Bethesda expected Fallout 76 to be a flop, Cuphead launched on Tesla, Shenmue 3 was postponed again - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Bethesda expected Fallout 76 to be a flop, Cuphead launched on Tesla, Shenmue 3 was postponed again - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also read in the digest: fake news about Dr. Kojima, Russo Brothers will be working on the Magic series: The Gathering, Rainbow Six Siege will be released only on nekstgen, a fan remake of Fallout 3.

Todd Howard said in an interview that Bethesda expected Fallout 76 to fail

Not so long ago, IGN spoke with the head of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard. He admitted that no one in the company initially hoped for the success of the last game.

“The development of this game was very difficult. We were prepared for ... many of the problems that you then saw on your screens. We perfectly understood that this is not the game that people expect from us and were ready for a flurry of criticism. And in many ways it was justified, ”Howard told IGN.

Likewise, he understood that the game would not be a project with a high Metacritic score. The stake was placed on post-release support of the project. He believes that the updates that Fallout 76 has gone through have made it "an amazing game with a great community."


The studio plans to further develop its brainchild. Recall that she has two seasonal updates ahead - summer and winter. The first will add high-level raids and the Nuclear Winter mode there, and the second will add new quests.

Cuphead is ported to Tesla dashboard - Elon Musk loves this game very much

Remember the jokes about the fact that Skyrim can be launched on anything: even on the touch panel of the refrigerator, even on a stone? Well, Skyrim cannot be launched on the Tesla dashboard display, unlike Cuphead!

Elon Musk himself told about this, who dropped by the podcast to IGN. He announced that by the end of the summer, the first world from Cuphead will be released on Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X.

Musk tweeted that the team moved the Unity engine that runs the game to their car. According to the developers of the development studio, the version for Telsa looks great and works smoothly.


The developer happily accepted Musk's proposal, but on two conditions: the game must produce a stable high frame rate, and it must also have human control. For this reason, the game can only be played with a gamepad.

In case you didn't know, this is not the first game that can be run on a Tesla. So, in the car you can play old Atari games, for example, Asteroids, Lunar Lander. They can be played using the touch screen itself, as well as a gamepad. Well, we are all very happy that Elon Musk is now making consoles on wheels.

Shenmue 3 is postponed again, new release date is November 19th

I love it when the developers transfer the game with the words "this is definitely the last time", and then transfer it again. So, Shenmue 3, which is actively postponed from 2017, and was supposed to be released on August 27, will be released on November 19 .


This was announced by game developer Yu Suzuki and Deep Silver publisher on Kickstarter.

According to them, they need even more time to finalize the game. In any case, 20 years waited - we will wait a couple more months.

A duck was launched in Brazil about Hideo Kojima, a genius doctor who raises babies

Ready for some great news? On a Brazilian channel in Whats App, someone posted the news that the genius Japanese biologist Hideo Kojima is raising children artificially to combat low birth rates in Japan.

The report also says that more than three thousand children who have been raised are already undergoing training to go to work in Japanese factories in the future. As proof, a photo of Kojima from his Instagram was attached to the news, where he holds a fake camera with a child from Death Stranding.


This fake quickly spread throughout the Brazilian Internet space, and one metropolitan newspaper even wrote revealing material, which said that the news was fake. The news was most likely a fan joke that got out of hand.

The Russo Brothers Will Produce Magic: The Gathering Series

Magic: The Gathering is a fairly well-known CCG, so it's not surprising that they decided to release a series on it. And Netflix did it in collaboration with the directors of The Avengers.

Magic: The Gathering will be an animated series. Bardel Entertainment is responsible for its animation, while the Russo brothers will produce the project.

To their great surprise, they turned out to be big fans of this series from its first parts. The directors call this project personal.


The plot tells about the Planeswalkers - powerful heroes and villains who will use magic to fight for the fate of the world. In addition to renowned producers, the series has a fairly powerful cast of writers: Henry Gilroy [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] and Jose Molina [Agent Carter]. The film will be directed by Yoriaki Mochizuki [Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse].

Ubisoft will release Rainbow Six Siege on nekstgen

Daly Star spoke with Rainbow Six Brand Executive Alexander Remy. He said that the company is not going to create a sequel. Instead, they will release the original game on a new generation of consoles.

Remy recalled that their main goal is to bring about a hundred operatives into the game. If they start doing a sequel now, they definitely won't be able to do it. Therefore, they are better off transferring full-fledged Siege to the next gen without splitting the community.


Remy stated the following:

“In the ideal world of the future, we want the game to be playable by absolutely all players on all existing platforms. With such a mood, we go to it. ”

They are going to control the game in the same way as they do it now on weak and powerful PCs. For example, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 it will look the same, but on the fifth curling iron there will be a set of optional gadgets to improve the graphics.

It is difficult for a developer to imagine exactly how the crossplay and compatibility of the game will look like, as they are only negotiating with Microsoft and Sony. Presumably, both companies will introduce backward compatibility with the previous generation of consoles for their consoles.

A trailer for the Capital Wasteland - Fallout 3 mod released on the Fallout 4 engine

You may have already heard about this author's modification, which transfers the entire gameplay of the third part to the engine of the fourth game. In March last year, the creators canceled the mod, as they wanted to insert the original voice acting into it, but this would threaten the court from Besezda. However, after a couple of months, they gained strength and said that they themselves would re-sound the game.

The game has its own trailer, where the main character smashes ghouls in different ways. All content shown is preliminary alpha, so a lot is subject to change.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Stay tuned.

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