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New films and series. Premieres from 3 to 10 July


After a couple of weeks of quiet, Hollywood is back with a couple of the most anticipated second half 2019 premieres. Marvel's "Spider-Man" will undoubtedly play music on the big screens this week, while viewers can't stop watching the opening episode of Stranger Things season 3.

But let's be consistent and start, as usual, with movie premieres.

New from movies

"Spider-Man" this week was afraid not only of the villains of the Marvel universe "Avengers". Apart from this motion picture, none of the North American films will be released on the big screens in our country until the "spider-man" boom ends. The distributors are also well aware that by releasing some expensive picture in parallel with such a blockbuster as "Spider-Man" byMarvel, you can fly a lot with the box office.

That is why our films will not appear on the screens either. Too much dough is spent on their production to flush everything, in the end, into the toilet. Where can our masterpieces compete with the universeMarvel, one of the main superheroes of which is undoubtedly Spider-Man. Let's start with it.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (USA)

Thanos is defeated, Iron Man died a death of the brave, but this does not mean that everything in the Marvel universe will now be chiki-pikes. Just the opposite. As it turned out, after a kind of "universal click" cracks even went between parallel universes, from one of which the local superhero arrives in our world. Watching the trailer.

Yes, it turns out, and there people are used to hiding behind the backs of heroes who were previously either shocked or irradiated (or something else) so that they now defecate with lightning (for example).

But the pictures from Marvel do not become less saturated, colorful, interesting and spectacular from this. In fact, the movie "Spider-Man: Far From Home" has a huge responsibility - not to lose "clientele", and after "Avengers: Endgame" to show that the studio still has powder in the powder flasks, and that she still has something to show.

Of course, the phrases that "Thor is unavailable", but with "Captain Marvel there is no connection" look funny. But, what is, that is. It is too expensive to shoot frequent kynushki about the whole watering can assembly.

Although, if you logically think that the Guardians of the Galaxy, that Captain Marvel with such an attitude to protecting the Earth from enemies, very much even risk returning instead of a blooming planet to the burned out ashes.

If we talk about Spider-Man, then the trailer in terms of synopsis was very informative. A gap appears between parallel universes, through which anything that threatens a total catastrophe falls out into our world. It was to protect against this all-yak that Nick Fury called our beloved, once again resurrected from the ashes in Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man, who is currently serving his long-planned vacation in Europe.

And how he did not resist Fury's suggestions to "work", but, as they say, took up the buzz, don't say it’s not hefty!

Anonymous Killers' Club (UK)

Just like alcoholics, drug addicts and simply abnormal, killers, it turns out, also have their own club, where they regularly go to cry each other in their vest.

Only if alcoholics, drug addicts and just abnormal people need a club in order to use their frank conversations to drink less, sniff, shoot up and break down at others, then why do killers need such a club? Really, to "kill less"?

As it became clear from the trailer, the attempt on the senator's life and the appearance of a newcomer in the club launched a self-destruction mechanism in their "club", which would result in a global showdown. Only if drunken alcoholics get drunk like cattle, drug addicts sniff and expand, and patients mentally pile on each other verbally or "hand-to-hand", then what will the killers out of balance do?

We think the answer suggests itself.

Parasites (South Korea)

A distinctive feature of capitalist South Korea from North socialist is that people earn and live better in it. Only not everyone has a job here, and therefore the lion's share of the population is forced to drag out a miserable existence and even die of hunger.


What the family, about which the film is talking about, is categorically preparing. None of the members of the Key-taek family have a job. What to live on? Unclear. But my son has a wise plan - to forge education documents, with which you can easily get a job as a tutor (which they did not say) in an expensive house. And there, if you trample and give a ride, you see, you can arrange the issuance of fake recommendations and diplomas so that you can attach your sister, father, and mother to the trough.

By the way, the film came out quite well-made. No wonder at the Cannes Film Festival he received a standing ovation for a whole 15 minutes and was presented with the first ever South Korean cinematography golden palm. It turns out that in South Korea now not only Hyundai and Samsung make high-quality feature films.

