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Top Audio Solutions from Bluedio


Beats engineers founded Bluedio in 2002. At the moment, it is one of the best manufacturers of audio equipment not only in China but all over the world. At the same time, one of the success factors for the products of this company is their low cost. The combination of decent quality and reasonable price allows Bluedio to constantly increase its fan base.

Another advertising campaign of the company's new products took place yesterday. This is what was presented there.

TMS device

This is one of the many models of wireless headphones. Here, the fifth version of Bluetooth is used to communicate with any sound source, which made it possible to increase the data transfer speed, range and reduce transmission losses. Active noise canceling is used to block out unwanted sounds.


The creators of the ear pads are especially proud. They are comfortable and have a memory effect. In the production of their headbands, titanium and aluminum alloys are used. The result is a durable and lightweight construction.

The capacity of the Bluedio TMS battery lasts for 36 hours. It is worth noting the presence of a voice control system that speaks several languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese). There is also an advanced equalizer (in the app).

This device costs less than $ 20.

Bluedio T6S Headphones

This gadget is very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that it has more functions. It uses the main proprietary "trick" - a special technology that allows you to distribute the air flow inside the cups. This results in a better and stronger bass sound. In addition, the active noise cancellation function suppresses attempts at intrusion of extraneous sounds at a level of up to 25 dB.


The battery has approximately the same characteristics as in the TMS model. If their charge is completely exhausted, it is possible to continue listening to music or watching movies using USB Type-C.

The presence of infrared sensors makes the T6S product unique. They pause playback after removing the device.

There is also a hearing protection mode, which can be activated after installing a proprietary application.

This product costs just over $ 36.

Neat TN2

This is one of the most compact Bluedio models. They fit directly into the auricles and have neck brackets with magnets to prevent loss.


As with more bulky products, the TN2 is equipped with noise cancellation. She has a small weight and small dimensions. Despite this, the device can work without interruption for more than 12 hours.

Headphones cost less than $ 10.

Advanced Bluedio V2

If we seriously talk about advanced headphone models, then V2 will definitely be among those. Their frame is based on titanium and aluminum.


Ear cushions have their own memory. Each headphone has six separate speakers. All of them are made using PPS 12 technology, which allows you to enhance the sound of low, mid and high frequencies.

The gadget has several interesting features. One of them is smart management. To answer the incoming call, you can give the command or jump twice or perform some other action.

With the help of voice control, the user has the opportunity, for example, to get acquainted with news, weather forecast. Infrared sensors perform the same tasks as on the previous model.

Share 2.0 - portable speakers

In addition to headphones, Bluedio has launched the production of portable speakers. The Share 2.0 also leverages the power of air distribution technology. The result is a 52mm driver unit that delivers more powerful bass.


The device is equipped with voice control (in English) and the ability to control household appliances. Includes a play button and original blue night lighting.

All Share 2.0 aluminum-titanium cases are anodized. As a result, anti-corrosion is added to their lightness and strength.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the connection has become more stable, the reception range has increased to 10 meters.

The built-in battery powers the device for about 9 hours, charges for at least 3 hours. The gadget costs less than $ 25.

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Author: Jake Pinkman