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Top 11 violent anime


Let's face it, many of us are drawn to scenes of violence or murder in films, games and anime. They really attract people not because they have something wrong with their heads [only moralizers think so], it's just a hypothetical way of contemplating cruelty. Well, it's also cool at times. Today we have compiled the top of the most violent anime, when watching which we shout "ooooooo!" When we see how well this or that scene is staged, and that it was really recreated. We will remember both bloody anime and titles with copious amounts of violence.

12. Rainbow: Seven from the sixth chamber of the second block

I must admit that I really love the R17 rating, since this figure often hides potentially good pictures behind it [not always, of course, but everywhere]. And "Rainbow: Seven from the sixth chamber of the second block" became the very anime that rightfully deserves such a rating. Despite the fact that there is almost no blood in it, the very depressing atmosphere of the story of seven friends who ended up in a colony for juvenile delinquents looks great. All these scenes of beating and bullying of guards and other prison staff convey the harsh spirit of the era of post-war Japan.

Torture, treating people like animals, eternal beatings, supervisors ugly in nature. All this reminded me of the description of an Indian prison from the novel "Shantaram". Plus, it's an anime with a good story.


11. School of the Dead

I love the zombie setting. I love bloody anime. Combining these two hobbies of mine, I could not help but insert "School of the Dead" into the top. Savory scenes, like zombies are handed out to the right and left, warm my soul. However, it seems to me that in some moments the title is quite restrained, and the scenes could be a little harsher. Apparently, the main budget of the series was spent on half-naked fanservice girls and their shiny skin.


10. Inuyashiki

This is a story about a crazy cyborg who just kills for fun. This adds courage to the picture, for which she got into this top. I would call this anime heartless. In it, quite a lot of innocent people will die, and not in the most pleasant ways, at the hands of an emotionless killer. However, I can't say that there are a lot of very violent shots here, so only tenth place.


9. Other

Otherwise, this is one of those cases when the creators wanted to make a horror, but something went wrong. And at one point someone said: "Fuck it, let's get a lot of blood and say that this is also a horror." But who am I to say that this approach is bad? Most importantly, it was cruelty that became the trump card of the series. People burnt alive? Please, here's a close-up! Sharp objects piercing the body? Watch the first minutes of the first episode! Some of the shots from this violent anime are unpleasant and you can imagine how painful it is.


8. Death Row Wonderland

A cute anime about prisoners killing each other on death row. People will often lose their organs here. It so happened that all the classmates of the protagonist were killed, and he was made a scapegoat. Now he wants to take revenge on the one who set him up and goes along the bloody road of revenge. Wow, as it is pathetically said. However, some moments are sucked out of the finger in the anime, for example, that a 14-year-old boy is accused of killing all his classmates and without trial and investigation is thrown into jail ...


7. Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is probably the most yandere in the whole anime. She is the initiator of the coolest executions in the entire series, sprinkling the face of her beloved with the blood of enemies while protecting him. One of the most beautiful scenes in the entire anime is the murder of cultists in a burning church, when Yuno destroys their braces with precise blows to the head with an ax. In fact, the entire anime is very dynamic and contains the murder scenes of the main characters in each episode. They even dared to show the death of a child.


6. Attack on Titan

"Attack of the Titans" is a cruel anime about how useless and incapable people die like flies at the hands of huge and ugly monsters. Here they bite off limbs, crush them on different surfaces, tear them apart, eat them, shoot with stone volleys, blow up, crush their heads. And they are not shy about showing us all. It is tempting [but at times infuriating] that the show is not afraid to kill the main characters. Over time, you cynically call them ala body one, body two, body three.


We also did not forget to show the colorful scenes of the death of the titans. The sight of Levi tearing the titans' hands into meaty strips in flight is breathtaking.

5. Party of the Dead: Tormented Souls

Have you ever wanted to do something memorable and symbolic with your best friends as a sign of your friendship? For example, the heroes of this series wanted. Alas, after a rather cute ritual, they ended up in a school that was closed due to mass deaths, where the ghosts of the dead walk and yearn for revenge. Our heroes will die painfully: someone will cut off their tongue, someone will tear out their eyes. In general, there will be meat.


4. Tokyo ghoul

In "Tokyo rumble" there are shots of cannibalism, dismemberment of people, and sometimes blood pours like rain or gushes out of the body, staining the invisible lens. A huge amount of torture, death of innocents, and traveling monsters - all this sets the mood for the entire series. You realize that with its rating, anime does its best.


3. Hellsing OVA

It was hard not to guess that Hellsing's OVA would be in the top three. The gorgeous picture perfectly conveys the brutality shown in the series. Murder of Nazi carrion, tearing people to pieces, mass genocide of the population, rivers of blood on the streets of London ... Most of all I love the drawing of bullets entering the body and their exit from the other side. There is a lot of violence in Hellsing, and all of it is very appropriate.


2. When the cicadas cry

At first it seems to you that it will be romance / everyday life in the setting of a small village. And then one lola takes an ax and starts chopping down the rest…. A beautiful, violent and very brutal anime that grew out of a series of visual novels. It is even difficult to recall all the scenes of violence that were shown here: the eating of the girl's corpse by crows, the hammering of needles under the nails, the widespread use of stabbing and cutting objects. And I would love to put "Cicada" in first place in the list of the most violent and bloody anime, but alas, I decided to give preference to the classics.


1. Elven Song

Yes, that was obvious. But admit this is one of the finest violent anime ever. It seems to me that the screenwriter, before submitting the script for editing, first moistened it in the blood of innocents, and only after the paper had absorbed the red slurry, did he transfer it to the management. All violent scenes are staged just perfect. This is one of those anime where directors were not afraid to go for decisions such as decapitation and dismemberment of children. Shots with the murder of a puppy are so emotionally destroyed. The scene where GG escapes from the laboratory and mercilessly, like a true monster, tears apart everyone who stands in her way - is beautiful.


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Author: Jake Pinkman