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11 anime titles that are deeper than meets the eye


Playing with expectations and their refutations is one of the scenarios that can work both for the picture and against it. However, in the titles we'll be talking about today, this trick works well and creates the right wow effect. We will talk about titles that can be cute in the first episode, but turn out to be a real bloody horror, or where an innocent comedy at first glance is a metaphor for death. Here is our list of animes that are deeper than meets the eye.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The most classic example from the master of suffering and butcher Gen Urobuchi. Madoka Magica 'begins as a typical story about magical girls. In it, a group of schoolgirls gain magical powers from the seemingly cute Kyubei - a space creature that looks like a mixture of a rabbit and a cat. However, anime is gaining momentum pretty quickly, and it all turns into a bloodbath and a massacre between the witches and witches they hunt. It's really fun to watch.


Anime has even spawned a separate subgenre of bloody girls-sorceresses and from time to time at least one such title comes out, only their quality is far from the work of Urobucher.

School Live!

A beautiful anime that falls short of your expectations. It is similar to Madoka Magica, but flirts with the moe genre. It seems that this is a banal story about cute girls who spend time in their club "School Life". The goal of this club is to help the rest of the school clubs. Its head is the energetic Yuki Takeya, ready to take any initiative.


It soon turns out that all this is just a figment of the imagination of Yuuki, who lives in a fictional world, when in fact reality is engulfed in a zombie apocalypse. All other members of the club are surviving students of this school, who have to protect their friend, who is stuck in her fantasies.

Higurashi: When They Cry

We have repeatedly talked about the visual novel and the anime based on it - "When the cicadas cry". Like the previous two films, it destroys your expectations in a particular genre, and this time in a harem. The young guy moves with his parents to the Japanese outback, where he quickly finds many friends. They all have fun until the main character realizes that he is constantly in trouble that can kill him.


For example, he finds a needle in rice. Every day the fact that his lovely girlfriends want to kill him more and more comes to him. Everything turns into a massacre with several deaths, and the next day, time rolls back, as if nothing had happened.

Shadow Star Narutaru

A 12-year-old girl visits her grandparents and meets a small dragon that looks like a starfish. She then starts fighting other children who have the same dragons. However, instead of Pokemon, the show gets pretty dark, especially if you read manga. However, blood, child killing and sexual assault are sort of the norm for this anime and manga, especially since Narutaru made the same mangaka that Bokurano wrote.



At first, Shiki is a detective story about a series of murders in a remote Japanese village. Nothing out of the ordinary. A young fearless protagonist in pursuit of an assassin. But at the climax, a real disaster begins, and bad things happen one after another, as if a domino is falling. From a detective anime turns into a full-fledged mystical horror about vampires.


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Surprisingly, when "The Rising of the Shield Hero" appeared in the midst of the Isekai, no one expected that it would be one of the few Isekai who would remain in the limelight. After all, the main character is not some kind of person with hidden abilities who becomes the strongest - he falls to the very bottom of the class. He is the loser with the worst weapon ever betrayed and abandoned.


He is actually nobody and in many ways he has to really work to become at least someone in this world, breaking the typical ideas about valiant heroes. And although there are cliches and quite a few - "The Rising of the Shield Hero" is not an anime as it seems at first glance.

Now and Then, Here and There

Watching this anime at first it seems to you that now there will be a romantic adventure about schoolchildren in the spirit of "Bridge to Terabithia" or "Arthur and the Miniputes". A schoolboy named Xiu meets a girl from another world, followed by evil people to bring her back.


However, in an attempt to protect her, Xiu ends up in a world ruled by a sadist dictator who established a militaristic regime in the country. As a result, the guy needs to go through physical bullying and save not only the girl, but at least himself.

Death Parade

There is a certain bar that people get into for reasons unknown to them. A strange bartender meets them and starts playing a game with them, saying that they cannot leave until they play. At first, everything looks funny and even a little boring. It will soon turn out that this is all an allusion to God's judgment on those who have died.


The bar acts as a kind of limb, where the bartender tests souls, trying to determine where to send them: to heaven or hell.

Happy Sugar Life

The series is dedicated to high school student Satu Matsuzaka, who became friends with a mysterious little girl named Shio and immediately fell in love with her. It would seem that everything is fine - Satu is an ordinary schoolgirl who spends her days in class, goes to work in the evening, and then returns home, where her beloved Shio is waiting for her. The fact is that Satu kidnaps Shio and keeps her in his apartment. She vows to protect her out of love, even if it means committing a crime or even killing people.


Ishuzoku Reviewers

Probably the funniest case, which must be mentioned. Last month, the anime Interspecies Reviewers was released, which tells the story of a group of friends in a fantasy world who went to the local red light district to have sex with the most unusual creatures.

At first it seems that this is hentai, and then suddenly it turns out that no - this is not hentai, there is simply etty. And as soon as it seems to you that this is definitely not hentai, you turn on the third episode * drum roll * and yes, it turns out it is hentai and you are covered with a fit of hysterical laughter.


I really feel sorry for the people who broadcast this, thinking it was just anime, and then realized that they showed hentai.

Bonus - Evangelion

We talk about Evangelion too often, so we won't repeat ourselves. But it is simply impossible to mention him in such a list. To be brief: "Eve" is an anime about furs, which is not about furs at all.


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