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Barrel Loaded, Take Your Friends: Borderlands 3 Review


After a long break of 5 years, a lot has changed in the world of shooters. And here we are again returning to such a familiar destroyed planet, where sheer madness reigns. We are recruiting as many cool guns as possible in our bosom and to do the same as five years ago. Alas, while you play Borderlands 3 and enjoy everything that happens on the screen, you will not leave the persistent feeling that you have already seen it. Our Borderlands 3 review will put everything in its place.

Pretentious speeches, stupid meanings

We again find ourselves in the role of vault hunters, each of whom has special abilities. Moze summons a walking mech that can customize weapons. Zane is a hitman with drones and her hologram [she can confuse and attack the enemy], FL4K is a robot capable of summoning one of three pets to fight opponents. And finally, Amara is a siren with various telekinetic techniques, for example, she can grab an enemy with the help of an extrasensory fist or send him flying after hitting the ground.

Borderlands 3, according to the classics, equally makes fun of the Internet and corporate culture, their stupidity, narcissism, pathos and selfishness with the help of the series' trademark humor, and there are no problems with that. However, this time Gearbox went too far with the number of cutscenes and dialogues. After all, in the game, no one shut up for almost a second.


The story itself feels more ambitious, as the characters travel between several planets. We are no longer slaves of Pandora and can freely visit other worlds. Many reviewers found them boring, but to me, these planets, often associated with side missions, are creative in execution and rarely represent the filler segment they could be.

Your strength is better than any weapon

Gearbox's trump card from the very beginning of the PR campaign of the game was weapons, or rather "millions of weapons", randomly generated during gameplay. But oddly enough, the powers of the characters are much more interesting. Of course, running and exploding weapons add freshness to shootouts, but in the previous parts of the series there were quite a lot of cool weapons. This is not to say that the developer has risen above himself by adding such an abundance of firearms, but rather multiplied by two what we like. However, multiplying is not creating.


But with the powers of the heroes, everything is much more interesting, because they offer us a good challenge. For starters, each Vault Hunter has three skill trees, allowing you to mix and match upgrades as you level up, create your own play styles, or just have fun with your abilities. Playing with friends is especially true when you combine your abilities and start using tactics.

New friends

By the way, the hunters themselves this time turned out to be pretty cool and, probably, they are the best part of the game. For a start, they came out more charismatic and distinctive. Don't think that I'm slandering past heroes, it's just that these vault hunters feel like different characters during the game itself. In past games, for example, playing as Mayu and Zero, everything that happens is perceived the same, but in the case of new hunters, they react to situations in different ways and comment on them. And, in principle, the developers justified what we wrote about in our previous article dedicated to Borderlands 3.


But if they hit the mark with the heroes, then with the villains they flew in full. The Calypso twins, with their pompous emo bangs, feel at least stereotypically evil. They are positioned as some kind of video bloggers of the future, which is largely felt in their broadcasts, but the only problem is that they are boring.


They also have to compete with Handsome Jack, who was well written as a real asshole, ready to put a pig on you at the most inopportune moment. This was captivating and delighted. In the case of the new antagonists, things are not so rosy and most of their appearance in the game did not cause any emotional reaction in me. And it's hard to guess a minus.

Is that a barrel?

Let's get back to the gameplay. Although I said that the abilities of the heroes are more interesting than weapons, it is worth clarifying that both weapons and gameplay are in the top of the best in the game. That is, have we seen something like this before? Yes. Does this make playing more boring? No!

Of the pluses that relate to those same vaunted "million guns" can be attributed to a huge field for experiments. The gunfights feel bouncy, and the gun pushes you to get involved in them to test the barrel you just found. So you took a rifle with cartridges that arrange mini nuclear explosions or a pistol that shoots missiles. Experiment as much as you like.


Although the vast majority of weapons can slow down the pace of the game, while you think: "what the hell is this and what is she shooting?" The situation is aggravated by the fact that weapons often do not match their appearance. No, their design is good, but you just don't expect any pathetic pistol to be better than a sniper rifle in terms of lethality and effectiveness.

In general, the feeling of speed and mobility persists until the very end of the game, and at later stages you are offered interesting combinations of opponents, which does not get boring at all. Maliwan's futuristic forces, predators, varkids, skags and bandits do a great job of keeping you on top as more and more diverse squads are thrown at you as you delve deeper into the campaign. However, not everything is so good when it comes to bosses, which are common and do not require much effort to defeat. But each battle is accompanied by a colorful phantasmagoria of color: everything explodes, flies somewhere and at the same time is very bright and juicy.


In addition, several new progression formats have been introduced to the game, such as Mayhem Mode, which gradually increases difficulty and adds random effects [such as Double Whammy doubling projectiles] for some enemies to get more rewards.


Borderlands 3 is primarily about flirting with loyal fans, akin to one big fan mod for past games. The one that you are ready to play with joy after the second part has been licked by you from and to within the past five years. If what you wanted most to see was what you loved past games for, Gearbox fulfilled that wish with a game of impressive scale.


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Author: Jake Pinkman