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TOP stupid situations related to GTA 5


I can't believe that GTA 5 came out as much as 5 years ago ... Yes, we can say that it came out in 2015 on PC, so only three years have passed, but that's not the point. During its existence, this game has so strongly influenced the gaming industry that not only many serious changes have happened to it, but rather stupid and funny situations that you cannot even look at without a facepalm. Today we'll talk about silly GTA5 situations while seriously playing RDR 2.


On the day of the release of the fifth GTA on the console, the developer of the known game series and its one of the most successful clones of Saints Row, decided to trick the entire gaming community a little. On this day, they launched the news on their Saints Row 4 page on the steam that only on this day they are giving away free DLC called GTAV.

In the description, they very harshly beat Rockstar and their racism towards PC gamers. In the description of the add-on it was written: “Want to buy GTA V on PC? Very bad! We decided to give away the GTAV Pack today for free on Steam! ”.

Saints Row

Deep Silver even paid for the #GTAV hashtag on Twitter, which led to confusion. Many who repost this entry congratulated each other on the release of the long-awaited part of "Auto theft" on the PC, not even suspecting how wrong they are.

Close your mouth, puppy!

Ubisoft wanted to show off a lot in 2013 - it didn't work out. The fact is that after the release of GTA V, the release of Watch Dog was soon planned. Shortly after the release of GTA 5, the French posted a picture with the caption “Two months is enough for the visit to Los Santos. Move to Chicago on November 21 ", as if hinting at how cool their hacker GTA copy will be. It's a pity, but the gamal gaming community in GTA has been active for half a year, and then Rockstar two weeks later took the release dates and launched GTA Online. Because of this, the release of Watch Dogs was pushed back to the next year. Got it.

Watch Dogs

Drive the money nigga!

An interesting story from GTA 5 has developed around rapper Dez Dillinger, whose tracks were used in the game. The rapper said he was paid excessively little for his two tracks, namely $ 4,271. So he sent an ultimatum letter to Rockstar, a quote, or they take all the discs from the stores and destroy them, or pay him compensation, or he sues, yo! The rapper never filed a lawsuit, and the reason is not clear. Perhaps the gangsta rapper was afraid that as soon as he entered the courtroom, he would be immediately put in the dock, since he is a gangsta, f * ck the police and all the cases, or in fact, his accusations had nothing significant under them.

Dez Dillinger

Geniuses have depression too

Now, on the eve of Death Stranding, under every post of Hideo Kojima on his instagram, you can always find the comment "Kojima Genius". However, geniuses also have disappointments in themselves. So it was with Hideo after the release of the new trailer for GTA 5, when he fell into depression. On his Twitter account, he posted: “The new GTAV trailer is something. Freedom of action is the future of gaming, and here it is more than anywhere else, and it depresses me "- and further -" I'm not sure that our MGS 5 will reach the same level. The Rockstar team is the best. They are undoubtedly making one of the best games. " Fortunately, everything worked out, and the genius came out of depression.

Kojima is a genius

Clueless Club

At the time of the release of the game, a virus called GTA 5 was roaming the network, or rather via torrents. It was a file weighing 18GB, which practically consisted entirely of malicious viruses. It's even scary to imagine what those poor fellows who downloaded it to PC have experienced, thinking that they will receive the coveted GTA. However, the bottom line is that there is nothing to pirate, and even more so GTA V, which at the time the file appeared on torrents had not even been announced by the studio on PC yet ...


The cosplay we deserve

If you haven't seen the video titled "GTA 5 Prank". It appeared online on September 17, 2013, the day of the release, guess which game. On it, a rather hipster-looking guy decided to cosplay a GTA character. He runs up to the cars and tries to steal them by pulling the drivers out of the car. It's a shame it's a bit difficult to do when the driver is buckled and the door is closed.

O Allah, what a shame!

A funny story from GTA 5 happened with a girl from Pakistan named Tasslima Akas. She posted on the social network a photo of a gift from her father: a GTA 5 disc, on which a girl in a bikini is wearing a burqa. Yes, the father decided to paint over the girl's body from the disc, citing the fact that, according to his views, even in video games, a woman should look appropriate. I wonder how he solved the problem of where this girl appears on the loading screen or with the rest of the girls in bikinis in the game?


Dark net power

There was one hardcore GTA Online player on Twitch who played 80 real days (1920 hours) online. In one of the streams, a lot of money suddenly started pouring on him, more precisely on his character.

There is a way to grind money using cheats. So, in the game there are such trolls who cheat and throw a huge number of bags of money on the heads of other players, and the game considers the one on whom the bags fall as cheaters and blocks them forever. This is what they did to this gamer. He wrote Rockstar a letter in which he explained everything, but he was told that they could not help. Bottom line - he found a modder in the Dakr net, with which he hacked servers for money and returned his account from the ban.

These are stupid and at the same time funny stories about GTA 5 roaming the Internet.

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