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Samsung will have the Galaxy P30, the first smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint reader


Samsung continues its in-screen fingerprint research. Over the past several years, the company's specialists have carried out research on this topic.

There was information that they were failing. There were even rumors that this project would not take place, allegedly it was abandoned due to its hopelessness.

Recently it became known that this is not the case. Rumors have surfaced regarding the Galaxy S10 anniversary, which is slated for release next year. They predict the presence of a sub-screen fingerprint scanner for this device.

But that's not all. Most likely, he will not be the first Samsung smartphone to have an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Several sources report that this company is preparing the release of another device, where this technology will be tested. It is also known that it will not be flagship, and the price will suit everyone.

Most likely, we are talking about the new Galaxy P30, as well as its more solid version of the Galaxy P30 +.

Letter castling

Not so long ago, Samsung announced the rearrangement of the letter correspondences of its smartphones, their class. The youngest is Galaxy M, the middle one is Galaxy A, and the premium one is Galaxy S. We knew this before. The changes do not only apply to global versions of smartphones. This innovation will affect devices manufactured in some markets.

While the representatives of the firm do not disclose exactly where these castlings will take place. Most likely, this is not about changes, but about additions. It is believed that smartphones manufactured in China will have a separate lineup.

Devices with the most affordable price will get the P series, and flexible foldable smartphones - Galaxy W.

What will the new scanner look like

There is little information about the Galaxy P30 in the public domain, and little is known about its older brother, the Galaxy P30 +.


One publication, who wished to remain secret, predicted some of the alleged characteristics of these products. Most likely, this information was formed as a result of deliberate leaks, which some campaigns do not disdain to popularize their products and create pre-sale hype.

The Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30 + are supposed to have IPS screens, 3.5mm jacks and USB Type-C. Undoubtedly, due to the increased graphic loads, batteries with higher performance and corresponding capacity will be used.

It is also assumed that the fingerprint module integrated into the screen will differ in characteristics from its current counterparts. It will almost certainly be supplemented with an ultrasonic sensor. In addition, the response speed of the module will be higher than that of its predecessors.

It is not yet clear why Samsung decided to test this functionality on a poorly known smartphone model. Specialists are inclined not to the adventurous component of the idea, but to the marketing one. It is believed that this is a non-standard move that should draw attention to this line of the company.


Another piece of news, which is more reliable than the previous ones, also concerns the future fingerprint scanner. It is highly likely that this sensor, found on the Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30 +, will be less technologically advanced and less advanced than its counterpart on the Galaxy S10.

The latter will use the latest Qualcomm ultrasound technology, while the "little brothers" will be equipped with a typical optical fingerprint scanner. Similar ones are actively used on Vivo and Xiaomi devices.

As often happens lately, the release of new products is planned in China. They promise that this will happen at the end of next month or early November.

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