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History of the Darksiders series - detailed plot overview


Yesterday, Darksiders 3 was released - one of the most anticipated games of this fall and the continuation of the cult series of action adventure games in narrow circles. But new players with Darksiders 3 may have a problem - the game suffers from the usual disease of many sequels, when the developers imply that any gamer perfectly remembers any twists and turns of the plot of past games, which is why many impressive moments in Darksiders 3 may not give the desired effect ... The easiest way to compare the feeling is when you start watching Game of Throne right from the third season. Therefore, in this article we will try to tell the story of the Darksiders series in detail.

Darksiders (2010)

We must say right away that for a better understanding of the universe of the game, oddly enough, the Bible will help. The lore of the game includes such personalities as Abbadon, Uriel, Samael and other inhabitants of Paradise and Hell known from the Old Testament. We also play for an iconic person, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse - War. True, the role of the horsemen of the apocalypse in Darksiders is a little different, they are more like horsemen of well-being, who are trying with all their might to restore the balance of the forces of good and evil.

The game Darksiders starts with an epic confrontation between three kingdoms: people, angels and demons. As expected, people in a war of ecumenical proportions are more like cannon fodder and accept the fate of submissive victims. The war fights enters into a duel with the demon Straga, suffers a crushing defeat and is sent to spare for a period of time. As if these problems are not enough War is accused of being the cause of the apocalypse and for the forgiveness of sins was sent back to Earth to once again try to restore order to the godforsaken abode of mankind.

By the time the War returned, the Earth turned into overgrown ruins. Here it is worth noting separately the visual style of the series - the developers did not limit themselves to ash ruins and delight with a riot of paint. Darksiders' design is more close to comics, which is most expressed in the drawing of the characters. Most memorable is War himself, who looks like the twin brother of Arthas from the Warcraft universe. This similarity may be alarming at first, but do not worry, the game artists ate their bread for a reason, and local beauties, even given their technical backwardness, will surprise you more than once.

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 1

Almost immediately upon arrival on Earth, we meet the greedy demon Vulgrim - this friend wanders into each of the games in the Darksiders series and will become the main source of good class "B" jokes, besides, he will always be ready to play the role of a merchant and toss valuable loot. The demon prompted the War that in order to restore peace on Earth, it was necessary to deal with the Destroyer, who, like an owl, hid in the Black Tower. From the demon Samael, we learn that to access the tower you need to deal with 4 minions of the Destroyer. Which will be our main entertainment for the next seven hours.

The last of the minions reveals the ambiguous truth that in fact the War is only a pawn, and the main evil is the very Samael who uses the horseman of the Apocalypse to destroy his opponents. In the Black Tower, War meets the angel Azrael - he was captured by the Supreme Council for striving to start the apocalypse with the late Abbadon. Here we understand that War was framed by the council (however, the rider himself at this moment begins to actively work with his brains). In the Black Tower, the rider does not find the Destroyer, but decides to take out his anger on his henchman - Strag. We kill this impartial comrade and the passage of Darksiders brings us into the original garden - Eden.

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 1

In the heavenly booths, War sees a prophetic vision: it is the angel Abbadon who is the very Destroyer who, in the final, will destroy the council and take power into his own hands. It was this outcome that was predicted by the council, which became the reason for sending the War to Earth to confront Abbadon. The new task of our protagonist in Darksiders is to collect the Armageddon blade from the fragments, which will manage to destroy the Destroyer.

As you might guess, having collected the blade, War can deal with the Destroyer aka Abbadon without any problems, only the scenario does not develop quite according to the plan of the Council and the War becomes persona non grata. As a result, an army of darkness and light is pursued for the War, and the advice is not opposed to profit from the soul of a horseman. The epic confrontation continues, only now other horsemen of the apocalypse come to the aid of the War. To be continued ...

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 1

Briefly about the gameplay of Darksiders. The gameplay resembles standard Metroidvania, that is, we have an optionally open world, the ability to navigate the familiar locations and numerous secrets that are revealed as you access new abilities of the hero. The closest example is the recent God of War, which in a way can be called a high-budget version of Darksiders.

Darksiders 2 (2012)

The main character of the sequel is another horseman of the Apocalypse named Death, who, like the War, does things that are not entirely predictable for his name. Instead of sowing death, devastation and misfortune, he decides to whitewash the reputation of the War, restore the Earth and resurrect humanity.

In general, the plot of Darksiders 2 is not inferior to the first part in terms of the level of elaboration and the number of biblical characters per square meter. A little embarrassing only the desire of developers to stretch the passage of the game, and at the same time to justify the presence of the main innovation - a full-fledged open world. The player is almost always faced with the task of finding three stones, defeating three lords, and so on. The original Darksiders also sinned this, but in the sequel the developers overdid it a little. But first things first.

To restore humanity, Death requires getting to the Tree of Life, but this is not easy due to the widespread corruption. The only option is to eliminate the soil, for which we perform several tasks from the ancient creators and get a magic key to awaken the Guardian, who destroys corruption. As you might guess, to awaken the creature, you have to pretty much run around the world in search of magic stones. And finally, having obtained the stones, we revive the golem. It worked like clockwork, except that one of the stones was spoiled and in earnest excited the ancient colossus.

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 2

Having dealt with the golem and cleared the corruption, Death in Darksiders 2 reaches the Tree of Life. Instead of healing humanity, an ancient plant knocks down the protagonist with a vision from the past. We see Absalom - one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, who decided to betray the council, for which he was defeated by Death for many centuries. As a result, Death made a new enemy for himself, and Absalom is absorbed by corruption, which just signals us who will become the main boss of the game.

In the next scene, Death awakens in the Kingdom of the Dead and learns from one of the local inhabitants that the human race can only be healed with the help of the Source of Souls. To get to him, you first need to take the exact landmarks of the location about the local king of death, and concurrently the competitor of our main character, the Bone Lord. We defeat one more boss, we get to the audience of the lord and again the love of the developers of the Darksiders series for the number three is manifested - in order to get a pass to the Source of Souls, you need to deal with three Immortal Lords.

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 2

As we understand, each of them races on the scythe of Death and our next destination is the City of the Dead. We deal with the guard and now, we are already the door itself, and the longed-for Source of souls is very close ... But not destiny, since a couple of keys are needed to open the door. The first key we find in the ancient ruins of the Earth at the corrupted archangel Archon. The heavenly comrade went a little crazy from the oversaturation of corruption, so the only option for the rider from the game Darksiders 2 is to take the key by force.

The second key is more interesting. We meet the demoness Lilith, who says that the key can only be found from the demon Samael - the same one that was hacked by the War in the first Darksiders. The only option for Death is to travel back in time and steal the key, not an easy task, but after half an hour the key is completely at our disposal.

Darksaders Series - Darksiders 2

In the finale, the rider enters the Source of Souls and meets his old friend Absalom. He is defiled with corruption and rushes at a certain hero, for which he deservedly receives a slant between his eyes. The last stage is a conversation with the Eldest (and at the same time the wisest) raven, from which it becomes clear that the only way to resurrect humanity is to sacrifice your own life. Our, with a capital letter, Hero does just that. This is how Death gave life. And this is just one of the many paradoxes in the Darksiders series.

Darksiders 3 (2018)

The expected sequel continues the plot of previous games and again throws the player into the abyss of confrontation between angels and demons on the ruins of the once flourishing life on Earth. But all this is already a completely different story, except let's say, so as not to spoil much that the current protagonist, a rider named Fury, turned out to be much more convincing than War and Death combined. Critics are certainly not happy with the game if they read the reviews of Darksiders 3, but fans of the Darksiders series are unlikely to stop.

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