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Top 100 Movies Everyone Must See. Part one


TV may be gaining momentum, but nothing can replace real films. Throughout the last century, the era of cinema, films have brought us many memorable moments, vivid, unforgettable stories and characters.

In this collection, we present 100 films that everyone should watch. This is an extensive list, which includes not only recent hits, but also classics of the genre.

Growing up time is best for expanding your horizons. Take time to watch these movies. So here's the first 10 of our top 100.

The Godfather (1972)

"The Godfather" and its sequels can be attributed to the best films, really perfect. The plot, the cast, the director all come together to create magic on screen. The history of the mafia clan has never been presented so realistically, where the godfather, Don Carleone (Marlon Brando, and then Al Pacino) is the all-seeing eye of the family.

His power extends to the highest government league, but he is not omnipotent. A showdown between the clans is inevitable, but such is the life he once chose for himself. It all began with the fact that in his youth poor Italian migrants began to turn to him for help, and he could not refuse them. Literally every part of the film is dissected into quotes.

Music by Nino Rota and directorial work of Francis Ford Coppola made this film not only an excellent story, but also a visual and musical feast for connoisseurs of true masterpieces of cinematography.

Citizen Kane (1941)

This picture often tops the list of the best films of all time. And it is no coincidence. One of Orson Welles' best films, if not the best. Wells was only 25 years old at the time of filming, but as a result, we got such an unexpected, unique story, the answer to the question of which still baffles not only film fans, but also film critics. What is a rosebud? What did he mean in the life of a tycoon who was not prone to sentimentalism?

The action of the film begins from the end, which in itself was a revolutionary decision for that time. The viewer gets acquainted with the history of America's richest man through the stories and memories of people about him. This film, perhaps, like no other, is filled with the director's ebullient energy. Even Scorsese in The Wolf of Wall Street can't match the energy that Wells' film is saturated with. It's not for nothing that Scorsese inserted the Citizen Kane party scene into his movie.

In order to decide whether Citizen Kane is your number one movie, you must watch it yourself.

Before Dawn (1995)

Richard Linklater's Before Dawn and its sequels, released 9 years apart, are arguably the most romantic films ever made. Young people meet on the train to Europe. During the trip, they realize that they are made for each other. Jesse, an American, asks Celine, a Frenchwoman, if she would like to spend one day with him in Vienna. So they spend time together before Jesse is due to fly on the next morning.

How do two strangers understand each other so well in just one day? What makes their relationship so strong? Their affection for each other becomes stronger and stronger, and during the day it turns into love. What happens the next morning when Jesse needs to leave?

Adolescence (2014)

The film, shot over 12 years by the same cast, is another masterpiece by Richard Linklater. "Adolescence" is a story of growing up, seen and shown through the eyes of the main character Mason (in the incredible performance of Ellar Coltrane), who literally grows on the screen in front of your eyes.

Filming began in 2002 and ended only in 2014. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason's parents, the debutante of the film Lorelei Linklater, the director's daughter as Mason's sister Samantha show, like in no other film, that adolescence is hard rocky path. Scenes of travel, family holidays, birthdays and everything in between becomes transcendental.

"Adolescence" is a nostalgic time capsule of the recent past and an ode to growing up and parenting exploits.

Eight and a Half (1963)

Federico Fellini "" 8? "is a classic arthouse. A comedy about a tangled romantic relationship and the career of a filmmaker. By the way, Fellini himself believed that this is the best film ever made (not only him!). The story of the director of films Guido who is trying to rest after finishing work on another hit.

However, he cannot do this, because the team with which he has worked lately cannot calm down, they want to continue shooting new films. Guido tries to find an idea for a new film, but so far without success. While searching for new topics, he involuntarily plunges into memories of the events of his life, of those women whom he loved but left.

This is Fellini's autobiographical film about the difficulties and challenges faced by the filmmaker.

