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Resolve IP address conflicts


Text of the request: Hello, the other day at work, when the computer was turned on, the following message appeared: a Windows IP address conflict was detected, I cannot access the Internet. How can this be fixed for Windows Vista? Asked - we answer!

An IP address conflict occurs if static IP addresses are used in your local network, and your IP address was occupied by another employee. For example, someone brought a laptop from home, or there was a shipment of new computers. In this case, your IP address was assigned to another computer, and since The IP address of each computer in the local network must be strictly unique, then if two identical IP addresses are used in the same local network, a conflict occurs. In this case Windows notifies you with a message (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 IP address conflict message Fig. 1 IP address conflict message

The Topic of Article: Resolve IP address conflicts.
Author: Jake Pinkman