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5 cool games for Android and IOS


Gone are the days when games on the phone were monotonous and uninteresting. Today it is a whole big business that has its own AAA hits and small indie projects. We've compiled our top 5 awesome games that you should try to play.

Modetn Strike Online

Now in the play market you can find a whole bunch of 3D shooters, but not every one of them is worth your attention. Let's talk about Modetn Strike Online. In the play market, she received 4.4 points out of 5.

I was wondering if it makes sense to load it, if there is something special about it. And the game is really good. It has a large number of weapons for every taste. Do you like compactness?

Then choose the classic submachine gun. Accustomed to classic combat? Then take your rifle. Do you want to stuff your scoundrel rival with lead? Then grab a shotgun!

Well, for those who like to infuriate opponents by killing them from afar, there are already several sniper rifles. In general, the game is really worth the memory on your device.

Strong link

6 opponents for all rounds will rally into a single team. Only by working as a team will players replenish the bank.

Each round, through a democratic vote, will eliminate the worst player until there is only one left. Only the strongest player can win and claim the bank for himself.

The Strongest Link is a quiz where you need to use your knowledge and a strategy invented by your head that can help you make it to the finals and take the pot.


To be honest, launching this creation, I did not think that I would like the game so much. Especially in the first seconds, when it was not clear what was happening at all, but then everything turned upside down.

As in many games of this genre, the process can be endless. Although, maybe the developers have hidden some secret for 10,000 points. It all depends on the reaction of the player.

The point of the game is to slide your fingers into one of the three columns, depending on the color, so that the cubes fall into the desired column. The left column is colored red, the right one is green, and the center one is blue. Cubes start to fall from above.

The goal is to score as many points as possible. I liked the game for its stylish and unusual design, and gameplay, where can we go without it.

Paper Games Aircraft

Paper-air battles for two players. Each player has an airfield that they must guard. Airfields are located on different sides of the map, and at the same time 3 planes can take off from them.

These planes must be directed at the enemy, destroying them with a collision, almost like Japanese kamikaze.

If a transport gets outside the map, it automatically explodes, which in the overwhelming majority of cases means a loss, because the base is left without protection. Papers Games Aircraft is a good way to while away the time on the train, for example.

Defense Zone 3

There is hardly a single fan of mobile strategies who has not heard of this game.

Personally, I played the previous part and became interested in this game. And I don't regret installing it on my phone.

Compared to the previous part, it has not changed at all. There are routes for the movement of naval air and ground forces.

There is a coverage area where you can place defensive cannons. The goal is to prevent the enemy from following the route. In general, if you like to play tower defense, then I recommend this game to you.

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