A Space Odyssey: 2001 (1969)

A Space Odyssey 2001 was released in 1968, but the film's unique special effects and message remain as relevant today as they did half a century ago.

Poet E.E. Cummings once said that he would rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach 10,000 stars how to dance. It looks like Cummings wouldn't have liked Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey, in which the stars dance and the birds don't sing.

It is worth noting one interesting moment associated with this film: it can be considered a failure from a human point of view (the characters of the film do not develop, there is no relationship between them) and surprisingly successful if viewed at the level of the Universe and cosmic consciousness. p>

The Kubrick universe with spaceships that are built to explore the galaxy has nothing to do with humans. Ships are ideal, they are impersonal machines that are destined to fly from one planet to another, and if a person is lost somewhere in the depths of this machine, then he will be able to see new lands. This film is not about people, although not about cars as such. It is about something more, about human consciousness and its future.

Rules of the Game (1939)

There are very few films that, like a sharp knife, expose the pettiness of differences between classes in the way that Jean Renoir, the director of the best satire movie "The Rules of the Game", did.

This is a magical and elusive film that often competes with Citizen Kane for the title of Best Film of All Time. It is so simple and at the same time labyrinthine, kind and full of anger, naive and dangerous, that you cannot just watch it, you need to dissolve in it.

It is made in the form of a farce that takes place in a country house of aristocrats, where wives with their husbands, lovers and mistresses, owners and their servants hide, hiding in the numerous corridors of the house, suddenly appear in each other's bedrooms and do not get tired of pretending that they are well-behaved representatives of their class.

Toy Story (1995)

Of all the Pixar films, Toy Story is the most important and full of meaning. This tale that changed the history of animation forever. Don't forget about the sequels when you start watching it.

Toy Story creates a universe of a pair of children's bedrooms, a gas station, and a suburban highway. Her characters are toys that come to life when no one is looking. The conflict unfolds between a good old toy, a cowboy, whom Andy loves, and a new super popular astranger, who can replace the cowboy. The image of evil here is the neighbor boy Sid. All he does is take apart the toys and remake them to his taste.

For a children's audience, this is a dream movie, because it tells a fascinating story, you can laugh and it seems to draw you to the screen.

For an older audience, the cartoon may be even more interesting precisely because it is the first film made from start to finish on a computer, each frame is a 3D reality, with the help of which the amazing freedom of movement of all the characters in the film is achieved. The more you learn about it, the more you respect the movie and its creators.

Psycho (1960)

"It wasn't an idea that shocked the audience, nor was it a great acting job .... viewers were overwhelmed by the film itself." So Hitchcock said in an interview with Francois Truffaut about "Psycho", adding that the film belongs primarily to its creators. Hitchcock deliberately wanted the film to look like a simple, cheap project.

However, no other Hitchcock film has had such a strong impact on the audience. “I was in control of the audience,” the director said in his longest interview with Truffaut. "You could say I played them like an organ." It was the most shocking film that the public of that time has ever seen. The advertisement read: "Do not reveal surprises!", So not a single person who decided to watch the movie in the cinema could even imagine that the main character, Marion (Janet Lee), would seem to be killed almost at the very beginning of the film and about the main secret of Norman's mother.

"It is necessary that you watch" Psycho "from the beginning" - Hitchcock warned fans to be late for the movie show - "because by the time you come to look at Janet Lee she will have disappeared from the screen."

Seven Samurai (1954)

"Seven Samurai" is a legendary film by Akira Kurosawa. The events unfold in the fragmented Japan of the 16th century. In order to defend themselves against a band of robbers that wielded during the civil war, the peasants hire seven samurai to help them in the fight against the attackers. In turn, the samurai are trying to somehow cheer up the local population.

This deeply philosophical film has inspired other films of a similar nature, such as The Magnificent Seven and Rogue One. A Star Wars Story. This is one of the most beautiful and ideologically filled films for the entire existence of cinematography.

You can watch it several times and always find new meanings. There is so much in this film.

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