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This week's gaming news digest from CADELTA


Today, our gaming news will tell you about RDR 2 coming to PC (but not sure), a new Tetris champion, steam sales and more.

RDR 2 is likely to appear on PC

No sooner had RDR 2 been released on consoles, and players around the world are puzzled over whether it will be released on a great and mighty PC. All theories rest on how many people have logical thoughts, fantasy and optimism. But a really interesting fact was given to us by the Media Markt chain of stores.

A page with Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC with a price tag of CZK 600 has been added to the Swedish store website. The release date is also indicated - December 31, 2019, but it is most likely nothing more than a stub and is not reliable.

The page with the game has now been removed from the store, but fans managed to take a screenshot of it. If the page was created inadvertently, and not by mistake, then we may well expect the game to be released on PC next year.

IO Interactive showcased cards Hitman 2 and also have a gift for gamers >

The studio has laid out the cards on the table (here is such a pun), on which the action of the game will take place. In addition to the already known racing events in Miami and the jungle of Columbia, the release version of the game will also include: a luxurious house and a beach on the New Zealand Coast, the filthy slums of the Indian capital Mumbai (Bollywood film sets will also be available), the American suburb of Whitland Krieg in Vermont, and the mysterious island of Sgail in the North Atlantic.

As a reminder, Hitman 2 will be released on November 13 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

And the second game news - in honor of Halloween, the studio decided to give all gamers a free play in an episode from Hitman 2016 Colorado. The connection with Halloween is that the location is gloomy and you can find a scarecrow costume in it ... But the main thing is that all the content of the level is available in the sample, and if you have not played yet, but thought about buying, then there is an opportunity to join and evaluate play yourself. The level will be available until November 2.

Silent Hill and MGS

Against the backdrop of the canceled PT, it sounds very ironic that Silent Hill will appear in Hideo Kojima's legacy of Metal Gear Survive as a temporary event. It is designed for one player and allows you to unlock new items and equipment. This is where you can find the Pyramid Head skin.

Also in the game you can find a cassette with a recording of the main theme of the first Silent Hill and compositions from Castalvania. The event has already started and will run until November 6. Anyone who has completed the main storyline campaign can participate.

Developers Agony will still release an uncensored version of the game

Although the original Agony did not work out after the release, and it received not very good feedback from the players, the creators decided to fix everything with the uncensored version Agony Unrated, which will patch all the mistakes of the original.

The game was supposed to be released in June, but it was canceled due to some bureaucratic problems related to the rating for adults. Now all this has been refuted.


We are promised: a new dangerous environment, a world map and mini-map, new options for passing, as well as an alternative passage for the Succubus, altars for sacrifices, improved character models, new uncensored scenes and 8 endings.

The release will take place on October 31 with a price of $ 15, and for those who bought the original there is a 90% discount, those who supported the authors on Kickstarter will receive the game for free.

A new Tetris champion has appeared in the world

Seven-time Tetris World Champion Jonas Bauer recently lost out to 16-year-old rising esports star Joseph Saley. Most likely, the guy will stay for a triple champion for a long time, since he not only beat the last champion 3-0 dry, but also recently reached level 31 in the game.

Leaked sale dates Steam

Or rather, the dates of the next three sales from Gabe Newell's store. The first one, timed to coincide with Halloween, starts from October 29 to November 1. The second is an autumn sale from November 21 to 27, and the largest winter sale is from December 20 to January 3.


According to known data, lightning discounts may return, which are valid from 6 to 12 hours, thanks to which you can buy iconic projects for a penny,

Exit Do not feed the Monkeys

The game is suitable for those who like stalking their neighbors (in fact, we hope you are not like that). She is a voyeur simulator from the Spanish development studio Fictiorama Studios.

In the game we will have to spy on unsuspecting people through hidden cameras. The main character does this due to the fact that he is a member of a secret society, about whose occupation the plot of the game will tell us.

The authors highlight the variability of the plot: we reveal the secrets of the people we observe, we study their hobbies and habits, and with the information received we can do what we want. Any of your actions affects their life, and the plot.

The game is already out on Steam and you can try it out.

This was all the gaming news. If you haven't read about the Diablo 4 rumors or the Black Desert wipe - our last digest is waiting for you

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