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10 visual novels that should be anime


Visual novels and anime are closely intertwined. More than once the visual novels were then turned into anime, and vice versa. For example, Fate / stay Night was originally a visual novel with multiple endings, and then became a huge anime series starting in 2006. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Stein; s Gate, Hakuoki, Clannad - these anime are all based on visual novels. Western gamers in the 80s had text-based RPGs, but the format of reading text with the possibility of branching the plot did not strengthen with the audience. A lot of that changed in 2005 when Capcom released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS, also known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan. It took 15 years for an anime adaptation to be made. But this is not the only case. Break MyAnimeList,

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

Kyle Hyde is a man with a dark past. In the context of a detective story, this may sound hackneyed, but the Dusk hotel in which he is staying, and especially room 215, is completely atypical. They say she can show the fears of people, which they hide in themselves and try to forget. There is a rather deep plot and many secrets between Hyde and the intriguing guests of the hotel. That's enough to create a great anime adaptation.

The game has a sequel called Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. The plot has nothing to do with the previous game, however, the concept is similar: Hyde stumbles upon the secret of the Cape West complex. The building was supposed to be demolished, but it still stands, and this is directly related to the people who died in it.


Both games have a unique animated rotoscoping graphic style. Usually this technique is used for dynamic shots, but here it is applied to black and white character sprites on a colored background. It would be interesting to adapt it in an anime.

Radical Dreamers

This 1996 novel is a forgotten original sequel to Chrono Trigger. It was only released in Japan for the Super Famicom.

Three characters Serge, Kid and Gil infiltrate the estate in search of a treasure known as Frostfire. The same estate is also home to an incredibly violent and strong man known as Lynx, who took over the building several years ago. If some of these things sound familiar, it's because the plot elements were reworked for Chrono Cross.


The Chrono Trigger Universe still has an avid fan base. Even if the story unfolds in an alternate universe, it still provides interest in the context of the Chrono series and will give fans a proper adaptation to complement the franchise.


Hideo Kojima's name is associated with the Metal Gear series by everyone, and not without reason, given how popular and loved his games are, by fans and critics alike. But in 1994, two years before Metal Gear Solid, Kojima released the visual novel Policenauts.

The plot follows Jonathan Ingram, a former astronaut and police officer who was lost in space for 24 years, but managed to survive as his suit put him into cryogenic sleep.


He returns to a huge metropolis, once a small colony, and opens a detective agency. It all comes down to the fact that his ex-wife wants to hire John to investigate the disappearance of her current husband. Ingram meets his veteran partner Ed Brown and sets out to investigate a case filled with dangerous twists, intrigues and twisted plot, which we expect from Kojima. The game is already an almost interactive anime project, so its adaptation is only a matter of time that has been dragging on for years.


Waking up, Lin realizes that she is in a dungeon. She does not remember who she is, but discovers the inscription "Theresia" on herself. This psychological horror is rich in lore and focuses on the exploration of memories. We have a long way to go, and there are many pitfalls to unravel.


The game consists of two stories: "Dear Emile" and "Dear Martel"; both stories take place in the same universe, but at different time points.

In an anime series, if there is one, you can easily use both parts of the game to create a unified narrative. "Theresia" will be a great representative of the horror genre, thanks to the perfect disturbing atmosphere, psychologically tortured characters and elements that are close to our reality.

Ever 17

Amusement parks are wonderful, right? Do you know what could be even better? An amusement park surrounded by water for greater immersion in the atmosphere of the underwater world. The only thing that can spoil such a wonderful holiday is the leakage of reservoirs ...

The story of Ever 17 unfolds on behalf of several visitors to the LeMU amusement park, which has a leak and is slowly submerged under water. However, this is not just a story about someone trying to escape from an underwater grave. LeMU is more than just an amusement park, and there are literally many secrets hidden in its depths.


Animation adaptations can tell about the paths of each character and tie everything together in recent episodes. This is a story that is not afraid of elements of science fiction, romance and tragedy.

Zero Escape Trilogy

And it is here that you will get an answer to the question, why TOP 10, and only 7 games? For now we will tell you about the trilogy. Zero Escape Trilogy is a huge visual novel that should be adapted as an anime for a long time.

The first game is called “Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” . Believe it or not, nine people were trapped in a slowly sinking cruise ship, transformed into an object with traps and puzzles that they need to solve in order to escape.


All people were abducted by a mysterious masked figure calling himself "Zero". He informs them through the ship's speakers that if they want to escape, they must find a door marked "9". Obliged to play the Nonary Game. And although the rules are not completely clear, it is clear that non-compliance is punishable by death. We play as a young guy and choose who to join and help.

The second part of the Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward series also tells the story of a group of people kidnapped for a nonary game called Ambidex Edition. Along with solving puzzles and trying to escape through the door marked "9", players are forced to cast votes, which can lead to the death of other players or to the fact that they can be saved ... if they can of course trust each other.

And the third story Zero Time Dilemma, like in previous times, locks up several people together, but now they must get out of the bunker. This time the game is called Decision Game and most players have no chance to pass it, because only three will be able to get out, the rest will have to die during the game.


The novel has a huge layer of material, which can definitely be interestingly adapted into a suitable psychological thriller.

Hatoful Boyfriend

This is a dating sim / novella where you play as a girl who goes to a school full of talking but smart pigeons; pigeons are trying to flirt with you. You may have heard of this diamond in certain internet circles as a cult item. Its reputation lives up to its value and gameplay, and more. We will not reveal details in order to avoid spoilers, but if, in short, this is a harem with birds ...


Doubt, but I'm sure it will be a top item if translated into anime.

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