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Insider # 3.02: information regarding gadgets from ASUS, Sony and Apple


Another Insider Newsletter is dedicated to the latest design information on ASUS ZenFone 6 and Sony Xperia XA3. We will also analyze the assumptions of one of the experts about the iPhone SE 2.

What the ZenFone 6 will look like

Information has appeared on the AndroidPure website that reveals some data on the ASUS ZenFone 6. At the same time, there is a high-quality image of the device, which allows you to get an objective idea of its design.


The back cover of the smartphone has a gradient color. It is made of glass, which seems to be of good quality. At the top left on the rear panel there is a triple block of the main camera. Structurally, it is made in a vertical plane. At the same time, two lenses were combined into one unit, a third was placed under them. Below there is an LED flash.

The front panel is not visible in the picture. Its approximate design can be judged by the picture on the packaging box of the device. The screen has a standard aspect ratio of 16: 9. On the right, on the verge, placed a switch and a volume key. There is information that at the top of the screen there will be a small cutout for the front camera.

It is not known when this product will be announced.

Blogger spotted Sony Xperia XA3

Not so long ago, there were renders of the new Sony Xperia XA3 device, the announcement of which is yet to come.

The other day, one of the Taiwanese bloggers published a small video about his family on the Internet, in the frames of which this device was shown. He soon deleted the video, but it was too late. His screenshots have been preserved and replicated.

The images show that the design of the device is the same as previously assumed.


Xperia XA3 is designed with a non-standard aspect ratio - 21: 9, it has an elongated shape. You can see that the top border is wide enough, while all the others have a minimum width.

The rear panel is equipped with a dual main camera, which is made in a horizontal plane and has two sensors. One of them is endowed with a resolution of 23 megapixels (according to rumors), information on the second is not yet available.

Insiders suggest that the smartphone has 5.9 inches diagonally, the display resolution is approximately equal to 2560x1080 pixels. Most likely, it is based on the eight-core Snapdragon 660 processor.

Many experts predict the appearance of the Xperia XA3 Ultra with an even larger screen. The announcement of both devices will take place at the end of February during the MWC 2019 forum.

SE 2 will be a mini copy of the iPhone XS

Many Apple fans were counting on a small, low-cost smartphone that would get an adequate price tag last year. However, it became clear to everyone that this would not happen after the Yabloko representative announced the imminent announcement of a new line of expensive iPhone XS devices. In addition, there will be another line of mid-range devices - the iPhone XR.

There is still little hope of lower prices for Apple gadgets. Their sales fell more than 15%. This stimulates the company's management to take active steps - to revise the pricing policy.

Recently, there was new information from the insider Benjamin Geskin. He posted alleged images of the iPhone SE 2.


The device, according to him, will receive a 4.7-inch display, which will have thin bezels. It will also be equipped with a face recognition sensor, wireless charging and a glass back cover.

Last year there were controversies over the design of this device, its data leaked on the Internet. They all indicated approximately the same appearance. Therefore, we can say with confidence that this family of devices approaches the XS line in its external data.

The iPhone SE 2 will almost certainly be equipped with the Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Pad, which is now out of date.

Apple analysts predict a further decline in consumer activity. Therefore, the appearance on the market of a budget-oriented device meets the expectations of all fans of the brand. Experts also agree with this statement of the question.

In case of correct calculation by insiders, iPhone SE 2 will not be available until September this year.

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