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Top 10 Hitman Missions


He is silent, skillfully wielding all types of weapons and you will not know about his presence until the piano string starts to dig into your throat and the colors of the world around you begin to fade before your eyes. His name is Agent 47 and he will prove that murder can be a work of art. Even the tricks of the Order of Assassins seem like a kindergarten compared to how 47 prepares for murder, which was proved by the recent release of Hitman 2. For such a loud occasion, we decided to recall the 10 best missions from the Hitman series, which will prove that cunning and stealth are the most effective weapon in the assassin's arsenal.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Pursuit in St. Petersburg

Almost every task in the series is a variable sandbox with an impressive number of ways to eliminate the goal, and some of them can only be learned through lengthy experiments or using guides on the Internet. But, oddly enough, we remember the mission in St. Petersburg, where it is necessary to eliminate a retired KGB general. A minimum of variability and always a winning way - through the sewers, then we climb into an inconspicuous skyscraper and eliminate the general with a sniper rifle.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The peculiarity of the mission in a rare cinematic for the series. We do not know what our goal looks like, but we are guided only by the agency's tips: he is bald, smokes a lot and likes to drink alcohol. We carefully examine people, choose a target and slowly pull the rifle trigger. You are unlikely to have a desire to repeatedly complete the mission "Pursuit in St. Petersburg", but due to the presented bright emotions it is simply impossible to forget it.

Hitman: Blood Money - Behind the Scenes

Blood Money is most often referred to as the best game in the Hitman series due to its impressive locations, memorable antagonists, and vast scope for creative murder. Take the Behind the Scenes mission as an example. There is an impressive location - the Paris Opera House, what could be better? The memorable antagonists have not been forgotten either - a couple of lovers who make a living as child prostitution. The ability to creatively address targets without resorting to primitive head-to-head collisions? Of course.

Hitman: Blood Money

Our favorite option is to replace the fake pistol with a real weapon before rehearsing the murder scene. The actor takes up arms, makes a suffering angry face, a shot is heard and now our mission has been completed. An example of a perfect murder, when the identity of "Forty-seventh" was not even suspected.

Hitman: Contracts - Meat King's Party

The actions of Agent 47 can be perceived in two ways. Yes, he is a murderer, but in the list of his victims there are only true rabble, which by their actions deserved several selected cauldrons in Hell. This moment is especially noticeable during the passage of the mission "Meat King's Party". There is nothing more poisonous than a private party at a meat factory, where local party-goers dance surrounded by mutilated animal carcasses and blood-smeared walls.

Hitman: Contracts

The organizer of the party is a devil in human form, a two-hundred-kilogram pedophile hog, who blinking an eye will bring less inconvenience than brutally tearing an innocent person to pieces. It is due to the shocking location and the shown vices of mankind that the mission wants to be included in the list of the best in the Hitman series, and at the same time to get imbued with the personality of the agent with a bar code on the back of his head. His methods of fighting crime may not be the most pleasant, but his cause is definitely right.

Hitman Absolution - King of Chinatown

For obvious reasons, the release of Absolution was greeted by fans of the Hitman series without much enthusiasm. The emphasis on action and rails-like levels was completely different from what we are mostly used to seeing in a franchise. But there were also levels in Hitman Absolution in the best traditions of the series: a large-scale sandbox, where only the player chose the option to eliminate the target. The best example is the King of Chinatown mission.

Hitman Absolution

You are given a huge location to be torn apart, target orientation, and there are countless extras scurrying around, among whom you can easily get lost. This is the same much-touted Ubisoft "social stealth", to which the Assassins Creed series came only in 2014 with the release of Unity. In the best traditions of the series, the mission could be completed in several ways, so much so that even the most vigilant gendarmes of the "King" would not suspect the presence of a bald agent.

Hitman: Blood Money - Slaying Crows

Since we're talking about "social stealth" and countless non-player characters, it's time to remember one of the best missions in Hitman: Blood Money. The scene is the Mardi Gras carnival, the main feature is the presence of 2000 characters in one location. Moreover, the developers did not try to go for some tricks trying to slip the pixel extras to players, which is still practiced in modern games, but brought crowds of three-dimensional dummies with the rudiments of intelligence to the streets.

Hitman: Blood Money

In addition to an unprecedented scale for games, the mission "Killing Crows" offered an interesting concept, where we had to hunt down several assassins and prevent them from eliminating an influential politician. Real espionage confrontation in the best traditions of Jason Bourne.

Hitman - The highlight of the program

After the release of Absolution, a wave of criticism flooded the developers and it was necessary to urgently fix the reputation of the Hitman series. As it turned out, fans did not need "bread and circuses", they asked for only two things - a variable sandbox and the opportunity to feel like an invisible and skillful weapon to eliminate criminal elements. And the pleas were heard. The first mission of the Hitman reboot, titled "The Star of the Program," is the resounding and triumphant return of the canon Hitman.


The entourage of an exquisite mansion, a fashion show, 2 active targets, 17 types of melee weapons, 12 types of disguises and more than a dozen unique ways to deal with the intended victims - Hitman has never spoiled us with so many content and ways to complete a mission. The Star of the Program is the best title for a mission, which can rightfully be called the best in Hitman 2016.

Hitman 2 - Another Life

The success of the restart was continued by the recently released sequel Hitman 2. Our favorite mission is "Another Life", which takes place in the quiet and inconspicuous American town of Whittle Creek. The location is the main achievement of the developers. Tiny townhouses, adorned with gold foliage, scurrying carefree peaceful townspeople. But at the same time, there is something sinister in this seeming idyll, so much so that it is impossible to get rid of the feeling of frightening paranoia.

Hitman 2

In this town, the elderly mafioso Janus is quietly living out his days, he and his bodyguard will become new victims of Agent 47. As before, an extensive list of options is offered to quietly deal with the victims, but there were no special surprises. We were most pleased with the opportunity to put on a rake, on which passers-by stumble, like in B-class comedies. This is the real reason to download Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 - Chasing the Ghost

In the new game of the Hitman series, there is another mission that is firmly etched into the memory. We are talking about the task "Chasing a Ghost", where the developers decided to experiment a little with a familiar concept. For the first time, we are given only an approximate orientation of the target at the location, it is not for nothing that he was nicknamed the "Ghost". The task is more like a puzzle, where we piece by piece together pieces of a puzzle.

Hitman 2

Another luck for the developers is the Indian city of Mumbai. For the first time, the developers have managed to create a real, vibrant city. The crowds of deafeningly loud Indians and the large-scale locations habitual for the series gave a logical result - in Mumbai you can easily believe and begin to feel as if the mission is the first ever virtual walk through the streets of Indian slums.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Anathema

But it's time to return to the classics and another game in the Hitman series with the number “2” in the title. It was from this game that the adventures of Agent 47 began to amaze with an abundance of opportunities and encouraged player experimentation. There were 21 missions in total, but the first full-fledged level in the game - "Anathema", will forever remain in our hearts, because, as you know, the first impression is the strongest.

Image Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The mission proposed to sneak into the estate of the Italian mafiosi and send him to the forefathers, nothing unusual, except that the estate is a guarded fortress, fenced in with a concrete wall. Already at the stage of penetrating the estate, the player is given an extensive list of options. How about disguising as a postman and fearlessly entering through the front gate? Or dress up as a security guard and easily explore the estates of a wealthy Italian? Maybe pretend to be a food delivery man? Anathema is the best example of the mission we love the Hitman series for.

Hitman: Contracts - Beldingford Estate

And the last in our collection, but definitely one of the best missions in the Hitman series - "Beldingward Manor". The task is remembered, first of all, due to the entourage. The action takes place in an old English estate that looks like it has left the screens of classic horror films. Get ready for creaking floors, secret passages, candle lights flickering in the darkness, alarmingly pattering rain drops and deafening thunderclaps.

Hitman: Contracts

The general gloomy atmosphere was further emphasized by the need to poison the horses in the stable in the finale, so that they would not attract too much attention to the agent at the most inopportune moment.

If you have already completed all the releases in the Hitman series, then we suggest paying attention to the selection of the main games of December 2018.

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