The Tremere Clan in Vampire: TMB 2, Apex Legends on smartphones, new scandal with the head of Gearbox - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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The Tremere Clan in Vampire: TMB 2, Apex Legends on smartphones, new scandal with the head of Gearbox - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in our news feed: Sexual Harassment at Quantic Dream, a CD Project Red merchandise store.

"Knowledge is power". The Tremere Clan in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Paradox Interactive continues to introduce us to the clans from Vampire: TMB 2. This week we were introduced to the Tremere clan. The blood that gives vampires supernatural power is called vitae. The Tremere are constantly studying it and how to turn vitae against other creatures in whose veins it flows.


In Seattle, as in other cities, the number of Tremere was limited, but before the events of the second part of the game, their social system called "Pyramid" collapsed. During the sequel, they will look for allies who will only reveal secrets known to them. Several Tremere will be arriving in Seattle, which some of the fellows will not be happy about. In the first game, we met one Tremere - Maximilian Strauss, one of the leaders of the Camarilla.

According to available information, the clan has the following abilities:

Thaumaturgy ["Thaumaturgy"; violates the Masquerade]:

  • Skewer - the vampire launches his blood at the feet of enemies and it rises sharply in the form of thorns, after being applied it returns to the vampire back.
  • Purification - the vampire makes enemies vomit with his own blood, dealing damage. Blood streams return to the caster.
  • Boiling Blood - the vampire can apply purification on the victim a second time, his blood will begin to boil and after that he will explode. All blood goes to the caster.

Auspex ["Divination"; do not violate the Masquerade]:

  • Aura Sense - allows you to see NPCs through walls, mark important people in the crowd to keep an eye on them. Marked enemies have weak points.
  • Psychic projection - the character's spirit is separated from the body in the form of an astral ghost. They can explore the location. It also allows you to dull the feelings of others.

See the video for more. Last time we told you about the Brujah clan.

EA plans to release Apex Legends to smartphones for the Chinese market

EA has shared new information on the future of Apex Legends. The game from Respawn Entertainment is likely to hit the mobile devices of Chinese gamers. Blake Jorgenson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of EA, spoke about this. According to him, negotiations on this decision are still underway, but most likely, a positive verdict will be passed.

The company will not stop in the Chinese market and will try to enter the South Korean market as well. The company's recent financial results for the year have shown success, primarily thanks to Apex Legends and its free model with microtransactions and battle passes. Jorgenson also said that thanks to Arech, the company gained 30% of the new audience. As a reminder, the game had a peak of 50 million online players in February of this year.


Former Gearbox employee will not return to voice acting Claptrap. He also poured mud on Randy Pitchford

In previous Borderlands, the robot Claptrap was voiced by David Eddings. In the third part, he will not return to his character, since the parties could not agree on payment. On this, the situation did not exhaust itself and the actor together with the general director of the studio started a new drama.


According to Pitchford, Eddings was offered twice as much as the standard for the job, but he flatly refused. Therefore, he was fired, and the actor himself was angry with the former leadership.

Eddings claims that he was ready to return to voice acting for the sake of fans unselfishly, but on the condition that Pitchford apologize publicly for raising his hand in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis during GDC 2017. And also that Gearbox would pay him deductions for past work.

The actor does not disclose details about physical threats and mysterious deductions. But he says that, in his opinion, Randy's mental state leaves much to be desired. Allegedly, Pitchford constantly "stalked" him in social networks and Eddings had to block him. He imposed unpopular studio decisions, often lied to employees, and also contemptuously calls people in the studio audience Muggles.


He also comments on the scandal with a flash drive on which there were important financial data and child porn. He believes that the head of the studio stole money that was supposed to go towards employee benefits.

Well, if you add up all the rumors from two former employees [Wade Cullender and David Eddings], it turns out that Randy Pitchford is a hedonist pervert who throws parties with naked boys, watches child porn, beats up employees, "stalkers" them, steals money from the company and also calls all people Muggles. We do not advise you to believe in them ...

Yesterday, Gearbox commented on these statements to Eurogamer. They will refrain from speaking about the accusations against Pitchford, since this does not apply to the company itself and the game. They also appreciate Eddings' contribution to the franchise and look forward to his return.


French union gathers information on sexual harassment in Quantic Dream

Last year, information circulated on the net that an unhealthy atmosphere flourished in the Quantic Dream office: racist statements, obscene "photo-toads" with employees, as well as sexism that comes from the founder of the studio, David Cage.

This week, the French trade union Solidaires Informatique announced that they had received complaints of sexual harassment and violence in the studio. SI encourages victims to testify anonymously. They were joined by Game Workers Unite, an international organization that defends the interests of workers in the gaming industry.


Game Workers Unite claims that this is a very serious crime and should be punished accordingly by law.

The studio does not comment on the situation.

CD Project Red has opened an online merchandise store - his pearl Geralt as a Japanese ronin

Let's digress from the scandals and talk about the studio, where everything is fine. CD Project Red has opened a themed online store with T-shirts, socks, mugs, posters and other themed stuff with the emblems of their games. Namely The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077 and GWENT.


The most remarkable thing is the Geralt figurine in the form of a ronin. And although the witcher is a Slav, the developers write, his archetype can be found in different cultures. In this case, in Japanese. This 12 "figurine is made of polystone and hand painted. Its price is 219 euros.

That was all the big game news for the end of this week. Stay tuned.

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