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Liam Neeson Back on the Warpath: An Extended Description of The Honest Thief (2020)


The world premiere of a new action movie featuring the inimitable Liam Neeson is expected on September 3. We present to you a detailed description of the movie "The Honest Thief", as well as the announcement of a new trailer, which together will help those wishing to decide on a trip to the cinema.

We would like to draw the attention of moviegoers that in USA the premiere of the action movie "Honest Thief" will take place a month later - on October 8th.

A few words to warm up

Who doesn't remember such hits with Liam's participation as Team A, Air Marshal, Night Fugitive, Passenger, and, of course, the Hostage trilogy? And this is just the latest.

Moreover, while the rest of the famous actors for their 50th anniversary "come to naught", which implies a smooth slide from action films into cheap "under-hits", dramas, comedies and series, or even completely on the role of the second plan, Liam Neeson's career is increasingly “blooming and smelling”, even though he is already 68 years old.

By the way, he belongs to those units that no one has yet accused of rape and harassment, which is now a rarity in Hollywood. There were some vague accusations of racism on tolerants, but they quickly died down.

With his not too brutal appearance, more suitable for, as it is now fashionable to say, a "middle-level businessman", he just looks great in action films, at the right moment transforming himself in the frame and extremely convincingly depicting a vengeful expression on his face. And to take revenge on him in films has often lately. And the case with the film "The Honest Thief", a detailed description of which we present below, is no exception.

Description of the movie "The Honest Thief"

One day a bell rings in one of the main FBI offices. A strange guy is calling who claims to have robbed twelve banks in seven different states. Of course, not everyone will believe in this. There are a lot of idiots around who know him, what will come to mind of someone from the "morally unstable" in the next moment of his "unstable-intermittent" life.

According to a strange type, he decided to surrender on his own in order to live a quiet life with a woman he met not so long ago, and who in his life means much more than the 9 million that he has stolen during all this time. "Honest Thief" promises to return the entire stolen amount in exchange for full immunity from prosecution. Let's watch the USA-language trailer.

The office consulted and decided to send a couple of agents to the address for verification, but how really ran into an ordinary crazy schizoid. But upon arrival at the "warehouse", special agents Hall and Nivens were convinced that nine million in cash was as real as they were, which gave them a great idea to pocket the cash on the fly and shoot the stupid and naive old thief, and it's over.

But the hero of the film "An Honest Thief" turned out to be extremely fidgety. Once having gone against the law, the corrupt agents could no longer stop and sewed up the bosses who arrived at the scene, but the damn bugbear slipped out of their, as it turned out, not enough tenacious paws. But is that really a problem? The couple immediately blamed the death of their boss on this unfortunate "Honest Thief". There is very little left, to go out on him first and fill up, not allowing him to open his mouth too much and roll out any more evidence into the world.

But everything turned out to be not as easy as they had planned. Even blackmail and threats to the friend of the crazy thief did not help them. Now the enraged old man is full of revenge and ready to rip and throw. But, not like these two agents. He is used to planning and implementing everything carefully.

So, we think, the corrupt agents in the movie "The Honest Thief" will not find it enough in the end.


On this, the description of the film "Honest Thief" can end, because, simply, the information about the film is over, and we are not too far off to think and guess, as in the videos on YouTube. Alas, it is not in our competence to put noodles on people's ears.

Just wait for the premiere date and watch another masterpiece featuring the inimitable Liam Neeson personally and categorically. We remind you that the premiere of the film "Honest Thief" in USA will take place on October 8.

Enjoy your trip to the cinema and more cool movies and TV shows!

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