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Kevin Spacey Stripped of Emmy Awards


Kevin Spacey will not receive the Emmy Award from the International Television Academy, which was previously awarded to him for his contribution to the development of the television industry. This was reported by the Sky TV channel with reference to the official press release. The reason given is allegations of sexual harassment of a teenager, which became known the day before.

"The International Academy announced today that, in light of recent events, it will not honor Kevin Spacey in 2017 with a special Emmy award." , - said in a statement on this matter. The awards ceremony was to take place in November 2017.

As a reminder, Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp said that Spacey was "trying to seduce him." when they played together in a Broadway play 30 years ago. Then Rapp was only 14 years old. After that, Spacey himself made an official apology, stating that "he was drunk" and confessed his unconventional sexual orientation.

Spacey's confession caused a mixed reaction not only among his colleagues in the shop, but also among LGBT people community. The overwhelming majority of critics agreed that Spacey chose the worst form for "coming out", as well as the worst moment.

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Author: Jake Pinkman