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Defraggler - a handy program for defragmenting disks and files

During the process of writing a file to disk, it can be split into small fragments - this process is commonly called fragmentation. The more fragmented data on the medium, the lower the speed of reading information from the medium.

The reason for this is trivial: it takes a certain amount of time to search for clusters of each specific file. In addition, fragmentation greatly accelerates disc wear by causing the positioning heads of the disc to move, which are responsible for reading and burning data, all the time.

The inverse process to fragmentation is called defragmentation: it is the optimization of the disk structure, in which all files are stored in contiguous clusters. For defragmentation, specific applications are used - defragmenters.

One of these utilities is Defraggler, created by British developer Piriform Limited. The defragmenter is written in the C ++ programming language.

Defraggler is a program that is convenient in every respect and is characterized by:

  • simplicity of the interface;
  • high speed of work;
  • compact and portable;
  • flexibility of settings.

Defraggler works with three types of file systems: NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT, and even processes files that are several tens of gigabytes in size. The advantage of the defragmenter is that it skips the files used by the Windows system as well as the MFT area.

A feature of Defraggler is the ability to perform the process of defragmentation of an entire hard drive, as well as individual directories, and even files. The user can perform a quick defragmentation by setting appropriate restrictions: do not process files that are too large or too small, files with more than a specified number of fragments.

The process itself can run in normal or background modes, after which the application can turn off the computer by itself.


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