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How to listen to VKontakte music for free after the update


The VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and BOOM applications impose restrictions on listening to music in the background. Let's figure out the details and find ways to get around this limit.

No more than 1 hour a day - this is how much time you can now listen to free music in the mobile applications VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and BOOM. And to remove this restriction, you will have to put on the table 149 rubles a month .

On a good note, the subscription is valid for all Mail.Ru Group applications at once . That is, you need to pay 1 time, and you can listen to and even save music to your device to listen without a network connection in all 3 applications.

It gets worse

But that's not all. Over time, according to TASS, the restriction will tighten and it will be possible to listen to music for free only 30 minutes a day.

How to remove the restriction when listening to music on VKontakte

In our opinion, in relation to users, this decision cannot be called anything other than spitting. On the other hand, there is an opinion that everything that concerns Mail.Ru sooner or later will be monetized. Meanwhile, Kanobu has found a way around this limitation.

  • Connect headphones
  • Launch VKontakte application
  • Play and pause music
  • Lock smartphone
  • Play music from the button on the headphones

This hack is highly likely to be fixed in future versions of the apps, so use it while you can.

One more thing ...

There is another way not to pay for music and use the application as before - do not update the application . Without updating the application, you, in addition to not paying for listening, can also listen to your favorite tracks without a network, as before, under Durov.

If you are in a hurry to do this, or if the application has been updated automatically, then simply select any version before April 27 from this page and roll back to it.

Photo Select and download the required version of the application

And compatibility with older versions may also close, so it looks like VK won't be the best place for your music for a long time.

Please note: downloading and installing unverified apk-files on a smartphone from outside the official app stores is possible only at your own risk. We recommend that you carefully check the source of such programs.

The editorial staff of reminds that any work must be paid for and it is worth showing respect to your favorite musicians. The material is published for informational purposes only.

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