As if we didn’t know about it before without the Cannes Film Festival ...

Ibiza (France)

Next are a couple of French comedies, the first of which tells us how to hang out in Ibiza.


There was a time when one finding of Christian Clavier in the credits already provided a full house for the film. But those years have passed, Clavier is no longer the first freshness, but still maintains the enthusiasm at the highest level, as you can see from the trailer.

And therefore, we ask all fans of the actor to go to the cinema. The main thing is that the plot does not disappoint.

And the plot revolves around a couple - a woman with two adult children and her boyfriend - just the same hero Clavier, who decided to get closer to her due to the fact that he invited her on vacation to Ibiza.

But, as it turned out, if you are a womanizer by nature, at any moment you can go to all the trouble, and poorly controlling your "revelry" insides, then you better not appear in such places. This is a bad choice to join a friend's family.

In general, you need to watch it to the end. What the hell is not joking.

Double Life (France) KP 6.3

When you are a publisher, and your wife is not a publisher, but is trying to interfere in your work with might and main, expect confusion in everything, and in your professional activities in particular.


And the confusion in the life of the four main characters is not long in coming. By interpreting the manuscript of the writer Leonard, each in their own way, Alain and Selena (the publisher and his wife) begin to learn about the environment, and about the relationship of the sexes - in particular, a lot of new things.

And also that all publishing work will soon go to dust in the wake of the excessive enthusiasm of the people for digital books. He would only have time to improve family relations until the publishing business collapses entirely.

Although, what's the difference ...

Golem: Home (Israel) CP 4.9

Each nation has its own monsters in the closet. There are also those in Jewish wardrobes, which the new feature film of Israeli filmmakers "tells and shows" to us.


Each nation has its own way of bringing lost relatives back to life. For example,Stephen Kingburied who needed to be resurrected behind the Pet Sematary. The Jews, as it turned out, do not even need to drag anyone anywhere and bury them on the sly. Here, any mother can fuck her son out of ordinary mud.

Only in the main thing the result of these mystical manipulations converges for any people. The end result will not be your relative (in this case, your son). It may be remote and will be similar to it, but the filling it will have - to put it bluntly - from the other world. From what? This is already a question of another plan. Here everything revolves around the usual mistake of all mothers who have lost their sons: “Give me back my son, and I’ll figure out what will go wrong with him.”

As one of the heroes of the movie "The Last Movie Hero" would say: "Big-ah-ah mistake!"

Personal Growth Training (Kazakhstan) IMDb 7.3

Last year's film, but, meanwhile, managed to grab the main prize at the current Moscow International Film Festival.


And the film tells about Kanat, a simple accountant, who by the age of thirty-five was completely disappointed in life. He was disgusted with everything: his boring and monotonous job, in which he was stuck in a third-rate position of a clerk, his boring life, in which there is no place for a holiday, or fun, or just a good mood, his unfulfilled dreams, and, if you look at it, and complete (for now) none of them.

And what can lead a person desperate in everything and everyone out of such a hopeless psychological pit? As it turned out, everything is simple. You just need to meet your antipode, which the successful Danik became in this film.

Norm and Enduring: The Great Journey (USA, South Korea, China, India) IMDb 3.5

After the dubious March success in USA of the previous masterpiece "Norms and Invincible: Keys to the Kingdom", which barely collected $ 100,000 in our box office, our kids were invited to watch another story about the adventures of a stupid polar bear named Norm. p>


This time, Norm will have to help archaeologist Gene, whose plane crashed on the slopes of the snow-capped Arctic mountains. As it turned out, the accident was set up by an attacker, who turned out to be Jin's partner, with the aim of stealing an ancient Chinese artifact - a jade figurine, which, as the letters and legends say, is the key to untold wealth.

What is the reason for a polar bear to interfere in all this? He is now the full-time (as we know from the previous cartoon) king of the Arctic. But why should a king do the dirty work personally?

