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Insider # 4.12: Huawei processors; Samsung Galaxy A51; RedmiBook 13


The insider continues to supply new data. Some of them will be covered in this section today. First, let's talk about the development of the new line of chipsets by Huawei engineers. Then we will discuss the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone and the RedmiBook 13 laptop, the release of which is still planned.

Chinese Huawei plans to launch ARM processors

Most of Huawei's customers know that it already makes Kirin processors. They are installed in smartphones of this company. It also develops Kunpeng ARM chipsets for use in servers.

Recently, there was news of Huawei's intention to start manufacturing ARM processors for desktop PCs. The development of the new Kunpeng D920S10 motherboard has been announced, which will enable the ARM Kunpeng 920 processor to be used in a desktop PC.


This chip is based on a 7nm process technology, its maximum operating frequency is 2.6 GHz. It is supposed to start mastering this technology with the development of a quad-core and eight-core version of the product. A server processor can have up to 64 cores, so these figures are not the limit.

The above "motherboard" is capable of supporting up to 64 GB of DDR-2400 RAM, which are installed in four slots. Its architecture also provides for processing data from six (maximum) SATA 3.0 hard drives. She will also receive 4 USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet controller.

Huawei is forced to actively develop its own technologies. The company has paid close attention to this before, but the recent events related to the trade war between the United States and China have spurred the Chinese to take more active actions.

The company does not want to find itself in a situation similar to what happened this year. The result of the confrontation with American developers was the supply of some models of smartphones without Google services. This led to a drop in demand for them.

It is currently unknown how Huawei will act if a ban is imposed on the use of new ARM technology or its interaction with Windows software.

There is evidence that the company's engineers are engaged in the development of their own operating system, but even here one main question arises. How will buyers and users react to new devices from a Chinese manufacturer without Windows software? How popular will they be?

Experts believe that at least some of the developer's clients will support their innovations. However, it is not clear whether such a large company like Huawei will be satisfied with such a small sales market.

Galaxy A51 specifications posted online

It is already known that in three days there will be a presentation of the Galaxy A line of smartphones for the next model year.

Not long before this event, a video clip appeared on the Internet describing some of the technical data of the new Samsung Galaxy A51 device.

The main nuance of the new model will be the presence of the main camera quad-module, made in the form of a rectangle in the upper left corner of the rear panel.


The resolution of its sensors will be 48 + 12 + 5 + 5 megapixels. The last two sensors are intended for macro shooting and depth data refinement.

About the front camera it is known that it will be integrated into the display, in its upper center part. It is noted that the new product is very similar to the Galaxy S11 device.

They prophesy that it has a 6.5-inch Full HD + AMOLED display, an eight-core Exynos 9611 processor, 4/6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal storage, depending on the configuration. There will also be a fingerprint scanner built into the display, a 4000 mAh battery with 15 W fast charging technology.

It has been established that the smartphone will go on sale in four colors: black, white, pink and blue.

Together with the new smartphone, the Redmi brand will show a laptop at the presentation

On December 10, the official event of Redmi will take place, but at which it will present some of its new products. Insiders have learned that along with the K30 smartphone, RedmiBook 13 laptop will be presented.

The developer's experts have issued fresh information in the form of teasers, indicating that the new product will receive a battery of impressive capacity.


The manufacturer claims that the device is capable of working on a single charge for at least eleven hours. In addition, it will be equipped with fast charging technology, which will quickly replenish the lost energy.

Based on previous leaks, it is highly likely that the device will be built on the 10th generation Intel Core chipset platform and will receive discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX250.

We should also talk about the laptop cooling system. For higher performance, the fan blades were made lighter here. Additionally, RedmiBook 13 has been equipped with a new heat dissipation method. It is based on a copper cooling module and a 6mm dual heat pipe.

The most important thing that future users of the device should pay attention to is its cost. It is assumed that it will be lower than that of competitors. This despite the decent equipment and the use of many modern technologies in the design.

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