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Yongnuo & Elephone PX 4K Selfie Camera with Interesting Device


Recently, in reviews of new products from the world of modern technologies and gadgets, there has been a tendency to combine interesting and unidirectional information. In this issue, we will review the Yongnuo 4K camera with a selfie camera. The Elephone PX smartphone was selected for him for a couple, the front sensors of which have an interesting device.

Mirrorless but Selfie

The Chinese company Yongnuo has been specializing in the production of cameras, lenses and other similar accessories for many years. Her products are not as famous as those of CANON and NIKON, but she has firmly taken her niche and her fan base is growing steadily.

Yongnuo YN450

Another interesting product of this company is a 4K camera, which functions on the basis of Android and has a selfie camera. The Chinese managed to create a tandem of a good photographic device and a mini-PC.

The Yongnuo YN450 mirrorless camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel Four Thirds image sensor, which is compatible with Canon's interchangeable lenses. It can capture RAW images and 4K video at 30fps.

However, its main advantage lies elsewhere. The device is not equipped with a viewfinder. Instead, it has a 5-inch 1080p touchscreen display running Android 7.1.

Briefly about technique

A Qualcomm processor with eight cores is responsible for the hardware operation of the YN450. He is actively helped by 3 GB of "RAM" and 32 GB of main memory. Additionally, you can still use the same amount of built-in memory. The device has: 3.5 mm headphone jack; dual microphone, allowing you to receive stereo sound; double flash on LEDs; 16MP Panasonic M4 / 3 CMOS image sensor and 8MP front camera. It supports 3G / 4G and GPS. Its battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

Why you need an Android camera

Some might ask this question. To answer it, you need to remember how most users use cameras on their smartphones. Imagine that all such work can be done using a high quality lens.

You can, for example, crop or retouch the image. You don't have to switch to other devices to do this. It is also permissible to broadcast the video live on Facebook or YouTube. There are tons of other possibilities.

It is a little unclear why the manufacturer decided to install not the most modern operating system firmware. Probably for studying consumer needs. In order to later use something more perfect.

Smartphone with pop-up cameras

Developers of modern gadgets give out creative ideas to the mountain. Some use cameras consisting of several sensors, others combine them into modules, and others come up with something else interesting.

So the engineers of Elephone have distinguished themselves. They didn’t think long about what to do with the selfie cameras of their new smartphone. They took, and made them retractable. Like a submarine periscope.

Elephone PX

Something similar has happened before. Vivo Nex had a retractable camera, but only one. Elephone PX has two of them. In addition, it has a more interesting pull mechanism itself.

The result is a clean front panel, thin bezels and enhanced photography capabilities. There is a possibility to adjust the depth effect in them.

Some users will prefer this type of unit or slider. Maybe some other. It's a matter of taste. Every invention and invention has a right to exist. Especially if it is successful and skillfully implemented.

The product has the following characteristics. It has an FHD LCD display with nearly 90% of the screen being user-friendly. The hardware is carried out by the MediaTek Helio P22 processor with 4 and 64 GB of RAM and, accordingly, internal memory. The front and rear cameras are dual, there is a microSD slot. Installed battery 3500 mAh. The smartphone runs on Android 9 Pie.

Interestingly, the creators are not completely sure of the success of their project, and may be limited in funds. Therefore, it is carried out using the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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