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Films-2019, Top 30 Best: Results of the Year, Part 1


As usual, this year the expectations of filmmakers and producers have not been very close to reality. Not to say that all, without exception, the most anticipated films of 2019 flew straight to the scrap, but the lion's share of them barely scraped up the money to pay off production and marketing costs. We will not go into the details of this topic, we will talk about the most-very failures of the year a little later in a separate article. Today, we will focus only on those films that took the highest places in the rating of moviegoers, and despite their "box-office" successes.

The Top Best Films-2019 was compiled based on the KinoPoisk rating, on which the viewer audience votes most actively. The rating of the painting is indicated next to its title and country of production.

1. Joker (USA, Canada) 8.21

The first R-rated superhero movie to cross the billion dollar line at the box office. After this success, Warner Bros. exclaimed: “Yes! Now we know how we will make further films in the DC universe! " And she rushed to rewrite the scripts of all the planned projects, some of which she threw in the trash.

In the film itself, we are talking about a middle-aged man with a headache since childhood, living in Gotem with his sick mother and desperate to cheer up and earn money on unpretentious street advertising. Dressing up in a clown costume, Arthur Fleck (this is the name of our future Joker) waves a poster, enticing visitors to the institution.

Once a gang of youngsters snatched a poster from him and ran away. Arthur, knowing that they would deduct from him for a poster in three ways, chased the punks, got into an ambush and shook them off in full. The poster, by the way, was smashed against him, so he still had to pay. And to top it all off, he was fired from his job.

Visits to a psychiatrist did not save anyway, and then, according to the new city program, all free appointments of ordinary citizens were canceled. So the doctor even prescribed sedative pills, but now this will not happen. And it is clear from everything that Arthur's non-standard psyche will now explode like a bomb.

Only if some patients of this type use weapons against themselves, Fleck fell under the exception and it was not broken from inside, but from outside. What all will result in - see for yourself, if you have not yet looked. It will be dramatic, extravagant and interesting.

2. Ford v Ferrari (USA, France) 8.17

In our opinion, this is the best film of 2019. We watched it in the cinema just voraciously. That Damon, that Bale, who again lost 30 kg for this role after filming in "Power", played their roles superbly, which made the audience very happy.

But for all its charm and interestingness, the film, alas, did not shoot. With a budget of $ 100 million, he only raised a little more, so even the ad didn't pay off. Of course, the picture is still awaiting in a bunch of countries around the world, but it is already clear that the tape turned out to be a failure, as is often the case with great films.

The film is based on the confrontation between the world leaders of the automotive industry - the American concern "Ford" and the Italian company "Ferrari". At the time when events were developing, that is, in the 60s of the last century, both pillars of the automotive industry were the undisputed leaders, but each in its own "weight category". If the Henry Ford Company was famous for the number of cars sold for "home use", and mainly in the American continent, then Ferrari was famous for the quality, aesthetics and racing parameters of its sports cars, selling them all over the world, albeit in much smaller quantities.

And now, in a difficult hour, when the threat of "global stagnation" looms over the Ford company, the once famous racer, and now an excellent designer Carroll Shelby, puts forward the idea that if you develop a racing car and run it on race tracks, at the same time, at least on iota, having caught up with Ferrari, it will be possible to regain its clientele not only in the country, but also to enter the world market with a much cooler and updated face.

The CEO gave the go-ahead, and Shelby designed his Ford GT (GT40), which was driven by racing driver, but also top-notch mechanic Ken Miles. His Shelby tried to push him into the team for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which was very much opposed by the director of the sports program of the Ford company, who very much disliked the mischievous and on his mind Miles for a long time.

In general, there will be someone with whom to fight. Companies oppose companies, directors versus directors, decision-makers versus decision-makers, racers versus racers, and cars versus cars. It will be interesting, colorful and entertaining.

3. Parasites (South Korea) 8.09

At first it seems that this South Korean masterpiece, like all South Korean masterpieces, will be a corny, feigned and lovingly preoccupied project. But somewhere from two-thirds of the film, without waiting for a special sweetness, rather, on the contrary, having experienced the most unexpected plot twist that one can imagine, we realized that this was not the case, and the picture was in the top ten for a good reason.

