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Sony KD-55XD7005 Japanese Android Gaming TV


KD-55XD7005 is a TV receiver from the world famous Japanese manufacturer Sony. Gamers love it for its wide-angle view, lowest latency, and smooth display of dynamic scenes.

Corpus design

Sony Corporation designers have equipped the TV with a monotonous plastic frame and laconic decor. The side and top bezels are 14 millimeters thick and the bottom is 21 millimeters thick. The TV is installed on a stand 628 mm wide and 235 mm deep, which has the appearance of a chrome-plated curved rectangular wire. Therefore, for a Japanese device, you will have to buy a large bedside table.

Weighing 16.9 kilograms, the device measures 1245x730x78 mm and can be freely attached to the wall using the VESA mounting system. There are several connectors on the left, top and back of the panel. On the left, there are ports for HDMI cable, headphones, USB drives, TV antennas, network cable and AV input. Above is a slot for connecting a CI module, and on the back there is an optical audio output, an HDMI port and a SCART connector.


Sony KD-55XD7005 TV is equipped with a 55-inch screen, which contains a matrix made using IPS technology and supports a maximum resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. This results in a maximum brightness of 316 candelas per square meter. The color temperature value corresponds to 6300 degrees, which is slightly below the reference parameter, and the contrast reaches a proportional ratio of 780: 1. Because of this, the black shade is visually replaced by gray, and its tones merge together. This TV from Sony reproduces all popular formats except WMV, FLV and RMVB.

If the picture jitters when displaying dynamic content, it is recommended to start the Motion Flow function. Then the device eliminates distortion without smearing large image details. The TV is capable of stretching videos played from a flash drive in various formats. It also resizes 1920 x 1080 content to its resolution settings and displays 1080i video interlaced. The signal latency is 47 milliseconds for movies and 30 milliseconds for games.


Sony KD-55XD7005 is equipped with eight gigabytes of memory, ensuring the smooth functioning of mobile applications adapted by developers for television receivers. Wireless connection to the World Wide Web is implemented by the built-in Wi-Fi module, and to the rest of the devices - by its Direct version. Photo Sharing technology allows the owner to transfer photos from Android gadgets to a large display.

Thanks to the Android operating system, a user who has visited the Google Play store can purchase exclusively applications for the TV, but no one forbids manually installing the file manager, copying the apk format installation file to the TV receiver and launching the installed program. And gamers will love the support for third-party joysticks. But the keypad makes it difficult to use “smart features”, typing text and moving the cursor.

Interface and Control

Controlling the Sony KD-55XD7005 is made easy with an intuitive tiled menu and attractively designed settings. If you press the “Home” button on the remote control, the main screen of “smart TV” will be displayed with icons that look like tiles and are sorted by different topics. Among them are Android TV services, game applications, software preinstalled by the manufacturer, optional settings, custom programs and access to the signal source selection menu.

The identical tiled interface is present in the general and system settings of the TV receiver. The remote control is equipped with many physical keys with English-language signatures, as well as a rectangular body with smooth edges. It sends signals that can bend around small obstacles, and also rests stably on horizontal surfaces and in the user's hands. If you need to instantly find the content you are interested in, it is recommended to use the voice assistant.

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