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Original gadgets showcased at CES 2019


This year's CES 2019 featured a lot of interesting items, but visitors will remember some of the products for a long time. There are several reasons for this. Some gadgets are extremely expensive, while others, on the contrary, have a low cost, but their equipment meets the highest criteria. Still others are original or even strange. We'll tell you more about them.

Jewelry for modern women of fashion

Each dress has its own decoration. This expression can be safely considered the motto of iGlam, which introduced LED-based products. These jewelry items can change their color depending on the tone of the user's clothing.


All of them are subject to control using a mobile application. The client has the opportunity to choose the color of jewelry, setting it from a large palette of shades. Each element has a battery that will last for 5 hours. This is quite enough for an average event. In addition, the set includes a charging case bag that will help to replenish the lost energy and allow you to continue to amaze everyone with your appearance.

Navigator clock

Compact and wearable devices are great for navigation. They are always at hand or on hand, which makes it easy to plot and adjust the path.

Ontracks' product simplifies even this process, as their wearable GuideWatches device allows you to correct the trajectory of movement without constant monitoring. Simply put, there is no need to constantly look at it. You just need to periodically look at the screen for control.


This is a device designed to be worn on both hands at once - it is paired. If a right turn is required, the right device vibrates and vice versa.

Someone might say that this product is useless, but it is not. A navigator watch will surely interest, for example, runners or cyclists. They do not need to be constantly distracted while driving, and such a gadget will help them cope with building a route without interrupting their main activity.


This device uses ultrasonic waves to monitor the bladder of its user. If an increase in the volume of this organ or its movement is detected, the Dfree device sends a notification to the owner's smartphone about the need to visit the toilet.

To an ordinary person, such a product may seem strange. However, for patients with enuresis or other types of incontinence, it can be a salvation. Many thanks to the developers of the gadget will certainly be said by those who care for such patients.

In addition to the main function, the device helps to reduce stress, as it also provides preventive services.

A gadget for those who fall asleep

Many people, regardless of their age, like to be lulled to sleep before bed. Not everyone is ready to admit it, but it is.

This is now possible thanks to DreamOn. It is small, but this is not the main thing. The device is capable of emitting low frequency pulses. Their frequency is chosen in such a way as to affect certain areas of the human brain. Those that promote sleep.


According to the creators of the novelty, the range of emitted waves corresponds to those of the human brain. It is the spectrum that stimulates the production of sleep hormones and contributes to its deep phase. In addition, these signals prompt the body to coordinate these influences with natural impulses, which leads to faster sleep.

In addition, this product will be useful for meditation. It helps to increase concentration and reduce anxiety, which is important in this process.

Welt trouser belt

Such a product is especially relevant in January, when the annual CES 2019 exhibition is taking place. Its announcement is a call for those who were not abstaining from eating food during the New Year and Christmas holidays. After all, this gadget will always help control your waist.

Outwardly smart belt from Welt is no different from an ordinary piece of clothing made of genuine leather. It's all about its filling and the technology used, taking care of the user's health.


With the help of a special application, the belt notifies its owner about the size of the waist, the amount eaten, the number of calories received and spent, and much more. This data can be obtained daily or through a weekly survey.

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Author: Jake Pinkman