The beginning really looks a little naive. A family of Koreans, barely able to cope with odd jobs, live in the basement of ancient buildings in the old provincial neighborhoods. The family consists of Kim's father, his wife, Chung Suk, and adult children, Ki-Woo's boyfriend and Ki-John's daughter.

Son accidentally lucky, and for a while he got a job teaching English to a girl from a wealthy family. In this wealthy family, there was another child - a 6-year-old boy, to whom Ki-Wu pushed his sister, passing her off as a super-superior teacher.

In general, little by little the whole family settled down to work for the rich. Daddy is a driver (they perfectly set up the past), mommy is a housemaid (they skillfully discredited the last one), they already talked about their son and daughter. Moreover, employers think that they are all people completely strangers to each other.

And everything seems to be nothing, but only it turns out that under the house there is a bunker in case of war, in which for days after the last housekeeper was fired, the husband of this housekeeper languishes without food and drink. She, by hook or by crook, breaks into the house of former employers (they were just away) and fires the whole family, recording their gatherings in the master's house on the phone. It was then that blackmail went to death in the literal sense of the word.

Ultimately, the events of the film did not go where one might expect. It will be informative.

4. Once upon a time in ... Hollywood (USA, UK, China) 7.71

We will not dwell on the next best film of 2019, since almost all of it consists (as it is in the spirit of Tarantino) of walking from side to side, experiences and dialogues.

But in general it is interesting to watch the action. Of course, there was an impression of excessive elongation, but otherwise, according to the director, the viewer would not have absorbed all the "emotional pain" of the poor hero Leonardo DiCaprio, forced to ruin his gift of God on the set of third-rate Italian westerns.

And the viewer would not know where the flamethrower came from.

Briefly, the story tells about a short moment in the career of the famous actor in this universe, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double in stunt scenes (part-time driver and best friend) Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). The narration is unhurried, one cries about his ruined career, the second knocks Bruce Lee down, but on the whole, everything slowly but surely leads to a rather tough, peculiar and spectacularly cool idiotic climax.

In short, he is Tarantino in Tarantino's Africa.

5. Portrait of a girl on fire (France) 7.68

The next best-selling movie of 2019 will be about unconventional love. The action takes place back in 1770 in France. A family of noble nobles lives in Brittany, who, as they usually do, decide to marry their daughter Eloise to an equally revered nobleman from Italy. The opinion of the young bride, of course, does not interest the relatives.

But the bride flatly refuses marriage not for love. Maman decided to paint her portrait and send it to the groom, so that he would not get a pig in a poke. Now it's easier with this, took a selfie and forward on the network. But then the photographs were still fantastic, and it took a lot of time and effort to paint a picture. Unless, of course, the artist did not drive hack and wanted the picture to be as similar as possible to the original and convey all the necessary qualities of this very original.

But the nasty girl did not let the past artist finish the picture. Then maman hires a new one, this time - a woman named Marianne. She passes her off as a companion, and everything seems to be nothing. Girls walk together for a long time. Marianne remembers Eloise's appearance and gradually draws a portrait from memory.

But the longer they walk together, the more they feel that a new feeling flares up between them, which they have no strength to resist. So what then? Crying another portrait, and with it a profitable marriage?

6. Sister (USA) 7.64

The next film on our list of the best films of 2019 tells the heartbreaking story of a little Ukrainian girl who was rescued by a soldier in 1994 from a devastated village, in which the Nazis shot almost the entire civilian population.

While the troops are moving around the village, one of the soldiers, a Bashkir by nationality, finds a little girl named Oksana in one of the destroyed houses. It is not clear how, but he found a way to pass it on to his wife, who specially came for her from Bashkiria.

The woman at home already has one child - the six-year-old son Yamil, who now does not remember his father, this war has been going on for so long. And now, instead of dad, mom brought some small strange seven-year-old girl. Well, what can you do, you have to love your newly found sister Oksana, although it is very difficult to do this. After all, in Bashkirian style, it is not boom-boom. As well as he in USA.

The film is very kind and relatively light, despite the fact that it features a stern postwoman, who often gets to carry people funerals.

