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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Polar” (2019)


Mads Mikkelsen is familiar to us from films such as Casino Royale, The Door, The Musketeers, Rogue One: Star Wars. History ", etc. But most of all his" Hannibal "sunk into our souls. And today, for those who are tormented by the question of what to watch from films on weekends, we recommend watching a new film with his participation, called "Polar".

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In principle, the film will "fit well" for any viewer. It was filmed in the style of "John Wick", although, of course, not so deeply worked out. Yes, and the hero himself is not so twisted, but in the performance of Mads Mikkelsen he looks quite good.

Most of all, the film, of course, will appeal to those who, while watching, are not accustomed to poking a finger at every plot weakness. For example, people who, without gnashing of teeth, cannot stand the fact that a person, hanging on chains in a dungeon without water and food, on the fourth day deals with twenty mercenaries in a row, can safely walk by.

Although everything is filmed quite plausibly, with the exception of some martyrs, who, for some reason, instead of shooting from a distance, run up to fire close to the enemy. Here it is clear that the battle scenes were worked out in favor of entertainment, not vitality. But it turned out 50/50, that is, quite watchable and stop and on the other side.

The movie has some analogy with the "Metal Gear Solid" toy. The hero Mikkelsen seemed to be cleaned off from the local Snake, and with the eye it turned out according to a similar scenario. But, we will not go into spoilers, we will limit ourselves only to a short description of the film.


The film is about how the vile and caricatured-pretentious head of the killer syndicate is trying to cash in on the killers who are retiring. In some incomprehensible way, everything in the contracts of aged killers boils down to the fact that if they die before they reach their retirement age, all their savings go to the “firm”.

Here is the Murderer (as they call the head of the syndicate) and shoot pensioners in turn. But, having reached the hero of Mads Mikkelsen - Duncan Weasel (nicknamed Black Kaiser), he loses his best employees, which makes him very, very angry.


Now he, by all means, wants to get Duncan to make fun of him, before finishing off.

But Duncan turns out to be a tough nut to crack. As a result, a whole war flares up between the mercenaries of the Soul Separator and the Black Kaiser.

Heroes and Styles

Zakos under Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, with the acquaintances of the heroes, does not look very good, since these heroes do not live here very long. But if you do not pay attention to the titles popping up on the screen with the names of the heroes, the whole picture looks quite nothing.


Yes, the key mercenary specialists here, of course, are too screaming, like a mockery or a parody of others in this style. Especially infuriates and amazes the Soul Separator. You just can't wait to get to it.


But the Kaiser looks pretty good. With always greasy, unkempt hair, such an unsociable type, slightly frightening in appearance, but, as usually happens, in the soul is not as hard as it seems from the outside.

He will give shelter to a dog, then he will start a fish. True, the second turned out a little better than the first.

Will there be a continuation?

The film has ended, as always, with a focus on the future. Like, let's look at the training camp. And then maybe we will forget the second part. But, the premiere passed, and no changes appeared in Mikkelsen's schedule.


After filming Doug Lyman's Hollywood Walk of Chaos, the actor left for his homeland, where he is currently working on the film Druk.

Next comes another Danish project "War Below Zero", which will talk about the adventures of warring Danish and German meteorologists, who in Greenland will have to go through a lot of bad (to put it mildly) moments.


We will, nevertheless, wait for the continuation. Netflix is notable for its "impetuous temper", and for projects that promise profit, it is taken with sharp, grasping and tasteful. And he does not spare money for them. And Mikelsen ...

Well, where will he go when he is once again asked to work in Hollywood. Moreover, it's not free yet.

Well, we say goodbye to you on this, we wish you all a pleasant viewing, good mood and even more worthwhile films and TV series!

One thing remained unclear: what does "Polar" have to do with it?

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