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Why go to Telegram

At the moment, many have heard about such a communication program as "Telegram", and many already have it. This is connected with the scandals between the creators of this program and with the demands of the USAn authorities to open access to the correspondence of Telegram users by law enforcement agencies, those who are not familiar with what this program is need explanations.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a relatively new program that was created to communicate between its users. The program is free and was originally created for mobile devices: tablets, smartphones. A version of the program for PC has now been released.

Why is he cool

  • Security and safety of work in it;
  • Communication around the world;
  • Free software;
  • You can communicate not only through a smartphone, tablet, but also through a PC;
  • Ability to send large amounts of files through the messenger.

Bots as a convenient addition to communication

And one more indisputable advantage is possessed by "Telegram" - a large number of useful applications (bots) that help users communicate, search for the necessary information faster and simply cheer up a person.

Photo Bot from Flibusta will help you choose a book to read for every taste

There are a lot of these applications and for convenience they were formed into groups, for example:

  • Autoposting;
  • Advertising and business;
  • Car lovers;
  • Friendship, communication and acquaintances;
  • Learning Languages;
  • Multimedia;
  • Humor, Infotainment and more.

How to install a bot using the example of "AVinfoBot"?

If you are a car owner you just need to have this app. After all, with him it is easy to find the necessary information about the car and its owner by photo or car number.

Photo Interface AVinfoBot

If you are already a Telegram user, it is quite easy to install this application:

  • Enter the program using your username and password;
  • Find the "AVinfoBot" application in the "Applications (bots)" tab and then install;
  • Then open the chat and enter requests for the vehicle you want to find information about.

In the chat you can enter questions in the following categories:

  • Vehicle number or photograph with clearly marked number;
  • Checking a car by accident reports;
  • Car owner data;
  • Questions about the sale of a car and information on the seller and the like.

You can also easily install other useful bots into the program.

  • @delorean_bot - reminds you of an important event in the future;
  • @meduzaprobot is a news bot, with it you will always have news at hand;
  • @storebot is an app for finding new bots of your choice;
  • @foodsearchbot - Searches for and suggests eating out places;
  • @movie_bot is your guide to movies and TV shows.

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