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Apple introduced a branded game after a 10-year hiatus


Apple Corporation, known for its extremely rare release of in-house gaming products, nevertheless presented a branded game under its own brand. The new addition to Apple's games was released under the name Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard and is available for free.

The new "Newspaper Wizard", which appeared in the App Store, became only the second in a number of branded iOS games in the history of the corporation. Earlier, under the Apple brand more than ten years ago, the Texas Hold'em toy was introduced - one of the varieties of poker, the authorship of which belongs to Tim Cook himself. Texas Hold'em was adapted for iPods and iPhones, but was removed from the App Store a few years after its release for no reason.

The novelty that has supplemented the games for the iPhone, as you might guess from the name, is related to the world famous investor Warren Buffett. The fact is that the current owner of the investment company Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most productive gurus of the financial market and the richest people on the planet, worked as a newspaper peddler in his youth. The mobile game Paper Wizard invites you to plunge into one of the first professions of the famous investor and try to deliver newspapers by bicycle to addressees, avoiding obstacles in your path.


Paper Wizard bears a certain resemblance to the scenario of the classic Paperboy game, created back in the 80s. In the modern version, the game on ios offers to "throw newspapers like Warren Buffett", getting yes it is "warrendollars". For each well-aimed throw, the player is awarded points and money. The difficulty level changes depending on the progress of the player from the starting point - Omaha (the investor's hometown) to the place where the Apple headquarters is located.


The Newspaper Wizard app, which complemented Apple's games, has a rating of participants, where Warren Buffett is expected to be in the first place on the list with a score of 15 350 points. Wildlife Designs is listed as the developer of the application, although the user agreement states the Apple brand as the primary licensee who maintains and operates the game.

The Berkshire Hathaway Foundation, run by 88-year-old Buffett, who also represents its chairman, president and CEO, owns 5% of the Apple Corporation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman