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Microsoft HoloLens Helps UK Heart Surgeons


In recent years, physicians are increasingly using the achievements of high technologies in their work. Thus, Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality glasses have already found their application in medicine, from simple cosmetic procedures to spinal cord surgeries.

Recently, the largest children's hospital in the UK began using this device for its own purposes.

Adler Hey Children's Hospital, located in Liverpool, admits more than 270,000 children every year. The hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment, of which Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses have become a part this year. During the operation, 3D images of internal organs and information about the patient are displayed on their display - ultrasound data, computer scanning, test results. Thus, the specialist's hands are free and the doctor can fully concentrate on the operation.

“I really need to see the patient's heart,” says Rafael Guerrero, heart surgeon at Adler Hey. “Of course, the image can be displayed on a computer, but for this I cannot leave the patient in the middle of the operation. In addition, sometimes we have to act quickly - if a child is admitted with cardiac arrest, the count goes by seconds. Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality allow me to scan a patient in real time while I prepare for my procedure. This saves time and allows you to more accurately predict the outcome of the operation. ”

The hospital is partnering with Black Marble, a Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality contributor, to develop the right apps. Together they not only develop software, but also deploy the entire system, which includes a Microsoft Surface Hub touch-enabled wall machine and Azure cloud storage.

“Augmented reality glasses have powerful visualization capabilities. We see many opportunities for both HoloLens and Surface Hub, ”says Robert Hogg, CEO of Black Marble. “What these devices have in common is that they run on the Universal Windows Platform UWP. An application written for one device is perfectly compatible with another. ”

Adler Hey Hospital is not the only healthcare facility using Microsoft's innovative technology. In addition to cooperation with various hospitals, the Microsoft laboratory also conducts its own work aimed at finding solutions to the problems of oncology and genetic mutations.

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Author: Jake Pinkman