7. An incredible world through the eyes of Enzo (USA) 7.63

In the next best film of 2019, the narrator is a dog - a golden retriever named "Enzo", who will tell the viewer about the difficult and very dramatic fate of its owner - racer Danny Swift.

Enzo begins his story at the end of his life and in the exact confidence that he will be lucky with reincarnation, and he, being born in the next life as a man, will never forget his master and everything that he witnessed and what he could learn over the years of your dog's life.

Danny bought a puppy when he was single, so his whole difficult fate will pass before our eyes, meeting the girl who will become his wife in the future, racing vicissitudes, quarrels with his wife's parents and so on. Everything has been played perfectly. The dog was voiced by Kevin Costner, but many do not care about this fact, since only those who know English or who like to watch movies with subtitles can hear his voice.

But even in the usual dubbed voice acting, everything turned out well. Fans of serious and deep dramas are not advised to skip the picture. You will lose a lot.

8. Downton Abbey (UK, USA) 7.65

The next interesting film of the 2019 sample will first of all go to those who watched the series of the same name. Otherwise, you may not like the picture at all.

Despite the fact that the series has its own logical conclusion, many questions in it remained unresolved. It was to them that this feature film was intended to answer. Put everything in its place, so to speak.

And at the same time look at how the intrigues will develop in the estate if you put the king himself with his retinue in it. It is very funny to watch the confrontation between pages, butlers, governesses, cooks and other brethren, providing comfort and decoration to their owners. It would also be nice to put in the main body of the script some kind of aggravating factor such as an attempt on the king's life. All this together, presented with all the sophistication and scope, looks quite on the level.

We are especially happy for the fans of the series, of which there are many around the world. Once again, they have the opportunity to meet their favorite characters from the multi-episode tape, which Netflix's streaming service was very, very difficult to collect and, moreover, cost a lot of money.

In general, Netflix is able to skim the cream off the already thundered sonorous projects. The service has already played the ending to Breaking Bad, and it worked well. Why not take another worthwhile project - the leader of all imaginable and inconceivable ratings, and hammer its finale? This is a 100% win-win business.

And it turned out, by the way, much better than in the case of Deadwood-2019 fromHBO. Unbelievable, but true.

9. Avengers Endgame (US, UK, Canada) 7.62

With a budget of 356 million dollars, the total box office of the tape is already approaching 3 billion. This is not only a record record, but also a truly enchanting ending of the 3rd "avenger" phase ("Spider-Man: Far From Home" does not count).

I remember that last year Thanos piled on both the Avengers and the entire universe, snapping a finger and removing 50 percent of living thinking creatures from the Marvel universe. And it would be strange if the Avengers who remained with the bodies and souls did not take revenge for such a thing. After all, what would the Avengers be then?

We will not go into details of everything that happened in the three-hour film. Any person on planet Earth over 6 years old who had money for tickets or has access to TV has already seen everything. Let's just wish Marvel studio even more creative success, and smoothly move on to the next film of 2019, finishing the top ten in this weight category.

10. Rainy day in New York (USA) 7.54

And the top ten of the best films of 2019 is completed by a quality melodrama from Woody Allen, in which we will talk about two young people - a young man from a wealthy family - Gatsby Wells and a girl from Arizona Ashley Enright, who at the beginning of the picture had absolutely no idea what they want each other, and why do they meet at all.

Although, at the beginning of the film, they, just the same, seriously thought that they were dating precisely because they loved each other. But later, one rainy New York day they lived through will show that Gatsby did not know anything about love yet, just as Ashley did not value their love at all, which best of all suggests that it was not love at all then.

In general, the main characters learned and experienced a lot on this day. In particular, Gatsby learned all the hidden ins and outs of his family until that day, and Ashley ... A simple Arizona girl had plenty of enjoying the company of great actors and directors, remaining in her underwear at the end.

More details in the movie.


Let's finish this for now. The continuation of the top of the best films of 2019, wait for next week. It will feature as many cool films as this release, and we suspect that some will appeal to moviegoers even more than the masterpieces from the first part. In the meantime, all the best, great mood and, as usual, more cool movies and TV series!

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