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Why is Rockstar releasing games so strange?


Have you ever wondered why Rockstar releases games so strangely, first on the console, and then tormenting hungry PC fans with expectations, and only releases the port after a certain amount of time? Some gamers think that this is what happened with the release of the last GTA, but it is not. Rockzvedy have always released their games in this way since the beginning of the 2000s. We decided to ask ourselves why Rockstar treats PC so badly due to the fact that in a couple of months it will already be the anniversary of the release of the second part of their cowboy action, and there is still no official news about the RDR 2 port on PC. Once Take Two stated that the developer studio will decide whether to release the second RDR 2 on PC or not. They also said they value the PC market very much and blah blah blah.

Shifting responsibility

In general, they shifted the responsibility to Rockstar. But why are we so sure that RDR 2 is coming to PC? For the simple reason that GTA 5 was also only a console exclusive, and then we got a good port after a couple of years, and it became the best version of the game in principle. The same can be said about RDR 2. At the beginning of the year we have already collected all the hints and leaks related to the PC version of this game, and we are in the so-called state: "We know what it will be, but we do not know when."

Drawing parallels with GTA 5 again, we see that this is an excellent cash cow, from which developers are pumping money through GTA Online and constant sales through Steam. The project almost never leaves the line of the best-selling games. Since RDR 2 is doing similar things, it seems like a common sense that it will definitely be released on the PC in order to continue to earn money. Because making money is the main goal of both the developer and the publisher.


It has always been this way

It's funny, but precisely because of the large gap between the release of the console and PC versions of GTA 5, there is still a little imp in our souls, quietly whispering: "Pss, don't hope, they won't release it." But we weren't so sure about that if it wasn't for the studio's past games.

So, all parts of GTA were released first on the console, and after a few months already on the PC. This was the case with all parts of the franchise. Other projects like Bully or LA Noire took a lot longer, but this also happened. But the original RDR never came out on PC ... To hell with it, the second part is still a prequel, so the probability is high!


Here's our money, where's the game?

One of the reasons Rockstar is probably delaying the release of their game so much is the expectation of double sales. Now the studio has a special approach to porting, where each new port is better than the last. This happened when GTA 5 entered the third curling iron. When the PS4 version appeared, many gamers bought the game a second time because they wanted to replay it, but it makes sense to play on PS3 when the same game is available on PS4 with improved graphics. And then the coolest version for PC came out. I would not be surprised that there were people who bought the same game for the third time. These mind-blowing numbers partly explain how so many people buy the game on incentive. It is logical to assume that this will continue to be so.


We have RDR 2 on PS4, and then next year, when the fifth curling iron comes out, we will get a new port on it, and then on PC ...

There is a hole in this regard, because in the fifth console from the PlayStation, according to Sony, there will definitely be backward compatibility. And such that you can play the same game simultaneously on two PS versions.

Who knows, maybe now the Rockstars are just trying to squeeze the most out of the console gamers hanging out in the wild west while there is still such an opportunity?


In addition, there is no reason not to release a game on PC, because the architecture of modern consoles has become very similar to the PC. This makes the port much easier and cheaper to manufacture. The absence of this factor earlier can, for example, explain why the last western about John Marston never came out on the great and mighty one. It was expensive, so the studio decided to put some extra money into creating a high-quality DLC about killing the walking dead.

What do we have? You may have noticed that money was at the root of every reason for the studio's weird behavior, and that's okay. Everyone in the gaming industry, and even more so in its current state, when games require more and more resources, including finances to create, is trying to rob the player. It's just that someone introduces loot boxes, microtransactions into their game, someone releases an unfinished game and sells it for full price, offering absurd ways to monetize, and so on.

The rock stars have chosen a simple, less aggressive method, but it definitely works. Although not perfect, they also have a huge donation in GTA Online and RDR Online.


One thing still remains unclear, why not immediately announce that the game will be released on the PC, but delay with this for so long that all sorts of freaks have time to come up with hundreds of conspiracy theories. If you hammer in a search engine: “why is RDR 2 not coming out on PC?”, You will find more than a dozen videos where various great minds of the Internet will tell you that it will definitely come out, and the other half will argue that we will never see the game on your PC.


But the point here is not whether it comes out or not. In summary, Rockstar's behavior and relationship with the PC has remained unchanged for years due to financial policy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman