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Uninstall this immediately: apps that waste time, money and energy

The number of applications that people install on smartphones is growing steadily. A May 2017 report from analytics agency App Annie says the average user has 60 to 90 apps, nine of which they use daily.

With so many apps, it's not hard to get addicted to your device.

It won't be easy to overcome it. You can completely abandon your smartphone and become a techno-box, but there is an easier option - to carefully study the list of installed applications and remove some of them. Not sure what to delete? Consider the following options.

Apps that cause frustration and depression

Social networks are great for sharing a piece of your life with the world and seeing how others are living. Likes, reposts and positive comments trigger the release of happiness hormones, stimulate the brain's pleasure center and make us feel energized.

However, there is also the opposite effect: when all this social approval in the form of likes goes not to us, but to someone else, the opposite emotions arise - annoyance, irritation, a feeling of our own uselessness.

Back in 2013, researchers found that the more people visit Facebook, the worse they feel. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social platforms can be the source of your overwhelm. If so, why leave them on your smartphone?

Apps That Waste Your Time

Long queues, traffic jams, a long metro ride - it's boring to wait. To have fun, you take out your smartphone and go through a couple of Candy Crush levels. Then a couple more. Then you continue at home. And soon you are wasting every free minute trying to overcome a tricky level that does not lend itself to anything. On average, a modern person spends 1.5 hours a day in his smartphone, this is 23 days a year, or about 4 years of life. Lot? Definitely. Entertainment apps don't have to take a ton of your time. Recurring puzzles (like Candy Crush Saga, Threes) are the fastest addictive. Get rid of them if you notice that you cannot live a day without them.

Apps that make you spend money

Smartphones are already quite expensive, and most APKs are designed to make you fork out even more. The freemium (shareware) model is one of the most successful ways companies make money through their apps. The program is free to download, but you have to pay to unlock additional features, items or locations. In 2017, users spent $ 37 billion on in-app purchases, most of which were in gaming software. Pokemon GO, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the main culprits in the waste.

In addition to them, there are a number of free applications through which you purchase non-digital goods - Amazon, Frendi, Avito, Yandex Market and others. Want to use your budget smarter? Remove these applications and the like, then there will be no unnecessary temptation to shop.

Apps that make you work 24/7

Anytime and anywhere with your smartphone, you can write an e-mail, edit a document and make a video call. All this is great, but there is also a downside: your work haunts you wherever you go.

This problem has become so serious that France recently passed a law according to which any employee has the "right to disconnect" at the end of the working day.

If you are among those who grab onto a smartphone in the middle of a family dinner in fear of missing an important message from the boss, activate the "do not disturb" function in messengers, sort out sound profiles and remove applications that are required to complete work tasks (analogs Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc.).

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Author: Jake Pinkman