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Sea of ??Thieves Review - A Sea of ??Lost Dreams


What could be better than a pirate theme? Traveling on a beautiful ocean, managing multi-ton vessels to the sound of thunder and searching for ancient treasures. Rrromantic!

And it is doubly happy that such a giant as Microsoft gave the go-ahead for the release of Sea of Thieves, which was predicted to be one of the main games of this year ... But it didn't work out. Sea of Thieves gets mediocre press ratings, and players start to drown the pirate simulator with negative reviews and compare Sea of Thieves to the disastrous No Man's Sky.

We honestly don't even know if there is a more offensive insult in the gaming industry. But is Sea of Thieves really that bad?

Heavy pirate days

Are you a seasoned sea wolf who has learned to control clumsy battleships in Corsairs with your eyes closed? Our compliments, but you can forget everything you knew before. Sea of Thieves is much more hardcore, albeit for nothing that was developed in our age of total simplification of gameplay and gentle patting of the gamer on the head.


In Sea of Thieves, the routine of an ordinary sea laborer is elevated to the absolute. Just sitting at the wheel is not enough to get the vessel moving. You need to raise the anchor, straighten the sails and set them upwind, and all actions are not automated and you will have to do them yourself.

Does such confusion of developers cause discomfort? Not at all, since it is assumed that you will play with friends and in such conditions every pirate will find something to do, and will not wander aimlessly around the ship.


The requirements in Sea of Thieves for co-op are high, so if the crew relax and gaze at the local beauty, they may crash on a nearby rock or run aground heroically. And, of course, it is strongly discouraged to surf the oceans in Sea of Thieves alone. This is dangerous, we are serious. You can die of boredom from this.

Fantastic Four on Dead Man's Chest

After the Sea Of Thieves beta, there was only one serious complaint about the game - a catastrophically small amount of content. However, this flaw could reasonably be attributed to the trial version of the game, but not this time. According to the developers, Sea Of Thieves is a game "for growth", so the problem remains and we are offered only bare mechanics and a minimum amount of adventures. But first things first.


At the beginning of Sea Of Thieves, you need to choose one of the characters, there are seven of them in total, and they are grotesque and ridiculous as to the selection. True, the differences between them are minimal, and I would still like more skins, there is no particular joy when the whole team consists of the same sailors.

As such, the plot is not provided in the game, Sea Of Thieves is a sandbox, where you need to independently look for problems at your fifth point. Therefore, first of all, with our team, we go to the nearest tavern and take one of the tasks to choose from: exterminate skeletons on the island, bring goods or go in search of treasures.


An ocean full of mysteries and dangers

Refreshes the Sea of Thieves with the same hardcore that we mentioned earlier. Let's say you took a new quest and got a marker on the map, okay. But you don't have a standard minimap. To find out where to head the ship, you need to constantly go down into the hold and peep at a kind of pirate analogue of Microsoft PexelSense.

Another fresh solution from the developers is a treasure hunting system. Everyone remembers treasure maps from childhood, when in order to find treasure you had to solve riddles, navigate the terrain and count steps to the location of the surprise? Sea of Thieves has exactly the same system and it's really interesting to chase the next treasure. We should also praise Microsoft for not being careless about localization and all rhymed riddles for treasures have been correctly translated into USA in Sea of Thieves.


Of course, the ocean is full of dangers, like storms, sharks and terrible krakens, but, as always, the most terrible creatures are humans. You will have to fight in PVP with other pirates quite often, only in case of loss of the ship there is no need to be upset. Sea of Thieves will provide the losing team with a new vessel free of charge, of which, by the way, there are only 2 types for the whole game.

Is the game worth the money?

At the moment, the price of Sea Of Thieves is a little less than 4000 rubles and, frankly, with all the great basic mechanics, the game manages to get bored in just five hours. Sea of Thieves has criminally little content, and the only incentive to embark on a pirate adventure is to raise money to buy a new character or ship decoration.


Yes, there is even a minimum amount of cosmetics in Sea of Thieves, and in 20 hours of play you can buy all of it. The game is definitely not worth the money at the moment that is asked for it. We recommend download Sea of Thieves in about six months, when the developers will take into account all the mistakes and bring the pirate simulator to mind. If delivered.

However, a real gamer may not be particularly upset because of the unsuccessful start of Sea Of Thieves, because March has pleased with several more major game hits. Find out about the main games of March 2018 in our separate article.

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