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Garmin sports watch review


The Garmin Instinct device differs from competitors' products primarily in design. This is a product for those who, to the detriment of wide functionality, choose the appearance. The product does not have a touch screen and a number of seemingly mandatory functions, but it does have a certain personality. It is because of her that users often make their choice.

Appearance and management

The design is remembered at first sight. They look massive and heavy, but this does not spoil the look at all. The watch looks expressive and serious.


They turned out to be wear-resistant. During validation tests, they have been used for a long time in different conditions and regions. During the entire test period, the product has never failed. The Garmin Instinct has been found to perform excellently in a temperature range of -20 to + 600 C. They will withstand dives to a depth of 100 meters.

This is partly due to the presence of the case (MIL-STD-810G standard), made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. For the sake of a lower cost, the manufacturer abandoned the sapphire crystal, having installed the usual, but reinforced, on the dial.

The clock is functional. They have large control buttons that will help the user to control during cold weather, when he does not want to take off his gloves. In addition, any of the five buttons can become a shortcut to one or another program that the user himself chooses. Also, the choice of this or that program depends on the time of pressing the button.

This device is sold in graphite, light gray and orange colors.

Screen Features

Garmin Instinct screen - black and white. There are several advantages to this manufacturer's decision. Thanks to this approach, it turned out to divide the display with a size of 1.2 inches, with a resolution of 128 ? 128 pixels, into two parts. The first, the main one, is where most of the data is presented.

The second is more modest, in the form of a round stamp. It displays the most significant information or the one that is necessary for the user at a given time. For example, the battery level or the direction of travel in the forest.


Non-color display increases image contrast, improves readability of information. At night, due to the preset backlight, which can be activated both automatically and in manual mode, it is such a screen that allows you to clearly see any readings.


These smartwatches support most of the necessary functions that are important for the average user. With their help, you can find out: the number of steps per day; the number of calories burned at the same time; sleep quality; pulse; daily effort level and whatnot.

The disadvantages include the lack of some data available from competitors. For example, there is no time for the necessary rest after physical activity, work dynamics, etc.

Another thing is that not everyone needs these statistics, but for the money they ask for this product, it should be.

Three positioning systems are available: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. This provides reasonably accurate data on the location of the owner of the watch at any given time.


Experts estimate the navigation capabilities of the watch as above average. The presence of 16 MB of memory and a small display do not affect its performance in the best way.

Apps and autonomy

Not everyone will like it, but there are no dedicated smartwatch control apps. There are only common standard programs like Fenix.

Probably, this device is mostly designed for those who do not like to install additional functions, but are used to working with what is.

In addition to sports modes, there is an alarm clock, stopwatch, timers, various time zones, etc. More than enough for a sports watch.

The manufacturer claims that this device can work without recharging for 14 days. It's in clock mode. If you use GPS recording, it will be reduced to 16 hours. There is also an UltraTrac mode, which allows you to record the track for 40 hours on a hike.

What is the result. Most likely for 24,000 rubles this product will not be very popular in the USA Federation. However, due to the fact that analogues are even more expensive, Garmin Instinct will find its niche and firmly occupy it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman