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Scott Lang is the second Ant-Man. Part one


Scott Lang was a rather unlucky electronics expert, so he became a burglar to support his family. But this path was not successful for him and during one of the robberies he was arrested and sent to prison. However, for good behavior, he was released ahead of schedule.

After his early release, Scott returned to work in electronics for Stark International. Although it may seem that Scott's life is getting better, it was a hard blow for him when he learned that his daughter Casey was diagnosed with a serious heart problem. Since Scott desperately wants to save Casey's life, he needs help from no one else, but the outstanding microsurgeon Dr. Erica Sondheim. Unfortunately, she is kidnapped by the villain Darren Cross. In order to free Sondheim, Scott steals Hank Pym's old ant-man equipment and thanks to his new species Scott manages to defeat Cross and free Erica.

Our hero, Scott, was already preparing to go back to prison for his crimes, but Hank Pym was impressed by such heroism, demonstrated recently by Scott, and Hank saw in him the potential of a new hero. So Dr. Pym allowed Scott to continue to use the equipment and other attributes of Ant-Man. More importantly, especially for Scott, Casey recovered thanks to Dr. Sondheim.


Scott Lange is the creation of David Michelini and John Byrne and first appeared in The Avengers in Issue 181 (3/1979). Michelini and Byrne are also responsible for Lang becoming the second Ant-Man just a month later in Marvel Premier Issue 47 (4/1979).


Character Evolution

Introduced for the first time as a struggling father and a thief at the same time, Scott was soon given the Ant-Man outfit, as well as Ant-Man's power, and soon became the second Ant-Man with the blessing of Hank Pym. Originally a non-team member, but occasionally helping other heroes, Scott finds his place as Richard's replacement in the Fantastic Four and then in Heroes for Hire. But after Scott lost custody of his daughter, Casey, he joined the Avengers. However, Scott soon fell victim to the Scarlet Witch when the body of the newly reproduced Knave of Hearts exploded. This was the last straw for the Avengers and the team disbanded.


After Scott's death, his daughter continued her father's work. Scott was recently transported in time just before the moment of his death. It remains to be seen whether he will survive or return to his place in time.

Becoming a Hero

Scott has served in several roles. He was a scientist, a father and a superhero. It happened that he worked together with other heroes and often opposed the selfish Taskmaster. Scott fought alongside the Avengers against him, for which he earned a good reputation among the latter, and at the same time a partial membership in the team. When Baron Helmut Zemo took control of the Avengers' mansion, Scott also helped them free the headquarters.


Fantastic Four

Scott was later hired by the Fantastic Four as an electronics expert following the passing of Mister Fantastic. Scott soon worked even more closely with the Fantastic Four and helped the team numerous times. However, after Mister Fantastic returned from seeming death, Scott left the Fantastic Four, but he did so with a smile on his face and made new good friends.

Around the same time, Scott intersects with the Warrior and She-Hulk to defeat Loki. After their victory over the villain, Scott suggested that the heroes stay together and unite as the Avengers did, but the other heroes showed no interest in this proposal.

Heroes for Hire

Following Scott's adventures with the Fantastic Four, he joined a new incarnation of Heroes for Hire, this time organized by Feast and Jim Hammond. While living with his daughter Casey at the Headquarters of Heroes for Hire, he fought many Supermen battles, which made him very popular in superhero circles, and he received the old stinging gloves of Yellowjacket. Heroes for Hire were subsequently disbanded due to changes in team policy and management.


Some time after the group broke up, Scott began dating former superhero Jessica Jones. They were happy together for a while. But it all ended after Jessica told Scott that she was pregnant with Luke Cage, Scott's former teammate when he was part of Heroes for Hire. After that, Scott always came to the aid of both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four when his abilities were needed. He also remained a loving father to his daughter Casey throughout this time.

Joining the Avengers

Scott was subsequently invited to join the Avengers as a full member. He assumed this role after he lost custody of Casey's daughter. Being with the Avengers, Scott and another rookie Jack of Hearts showed a mutual misunderstanding. However, after a while, they began to understand each other better. It turned out that the Knave was not sweet while too much energy was generated inside him and in order to contain it he had to regularly go into isolation for some time. When Scott learned about these problems, both heroes were imbued with great respect and understanding for each other. Despite the mutual dislike they initially experienced, Knave even helped Scott during the darkest hours of his life.


Scott's daughter was kidnapped by a madman who saw her as his own deceased daughter and for this reason wanted to kill Casey.

Both Scott and Jack went to rescue Scott's daughter. For Jack, there was only one problem: he had not gone into isolation for too long, so the energy inside him rose to a dangerous level. As soon as Casey managed to free Jack, he took the crazy man, said goodbye to Scott, who became a real friend to him and flew into space. There Jack exploded and his existence ceased. Scott knew that he had lost a friend who sacrificed his life in order to save the most precious thing in Scott's life - his daughter Casey.

Death and Legacy

The Jack of Hearts soon reappeared. It was evident that he was in a catatonic state and could no longer cope with the excess energy that had accumulated in him. It was not yet known to the Avengers that Jack had already been subdued by the Scarlet Witch, who decided to use him as a weapon against her former comrades. When Scott rushed out of the mansion to confront Jack, the Knave exploded again and Scott was incinerated by this wave of energy. Scott's death was the first in a series of tragic events that led to the dissolution of the Avengers team.


A commemorative statue of Scott has been erected in the garden of the Avengers mansion, and Scott Lang's legacy is currently supported by his daughter and is primarily expressed in her costume. She was so shocked by her father's death that her costume was based on her father's outfit. Hercules saw Scott in the underworld when he descended there. Scott's helmet is now in the possession of Amadeus Cho, who, with Casey's blessing, chose it for himself and gained insect control abilities.

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