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Smartphone as a cause of teenage depression


Recently, the topic of teenage addictions has been actively discussed in many media. And Nomophobia usually comes to the fore - dependence on a smartphone. Let's try to figure out what it is.

If you don't feel like reading long lines of text, then in short. Smartphone addiction alone does nothing . All problems lie not in games, phones or anime. All problems are in the environment and family. These are the things that cause depression in teens, not gadgets. And those publications that repeat frankly incorrect conclusions about the dangers of computers and phones either do not have proper expertise, or want to disrupt the hype.

What is phone addiction

This fucking world
Photography This is what most people think addiction leads to

A modern smartphone is a combine that combines a player, camera, book, and even a game console or computer. And now many of us can no longer imagine life without a phone.

And that's okay. We quickly get used to everything that is comfortable and good. And those experts who suggest abandoning them certainly do not go by cart, we assure you.

But there are people who simply "stick to" the phone and do not react to the world around them. Their whole world is locked in the phone. Ironically, this is also a variant of the norm. Not all of us want to chat every minute. But if a person, having forgotten the phone, starts to panic, then nomophobia begins.

The term nomophobia has emerged relatively recently. It comes from the English "no mobile phobia" (can be translated as "netmophobia") and was introduced by experts to describe the state of anxiety and even panic in a person who, for one reason or another, has lost the ability to keep in touch with people using a mobile phone.

We figured out the definitions, now let's try to figure out how dependence on the phone affects the mental state of a person.

British Scientists' Opinion

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Many sources cite studies from the University of San Diego that clearly point to a link between depression and phone addiction.

Smartphone addiction is a common cause of depressed mood and depression among adolescents. According to them, those young people who regularly play sports, prefer personal communication with peers and spend time on classic hobbies (reading books and newspapers) are least of all exposed to the negative influence of modern technologies.

But if you dig a little deeper, it is easy to understand that dependence on the phone is not a cause, but a consequence (or symptom) of depression. When a person goes into any inner world, be it a game, anime or phone, as they say, "with roots", he either already had problems, or he is trying to distract himself from problems in real life.

At that time, most adolescents (and adults as well) are quite tightly connected with the phone, but they do not have thoughts of hanging in it for a long time and with their heads. All of this research is simply exploiting the general misunderstanding of the older generation that life has changed. Now a couple can be found in Tinder, chat in Telegram, and order a taxi in Goethe.

Then what is the reason for depression and phone addiction?

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Photography The problem is with us

The roots of most psychological problems lie in society as a whole and in family and friends in particular. Adolescents are more acutely aware of the problem of being accepted into a group and not wanting to be alone with themselves.

Therefore, teenagers often, in order to be needed or "their own", do the most insane and even things far from the law. The phone in this case is just a means of communication, it just helps to stay your own. That is why teenagers can hang out for hours on social networks, for example.

Depression manifests itself when, for some reason, a teenager is not mistaken for his own. And he leaves the problems in the virtual world, where he has those who accept him.

Will the problem be solved if the phone is taken away?

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Photo No, it doesn't help

No, this will not solve the problem, since telephone addiction is only a consequence. First you need to understand the real reason, be it unrequited feelings, feelings that he is not like everyone else, or other reasons.

Phone addiction itself is not dangerous, but often a manic unwillingness to part with your phone is a sign of something more.

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Author: Jake Pinkman