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10 Winter 2020 Anime You Shouldn't Miss


The new winter season of anime 2020 has arrived. Last winter season was the best of the year. This time, the winter of the beginning of the new decade also looks promising. Here is a list of winter 2020 anime you shouldn't miss. Many of them are already out, and you can rate them immediately after reading the top.


In the world of this anime, sorcerers kidnap people to experiment with, placing them in Hole Waste City. They use it as a training ground - a squalid slum drenched in blood and dust from magical waste.


Girl Nikaido finds in the Hole a man with a reptilian head, suffering from a severe form of amnesia. She decides to help him get his memories back. Together they hunt magicians, and kill them in the hope of finding the one who mocked the hero. The anime promises to be a breath of fresh air for everyone who is tired of the constant issekai and heroes of the hit.

Kyokou Suiri / False conclusions

Even as a child, a girl named Kotoko Iwanagu was kidnapped by youkai to make a medium that would connect the world of youkai and humans. They offer her powerful strength in exchange for an eye and a leg. She agrees and begins to solve the problems that arise between people and ghosts.


Six years after the medium's life, Kotoko intersects with Kuro Sakuragawa. He is 22, he just broke up with the girl, because when they met the cap, he got scared and ran away, leaving her alone. Kotoko decided to get to know him after learning of this situation, and to her surprise discovered strong superpowers in him. She invites him to become her supernatural partner and hunt down dangerous youkai.

Manga became a hit in 2016, so the anime is already predicting high ratings, and a lot is expected from it.

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! / Hands off the movie club!

This is an anime from director Masaaki Yuas who directed Devilman: Crybaby. It tells about girlfriends who want to create anime. Midori Asukasa has long dreamed of creating her own anime picture, but self-doubt and lack of energy do not allow her to get down to business. Together with their friend Sayaka, they meet a popular girl named Tsubame, who dreams of becoming an animator. Together, they begin to pursue their dreams of making real cool anime.


Let's wait for new creative ideas from Masaaki and an interesting story.



In the world of robbers, everyone has a certain "graph". A graph is a collection of numbers that can mean anything, but as soon as someone's graph reaches "0", they suddenly go to the abyss. The main character's name is Hina, her mother's count has reached zero, but before leaving, she asked Hina to find a certain Red Baron. Based on the 2014 manga, it was adapted by GEEKTOYS.

Somali to Mori no Kamisama / Somalia and the forest spirit


The action "Somalia and the spirit of the forest" takes place during a period of time when monsters hunted people and they are on the verge of destruction. A mysterious girl named Somalia makes contact with the Golem, the spirit of the forest. The story follows the connection between Somalia and the Golem as the Golem takes on the role of her father, looking after this child in a world where she would be in danger if anyone knew who she was. Based on a manga that began in 2015, the story looks touching and visually beautiful.

Kuutei Dragons


The anime tells about the life of dragon hunters from the ship "Queen Zaza". They are about to go on a massive high-stakes hunt, where victory is fame and a huge mountain of dragon meat, and failure means complete ruin.

Darwin's Game


Kaname Sudou receives an invitation to install a battle royale called "Darwin's Game" on his smartphone. He soon becomes a part of it in the real world. In it, people fight each other using special forces called sigils. It is not difficult to guess. The cost of losing is death. The anime is somewhat reminiscent of "Future Diary", so the idea will be fun and bloody.

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi / Orfen Warrior Wizard


Orphan Kralancello Finrandi was sent to study at the prestigious Tower of the Fang magic school. Together with him, a girl named Azalea was sent there. Soon, these two become inseparable as brother and sister. Kralancello is equal in everything to Azalea, who becomes the best student in the school. However, during training, an error occurs due to which she turns into a dragon. The school authorities decided to cover up the incident, they secretly deport Azalea and announce that she is dead.

Kralancello, who took on a new name for himself Orfen, goes in search of her.


According to the synopsis of this anime, there are people in the world with special telepathic abilities who can control the memories of others, penetrating into their minds. These people began to be used to investigate crimes and solve difficult puzzles. Their power is so dangerous that it can even kill a person. Although it is very risky, and there is a high probability that the force will turn against its wearer and fry his brain.


For the sake of precaution, they are restrained with special chains, and the carriers of this ability are despisedly called pets. In Japan, they are feared and considered the source of many problems.

Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World / Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World


Probably one of the most popular fantasy anime series of the last decade, Re: Zero is finally making a comeback four years later. This is the story of Subaru Natsuki, a young guy who teleports to another world. Although he thinks he has many powers, he quickly learns that he only has one power:

"Return after death". He can immediately return to life and remember how he died.

Haikyuu !!: To the Top / Volleyball !! To the top

Closes our top winter anime 2020 sports title about volleyball. The main character, Hinata Shoyo, was small in stature from childhood and had complexes because of this. However, one day he saw the national high school volleyball match where a guy nicknamed "Little Giant" played on the Caruso high school team. Despite his small stature, he was able to become an excellent player.


Growing up, Hinata also pursues the goal of becoming a great player despite her small stature.

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