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10 Unsolved Secrets of Red Dead Redemption 2


The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is undeniably large. The map of this game must contain a huge number of puzzles. However, a huge number of people have played it and secrets cannot remain so for a long time, right? Well, it turned out - they can. Even a year after the release, when players looked under every stone in the game, some secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2 still remain unsolved. Game Informer talks about the 10 biggest secrets in RDR 2. We've translated the main thing for you.

A strange story about a strange man

Perhaps one of the most famous mysteries in the Red Grandfather series is the story of a strange man. The Strange Man is a character from the first Red Dead Redemption. In it, he was a well-dressed man, with a top hat and a well-groomed mustache, whom John Marston might have met while traveling in the wilderness. He gave us a series of quests based on moral choice, as if testing John to see which he would choose. After completing the last quest, where the Strange Man will point out to John the mistakes of his past, our protagonist will start shooting at him, but the bullets seem to go through him and he just leaves.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, he returned, and this time his story is no less mysterious. Armadillo is a ghost town. People will tell you that it was once noisy and crowded, but the entire population died from a strange disease. They will also tell you that they often see a figure walking around the city, dressed in a suit and top hat.

Also in the world you can find a strange man's hut, in which there will be an easel with some sketches. If you return to the hut over and over again, the picture will begin to gradually emerge depending on the level of your morality. One day, she will become a portrait of a Strange Man. When you look at him, he will appear in the mirror behind you, if you turn around, he will disappear.

They came for the cows

Aliens are nothing new in Rockstar games. Players found a flying saucer in GTA 5, as well as references to it in almost all past games. However, the aliens in RDR 2 are so mysterious that players have yet to find them all. One UFO appears over the ruins of the cult's mass suicide only at 2am. Another can be found after climbing Mount Shann at night and is clearly visible in the night sky. While two UFOs may seem like enough, there may be more UFOs to be discovered.


In the game, you can find a panoramic map hidden in the remains of frozen settlers in a grizzly lair. The map leads to the painting on Mount Shann. There are six points depicted, correctly combining two of them, you can understand that they accurately correspond to the places where UFOs have already been seen. The rest have yet to be deciphered. And who knows what awaits us there, aliens again? Vampires? Other monsters? Nothing is impossible for RDR 2.

Disappearance of Princess Isabeau Catherine Zinsmeister

Another popular mystery - the disappearance of Princess Isabeau Catherine Zinsmeister from Luxembourg - is one of the most depressing in the game. A poster detailing the case can be found in Van Horne; Isabeau disappeared when she was only five years old, and has been reported missing for 15 years.

No other clues. Some of the luggage with the initials of the princess and the royal seal of Luxembourg can be found in a clothing store in Van Horn, but that's all ...

We don't know anything else. This disappearance is especially notable given that there are at least 4 serial killers in the game, not counting the various gangs in the middle of the roads. Chances of finding Princess Ysabeau 15 years later are slim, but she must have been included for a reason, right?

Where is Gavin?

This is the disappearance case you most likely encountered in your playthrough. It is even more mysterious, and lacking more clues than the missing princess. It's hard not to meet Nigel looking for his missing friend Gavin. Together they migrated to America in search of a happy life, but one morning Nigel discovered that Gavin was missing. The secret has not yet been solved, and the trail has already cooled down.

Nigel spends the rest of his life looking for Gavin, as evidenced by the long time between the prologue and the game, and if he can't find him after eight months of searching, perhaps poor Gavin is gone forever.

Terrible Bear-Pig Man

A certain traveling scientist, who imagines himself to be Dr. Frankenstein, left a small present for the players of RDR 2. If you climb into the back window of an old house near Van Horn, you will find a terrible brainchild of science, which is also a reference to South Park. There you will find the Bear-Pig Man - a creature assembled from parts of different animals, with a bunch of hands, a pig's head, paws and a bear's heart. And although this creature is not alive, it still looks creepy. However, it is not even this creature that scares so much, but the mystery of the personality of its creator. Who created this monster and why he abandoned his project is unknown.


Masks from Undead Nightmare

There are some clues in Red Dead 2 that a new supernatural DLC similar to Undead Nightmare may be coming. For those who don't know, Undead Nightmare was a zombie-themed single-player add-on for the original Red Dead Redemption, which was tied to an Aztec mask and an ancient god.

These masks can be found in three places. Also recently found Aztec records located on buildings in Blackwater have been translated. They talk about the god who created the plague of the undead in Undead Nightmare.

In addition, an abandoned house was found in Pleasance, which may be a reference to the Walking Dead and a hint of a new DLC in the spirit of the past. The masks, the house, the recordings are all real and may be a hint of an addition. Or an Easter egg, although dreaming is much more fun.

Pagan rituals

A strange place, with strange stone formations, symbols and a masked body part can be found near Strawbury. This is not the first dead body found in the field, but it was this case that confused the internet. It looks like there was a ritual murder here.


Players first began to inspect the murder site and surroundings, but soon decided to find out the identity of the killed NPC. It turned out that the players have this place and the victims may look different. So, for some, these are body parts scattered over the place of the ritual, for others, corpses buried in the ground. Apparently, this event is variable. Similar symbols can also be found in other parts of the map.

Supernatural Collection

The game is filled with supernatural beings. Presumably the game has a boulder-covered cave with a giant inside. He would like to tell you how lonely he is and cannot get out of it, because he is too big. It's hard to believe until you see it, right? At least players have already found a giant human skeleton near Mount Shann, which may confirm the presence of giants in the game.


It is believed that there are witches in the game. So, you can stumble upon an old hut, where there will be a cauldron with a certain potion. If you drink it, then you will lose consciousness and wake up away from the hut. There is also an old woman in RDR 2, which Arthur will describe as looking like a witch. Supposedly there was a werewolf in the game, although players soon discovered that it was a wild man living in a cave. It is known that a vampire roamed the streets of Sain Denis. You could find him near the body of the last victim and kill him with a new dagger. Or grab him and he would lead you to a new mystery.


Tiny church

An abandoned and dilapidated church can be found at the old woman; it also has small chairs and crucifixes. However, given the size of the church, the question arises: who is using it? Who built this tiny church and who worshiped here? Why was the building abandoned? However, this is clearly an illuminated place, because if you catch a vampire and throw him on the altar in this church, he will die.


There are many answers and questions with this church, but no one knows where to start.

Three meteorites

This mystery only gets deeper over time. First, players only found two out of three meteorites. Second, they are not even sure that a third meteorite exists. The first meteorite can be found in a building with a hole in the roof and corpses inside. Presumably he fell and killed everyone inside. And if you put it in your inventory, it will display the inscription "1 of 3". Although some players have reported that inventory may display "1 of 99". One player contacted Rockstar to clarify this point. Developers have confirmed that there are three of them.


The second meteorite is located near Roanoke in a large crater. Wearing these meteorites gives 10 percent resistance to hot weather, which just makes people want the third even more, knowing that it has the ability to increase stats. However, the third meteorite has not yet been found.

Some think that he is in the lake, others that he is associated with a UFO. However, this is a real chance to solve this RDR 2 mystery, so head back and look for the answer.

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