Although, what do the kids care about. If at least one of them likes the cartoon, that's okay. Although, judging by the overseas rating, in the west he was actually spat on ...

New from TV series

Cinema news is over, it's time to review the series of this week, which will host one of the main (perhaps only Black Mirror had a steeper expectation rating) TV premiere of the year - episode 1 of the 3rd season of the TV project Stranger Things ".

Although besides him, there will be something to watch on TV in the first decade of July. Let's review everything in accordance with the prime minister's schedule.

Stranger Things (Netflix) KP 8.5

Thursday July 4th

The company of children, heroes of the first and second seasons, does not cease to be pursued by monsters from the "seamy" world. Let's take a look at the trailer.

Judging by the trailer, we can only guess from which hole the creatures will crawl this time, what will motivate them to do this this time, and also how the guys will bury evil in this case. The only thing that is clear from the trailer is that, like the previous ones, the following story came out interesting, exciting, high quality and expensive. Many thanks to the showrunners of the project for that.

And a special thanks to the streaming service Netflix should be said to the kids, who got a great start in their acting career with their roles in Scary Things. So, Finn Wolfard, the performer of the role of Mike, has already managed to star in the feature film "It", Millie Bobby Brown (Eleventh) played an excellent role in "Godzilla II", which, by the way, is still in cinemas in some places, Gaten Matarazzo (curly-haired Dustin) appeared in Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj's video "Swish Swish", and Caleb McLaughlin has already appeared in several series and took part in the filming of the feature film "Bird of High Flight" by Steven Soderbergh himself.

This, as you know, was infa for those who, after watching the series, do not want to part with their favorite actors.

Freedom of Action (Netflix) IMDb 7.5

Saturday 6 July

Another project from Netflix, but this time more mundane and less budgetary, but also in demand among teenagers. Especially among fans of equestrian sports and horses - in particular.


As we all know (or maybe we don’t know), the heroine Jaylen Barron, familiar to the general public from the TV series "Shameless", after the first season stayed in Europe with her grandfather, so as not to part with the black horse, with whom she made so much friends over the summer.

In the second season, the intrigue continued, and the competition moved to a higher level. Who knows if Zoe will have to compete with the stable in the National Championship in Season 3?

And what other intrigues and intrigues will fall to the lot of the main characters of the series? After all, the fact that a purebred horse named Raven is now completely owned by Zoe does not save him from horse thieves and malefactors-competitors.

Courtesans (Hulu) CP 7.2

Wednesday July 10

The squabbles, conspiracies and intrigues in the warring camps of London brothels continued for the third season. Watching the dramatic twists and turns of the storylines of the main characters - London whores - is even more interesting.

And on the death of the corrupt judge, the adventures of prostitutes, of course, will not end. It is especially interesting how one of the daughters, who finally left the “family business” last season, will take revenge on her mother, the owner of one of the brothels.

Apparently, her revenge will be very cruel and sophisticated. Although, in fact, why is she better than her mother?

Snowfall (FX) 7.3

Wednesday July 10

In the series, several storylines develop in parallel at once, which in the third season, finally, should merge together.

On the one hand, this is a story about how one of the young guys - Franklin Saint - decided to get up the courage and go up to the resale of cheap Dominican crack. And for two seasons, he was so robust in this business. On the other hand, we are talking about a former CIA agent working for a third party and removing the "foam" for corrupt agents. There is also a third line, which tells about the top of the cartel itself, a family in which there are intrigues.

Not to say that the series is drawn to catch up with The Wire or The Sopranos. No, he did not stand next to them. But in any case, it is better and of better quality than the same "Power in the Night City", in the last seasons of which the heroes commit such stupid and contradictory acts that at the time to scream with anger and mockery at such a well-started promising project.


For now, we have to bow out. The highlight of the program next week promises to be a new action movie from Luc Besson "Anna", while TV viewers are waiting for the release of the final 9th season of one of the longest running projects of the USA Network TV company "Force Majeure".

We are saying goodbye to you for now and, as usual, we wish you all the best. Enjoy your mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman