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An underrated cyberpunk anime


When it comes to cyberpunk anime, Akira, Alita or Ghost in the Shell are often mentioned. However, in the 80s and 90s, cyberpunk was a trend and quite cool animes were released in this style that were underestimated and forgotten. Most of them are not intended for children at all, and they also placed great emphasis on the visual aesthetics of the high-tech world, in contrast to the widespread poverty of the inhabitants of these worlds. Here are 8 great and underrated cyberpunk animes.

AD Police

This is a spin-off of the more famous anime Bubblegum Crisis, which only lasted three episodes. However, like a star - it died quickly, but shone brightly. This lawsuit-stalled title featured two police officers from the Megatokyo Police Department [the city rebuilt after a massive earthquake]. The duo are engaged in capturing robots known as Voomers. In addition, the emphasis in the anime is on the relationship between the two partners Kenji and Ganse, who find it difficult to get along. Megazone 23

Megazone 23 is set in the distant future, after various environmental problems made the Earth uninhabitable at the beginning of the 24th century, forcing humanity to leave it. It consists of three parts and the first two still tell about our planet. The government uses a benevolent artificial intelligence known as EVE to control the population.


The protagonist of the first two parts of Shogo Yahagi. He is a big fan of motorcycles and one day finds a prototype of a secret experimental bike, with which he discovers that the world around him is completely false. Shogo wants to tell people about it. Ruthless government agents pursue him wherever he goes. He also comes into contact with EVE and he warns him that if people learn about how the real world works, then the idealistic future will come to an end.

Megazone 23 is quite similar to the anime version of The Matrix, but with less dialogue and more action. A four-part OVA explores which reality a person wants to choose, regardless of the consequences.

Angel Cop

The Angel Cop setting also takes us to the world of Japan's futuristic future, where it is the most economically powerful country influencing the politics of neighboring states. There are many terrorist groups inside the country trying to undermine economic stability. One of the most numerous is the Red May association of communists.

In response, a government security oversight agency is being formed to operate outside the law. However, when Red May is suddenly destroyed, the agency discovers that someone else is hunting terrorists.


Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01

This is a cyberpunk on the verge of a comedy, about how one of the prototypes was lost during the transport of a modern combat exoskeleton. He is found by an ordinary guy who goes on a date to his girlfriend. By chance, he is trapped inside this suit and does not know how to get out of it. At this time, the exoskeleton goes into combat mode and begins to destroy everything around.


This is a short and simple anime, but at the same time capable of captivating with its high-quality animation at the time.

Wicked City

The anime tells about the coexistence of two parallel worlds: ours and the Black world - an alternative dimension inhabited by supernatural demons. Few people know about him, but over the centuries, a peace treaty between the Black World and the human world has been maintained to ensure relative harmony. Both sides of the continuum are protected by a secret agent organization called the Black Guard.


This anime balances between cyberpunk and horror, featuring authentic graphic horror footage, great action and erotic elements directed by Yoshivaki Kawajiri.

The plot centers around two agents trying to strengthen the position of a peace treaty between the two worlds. A powerful and mystical setting, a real threat in the person of the main antagonist of the series and high-quality battle scenes make this cyberpunk anime one of the best representatives of its genre on this list and is recommended for viewing.

Black Magic M-66

The plot of this cyberpunk anime is set during a war between two major states. A military transport helicopter flies to an unknown location with a secret cargo - two fully equipped but unprogrammed M-66 combat androids designed by Professor Matthews. At this time, the helicopter is attacked, and it crashes, during which the androids are damaged and automatically determine the target of destruction to the granddaughter of their creator. The military cordon off the crash site, but one M-66 manages to escape.


The journalist Sibbil, who decides to save the girl from death, is watching what is happening. This anime shows machines in an unfamiliar light, as creatures that even the military cannot resist. A classic cyberpunk anime that does a great job of telling a great story, featuring exquisite character designs and great action scenes

Armitage III

A fan favorite of Blade Runner, the anime tells of a colony on Mars, where humanoid robots, almost indistinguishable from real people, are hunted down and killed by the police. The story begins as a cop drama, but soon it gets much deeper, as the line between human and inhuman becomes thinner and thinner, and our heroes begin to reflect on the reasons for their existence.


Romance, philosophical questions and selective action are the recipe for success for Armitage III.


Genocyber not only embodies some of the best cyberpunk images in anime, but is also so bloody and brutal that after watching you will want to wash yourself, as it seems that blood has spattered you from the screen. While many countries strive for peace, one of the mega-corporations has created a powerful biological weapon, Genosaber, with regeneration, superhuman strength, psychokinetic abilities and a desire to kill. It goes crazy and starts killing its creators.


This is primarily an anime about a bloody carnage, which you will definitely not forget.

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