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Unusual gadgets that help a person every day


Small companies and startups have a hard time standing out in today's competitive environment. Especially if they are promoting various electronic devices and gadgets. Therefore, the specialists of such enterprises try to develop something unusual that can surprise the consumer and at the same time benefit him. Below are a few of these products. First, let's discuss the specifics of the odor detector created in the USA. Then we will find out the possibilities of an unusual toothbrush and a laser detector. At the end of the review, we will assess the ability of a wearable gadget to help improve a person's posture.

Michigan now has an odor detector in service

Not everyone knows that marijuana cultivation is allowed in some US states. Cannabis resin is extracted from it for medical purposes. There are even people who do it professionally. They are called growers.

All of them are under close supervision of the authorities and law enforcement agencies. The latter make sure that this product does not go "to the left" and that the allocated quotas are not violated. However, there are always those who want to earn more. In order to be able to track down unscrupulous growers, the municipality of the city of Bessemer purchased an unusual device "Nasal Ranger", which is essentially a smell detector.


With its help, specially trained people identify those who cultivate more cannabis bushes in their households than is allowed. Or grows it without permission. They are searched for by smell.

The principle of operation of the "Nasal Ranger" is the possibility of instant analysis of metered portions of diluted air. It is equipped with a powerful filter to clean the incoming air from impurities that the operator breathes. When the device is turned on, air from the outside enters it through the dispenser. It is diluted with pure proportions.


As soon as a person feels a clear outside smell, he determines the coordinates of the measurement and the degree of concentration. Then a few more measurements are taken, according to the results of which they build a map of the area's aromas.

The use of this device allows you to determine the approximate location of cannabis plantations. The authorities have the addresses of everyone who cultivates it legally. Thus, those who grow bushes without permission are identified.

In addition, violators are identified among legitimate growers based on the degree of concentration. The latter is possible if the operator has a certain experience of "sniffing". Often, experts rely on some of their subjective attributes to identify careless growers.

A toothbrush that cleans your teeth thoroughly in 10 seconds

A person constantly does not have enough time to perform the simplest actions that are vital for him. These include, for example, brushing your teeth.

A new development of French engineers from Fas Teesh called Y-Brush is called to help many in this. This is an unusual toothbrush.


The manufacturer claims that she is able to brush her teeth in just 10 seconds. For this, a movement called the "Bass method" is used. This method involves rotating the cleaning surface (head) by 450 while moving along the teeth. As a result of such manipulations, a more thorough removal of plaque and bacteria occurs. Therefore, the risk of gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases of the gums and teeth is reduced.

To brush your teeth with a Y-Brush, you need to fill the cavity with the paste and press the device tightly to the teeth for just 5 seconds. The device is equipped with three modes of operation. To charge it, there is a cradle, which is a charger. One charge lasts for a month.


The developers conducted tests, the results of which showed that using this method allows you to remove 15% more plaque than with conventional cleaning. Another of its advantages is the absence of an irritating effect, since the tips of the hairs are rounded and do not injure the teeth and gums.

Detector of unknown purpose

Thanks to the efforts of the Bzigo startup, a detector has been created that is able to find and highlight any insect in the room.


It is not yet clear how the capabilities of this device can help humans in the fight against harmful insects, such as flies or mosquitoes. The device so far only knows how to determine the presence of such in the room and highlight them in the process of fading in one place.

Most likely, the developers will finalize the gadget in the future. It is possible that he will receive a more powerful laser capable of hitting annoying insects.

The principle of operation of the detector is based on digital analysis of any movement, which is recorded using a wide-angle HD camera. Its maximum range is 8 meters.

Developers plan to bring their product to market within one year.

Another way to track your posture

One of the hallmarks of good health is having perfect posture. Many people find it difficult to keep their back straight throughout the day. The Upright Go 2 device, which can monitor the correct posture, can help them with this.


The gadget is wearable. It is attached to the spine. If the user begins to slouch, the device vibrates to remind them to keep their back straight.

Upright Go 2 comes with a smartphone app. It allows you to develop an individual program to develop a normal posture for everyone. The application also monitors the progress and all changes for this program.

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