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Ask yourself these questions before buying a new phone


You can't just walk past the shelves with smartphones. You will definitely want to look, hold it in your hands, compare it with what is in your pocket. So, you start to think that your smartphone is not suitable for the latest releases. How to convince yourself that he is no worse than new ones? And how to get rid of the obsessive desire to buy new equipment every year? Just ask yourself 5 simple questions.

The smartphone market is bursting with offers. Moreover, new models appear every month. The dual lens was replaced by a triple lens, and some of the models have four main cameras. Manufacturers are massively mastering the sub-screen fingerprint scanner. Sliders are back in fashion, and clamshells will be back soon. More cameras and power, more memory and AI functions, less frame - compared to their background, the equipment purchased a little over a year ago looks hopelessly outdated.

If every visit to an electronics store turns into the fact that you glance enviously at the shelves with phones and wonder if there is enough money for one of the latest new products, think: do you really need a new phone now?

Iphone XS MAX

Of course, not all smartphones are expensive. There are excellent options at a reasonable price. But before planning to buy them, ask yourself a few questions.

Is my phone working properly?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. He's the main one. How often does it fail? When does the phone freeze? Are there spontaneous reboots and shutdowns?

Of course, a new smartphone is necessary if the old one has a bad battery or the display lags when simply flipping through the screens. But keep in mind that you can solve some performance problems yourself: clean the memory, update the system, roll back to the original settings.

firmware update

Simple measures will prolong the life of your old device, and at the same time save you from untimely waste.

Do I need additional features?

In most cases, advertising makes us think about buying a new phone. Marketers skillfully play on our feelings and convince that life will sparkle with bright colors with the new gadget.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner, Camera AI Features, Cryptographic Security - it all sounds cool. But is it really necessary?

An abundance of opportunities (especially innovative ones) always means a high cost. However, not all advertised chips have a place in real life. You can play with iPhone AR emoji for exactly two days. Then they get bored.


If your smartphone already has everything you need for a happy life, there is no reason to run for a new one.

How long will I use my new phone?

The incredible durability of the Nokia 3310 is still legendary. Many phones of that time were equally indestructible. You could walk with them for at least five years, and the manufacturers prided themselves on the reliability of their products. But now everything is different. Last year, you paid $ 700 for a new iPhone or Samsung S8, and this one tells you it's time to upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy

The new models have more color options, memory, they are better in everything. Even if you liked the relatively inexpensive semi-flagship, compare it to your phone. Is it much better? Are you ready to go with him for 2-3 years? If not, hold back the money and wait until the market comes up with something more innovative.

How is the latest model different from the previous one?

The difference between generations is not always striking. The iPhone is a prime example of this. Everyone thought that the 2018 iPhone would be a radical departure from previous models. But as soon as it came out, fans of the brand sighed in disappointment. Apple expanded the color gamut, improved the camera, but did not redesign the design: it remained the same as on the anniversary iPhone X.

Iphone XS

Many owners of the dozen did not update to the latest model, because it is not too different from the old one. And some chose to buy just the classic iPhone X. Therefore, now Apple resumes production of dozens and reduces the release of new products. The situation is truly unprecedented.

Wouldn't it be better to buy something else?

Even if you are not in financial trouble, think about your priorities. Perhaps the family does not need a new phone, but another purchase. And if you definitely want to spend money on a mobile phone, maybe it is better to look for some unique model?

New smartphones

Don't forget that the pipeline of smartphones doesn't stop for a second. Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC - all manufacturers go out of their way to surpass the competition and interest the consumer. You will definitely not regret if you agree to walk around with your old smartphone for a couple of months: even more attractive offers await you ahead.

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Author: Jake Pinkman