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A startup is introducing a 5G safety system into motorcycles


Modern technologies find applications in many areas. The newest 5G network can find application, oddly enough, in motorcycles. While modern cars are gradually being supplemented by artificial intelligence technology, hybrid engines and other high-tech tools, motorcycles have long been out of touch with technological progress.

But everything can change thanks to the Canadian startup Damon, which undertook to fix this situation. The company is working on several technologies that should eventually be combined in their signature next-generation motorcycle. Its main features will be a state-of-the-art anti-collision system, complemented by 5G technology, and a flexible design.


At this stage, the startup is allocating most of the funds at its disposal to work on the creation of Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM), a technology that can detect the likelihood of a collision and warn about it in a timely manner. The warning system consists of many sensors, cameras and radars. Their main common task is to analyze and predict the trajectory of other road users. All these devices will be located on the motorcycle body.

The developers considered that the best methods for preventing possible accidents include lighting stripes on the motorcycle itself, a vibration handle and a screen located on the dashboard with a wide view of everything that happens within a 360-degree radius of the motorcycle. In the future, the accuracy of forecasting dangerous sections of the road and emergency situations will improve. To do this, the 5G Internet will connect all Damon branded motorcycles into a single network. The company's server will provide communication between the two, providing collaborative motorcycle training to share collision avoidance techniques with each other.


Besides the fact that the 5G network acts as a guard for the safety of motorcyclists, a special design of the motorcycle has become another way of preventing accidents. Damon's team is working to keep her mobile. This means that the seat and footpegs of the motorcycle will receive transformation mechanisms that will allow them to move up and down, which in the long term will provide a comfortable position for the driver and a good view of the track.

The new mobile bike is already in the assembly phase. It will be equipped with an electric motor. The AWSM collision avoidance system is being tested at a Vancouver police department. All auxiliary instruments, sensors and radars have migrated to police motorcycles and are being tested in practice.

The Topic of Article: A startup is introducing a 5G safety system into motorcycles.
Author: Jake Pinkman