games about pirates and sea adventures.

Treasures, boarding, cannon shots, hanging on a yarn, bloodthirsty robbers, noble heroes, treasures, brothels, ghost ships, sea monsters hiding in the bottomless depths - all this awaits fans of the game in the very near future.


Action sci-fi RPG takes place in the distant post-apocalyptic future. The main characters of the game are mercenaries, dressed in special protective suits that range from light reconnaissance to heavily armored, designed for a frontal attack. Freelancers are responsible for protecting earthlings from external threats - various monsters and representatives of alien races who came from other worlds to finally destroy humanity.

However, you will have to fight not only with monsters, but also with man-made cataclysms caused by nature that has gone out of control.

Wasteland 3

A post-apocalyptic RPG that many years ago became the "godfather" of a more popular line of games called Fallout. The protagonist of Wasteland 3 is a fighter of a special unit that decided to visit Colorado. A nuclear winter with all its attributes is in full swing around. There is no connection, as expected, with other cities and villages. As a result, the hero will have to face several criminal gangs. With some you will have to fight, but you can negotiate with someone.

At the same time, one should not discount the fact that the fate of the surrounding world will depend on your decision. After all, now because of you, an entire city may die, which means that you need to carefully consider each of your next steps, and not act at random.

The Surge 2


Despite the fact that The Surge 2 is like a continuation of the first part, its main character is a completely different person. And the scene of action is now not a huge CREO plant, but a metropolis, which is unexpectedly attacked by an army of rabid aliens from another planet. The player will not only have to learn how to save his skin in extreme situations, shooting off the limbs of the insidious invaders, but also try to find out what exactly caused the alien attack.

It is likely that thanks to the information received, it is possible to prevent the invasion and forever discourage uninvited guests from poking their nose into earthly affairs.


An excellent example of a medieval RPG, the plot of which develops in a kind of fantasy kingdom. Here they find the main character of the game - a little boy, abandoned by unknown people to their fate. Who he is and who his family is is unknown. When the boy grew up and turned into a stately young warrior, he was predicted to become the next ruler of the kingdom. Having left the house of foster parents, the hero sets off on a long journey, making new acquaintances and connections, gaining authority and gaining influence.

Ahead of the future king awaits the disclosure of the secret of his origin, as well as the opportunity to fight for the throne, using not only courage and honor, but also palace intrigues with intrigues.


Sci-fi third-person RPG with horror elements. Waking up in splendid isolation in a cryogenic chamber, the main character Dolmen realizes that all his colleagues are dead, and he himself is far from his homeland on the unpleasant planet Revion Prime, fraught with a lot of dangers for the unfortunate astronaut who accidentally fell on it. The only way to survive in this situation is to adapt to the outside world and start exploring it.

The player is protected from external threats by his suit, which, like weapons with armor, can be improved as you progress through the game, using the resources found on the planet to upgrade.

The Protagonist

The events of The Protagonist are developing in an alternative universe, not much different from ours. The main character is a girl-super-agent nicknamed Angel, who lives on the planet Terrana. Her next mission was to infiltrate the ship of aliens who arrived in her homeworld with aggressive intentions. However, things get out of hand at the moment when Angel suddenly wakes up in the alien hospital ward, where she got unclear how.

The girl has lost her memory, but this is not a reason to quit the task halfway. She must not only remember everything, but also, having made her way through the alien army, find a way to stop the outbreak of war between two intelligent races.

Stygian: Reign of The Old Ones

Indie RPG with classic turn-based combat. Once again, the developers could not pass by the work of Howard Loughcraft, making his strange worlds - from lying in ruins of Arkham to the very bottom of the notorious Abyss - the place of the eerie events developing in Stygian: Reign of The Old Ones. Choosing a character, the player begins a chilling journey through the dark nooks and crannies of the darkest fantasies that the human mind is capable of.

Having started pumping your hero from scratch, remember that the course of the further game directly depends on the choice and development of his skills and character traits.

The Iron Oath

A turn-based RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. Having hired characters, feel free to send them to complete dangerous missions, the complexity of which grows as you progress through the game. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, every decision you make in the process of completing a quest can affect both your heroes and the surrounding reality.

By developing and improving the qualities and characteristics of your characters and the guild you created, you will notice how the world around you is inexorably changing, giving new plot twists, quests and tasks.

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