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Like Pokemon Go, Only Better: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review


Remember Pokemon Go? Remember how people, staring at their phones, scurried about the most dangerous areas of cities, dumps and churches [and then ended up in jail], threw themselves under cars, into rivers, and all in order to catch the desired pocket monster? Those were good times. And now, Harry Potter is out in the world: Wizards Unite - a more complex version of Pokemon Go, which will draw you into the magical world of the famous franchise from J.K. Rowling. In our review, we will analyze how to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, download the game in USA, and also explain why it is better than its predecessor.

Is there any magic? And if I find it? What Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is about

Like Niantic's previous project, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based augmented reality game. The creators themselves call it: "the system of the real world on a planetary scale." We have to walk the streets and look for dangerous magical creatures, dark wizards, brew potions and find various items from the magical universe of Harry Potter.


According to the plot, and just imagine there is a [tiny, but still plot], several years have passed since the end of the Deathly Hallows. Potter and his friends got a job at the Ministry of Magic to change this structure rotten from bureaucracy. For unknown reasons, portals began to open in the Muggle world through which magic seeps into their world. The Ministry is raising the alarm and gathering all the wizards to help eliminate this local "conjugation of spheres" and keep the secret of magic from the eyes of simpletons.


So, you are recruited into the Ministry by Potter himself, and with the words: “Kukushiki, I am Harry Potter, but you already know about this. In general, we have a magical crisis here, you are now one of our liquidators - go ahead to rake it all up, "sends you on your magical adventure.

How Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Works

The game works on the principle of Google Maps, overlaying its game interface on real buildings. Moreover, the start of Wizard Unite is much better than that of Pokemon Go, and the whole world is directly tied to the real map. For example, when entering a restaurant, you may stumble upon magical dishes that will restore your magic for casting spells, and in a greenhouse or botanical garden you will stumble upon a mini-game for growing magical plants.


The local lore component of the game has been worked out in great detail and this is encouraging, because in the last game of the studio, all interactive objects were scattered around.

You can collect magic items, find different creatures or wizards. In order to interact with them, you need to draw spells on the screen and watch how they will work with interactive objects. An important step forward is interaction with the outside world. The game perceives the change of day and the gameplay changes from this. For example, if you hunt werewolves, you can only find them at night. You can collect the ingredients for potions in the evening, and in the morning you can find in the same place that the plant is covered with dew.

The game places local attractions on a real city map, and you can be brought into Diagon Alley, Gringotts Bank or Hagrid's Hut. Naturally, there will be various interactive buns or mini-games.


The game encourages you to constantly move. In addition to the fact that you always wander from one Dementor to another and disperse them with a Patronus, for example, there are chests in the game that can only be opened after you have walked 3 kilometers.

All found creatures and objects are entered into the register of the Ministry of Magic. Due to this, your level rises and you rise in rank, receiving various items or improvements.


The bad thing that immediately catches your eye is the donation system. Everything in the game is based on the amount of your magic and its spending. When it dries up, you will not be able to interact with the world and have to wait for it to recover. The game at this moment may offer to replenish it for real money.


As Game Informer editor Imran Khan said in his review: “Purely in theory, it is not necessary to spend real money, but the game is completely dependent on the use of magic and if you incorrectly entered the spell, you will waste energy, and it is not always possible to wait for it to recover I want to". Although it should be admitted that you can replenish energy, for example, by going to the nearest pub and drinking a butter beer in it.


Provided in the gameplay and collective battles for five people, and each player has its own task - someone heals, someone attacks, the third is trying to block magic spells. Players can upgrade different skill trees and unlock the corresponding perks. Therefore, we can say that you are indeed becoming a qualified wizard. There is an opportunity to go on such collective raids on the fortress. There you will find the rarest items such as Horcruxes, as well as powerful enemies like giants.


How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in USA?

The game is now available in 27 countries and, of course, you cannot download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in USA [a classic of life, what to say]. However, do not despair for everything is real.


How to Install Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on IOS

To do this, you just need to register in the US version of the App Store. To do this, log out of your App ID through the settings, and then register a new, American ID when logging in. Well, or choose any other region where the game is available. You can also do this on the store page, when he prompts you to download the game using your existing ID or create a new one. Choose the latter.


A couple of important points. First, when creating a new ID, do not enter your card number in the payment field, as local credit cards will not work, so select None in the payment method line. In addition, you need a work number that was previously unlinked to the App ID. And second, if you change your ID, your old service subscriptions may disappear.

Next, the road leads straight to the game page in the App Store. There you download it.

Installing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Android Easier

You need to download this ARC file and install the game on your phone. The game is not available in the Play Market itself. The exact same ways to download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are identical for all CIS countries that were not lucky enough to get into the list of regions where the game is available.


Complex and cool

Summing up, I would like to refer to Western journalists who call Harry Potter: Wizard Unite "a comprehensive version of Pokemon Go." The game is well-developed, interacts with the outside world, and also warns if you go too fast [the developers remember the sad experience of the last game]. The exploration and mechanics of the magic in the game are amazing. Most importantly, it captures the spirit of the original franchise, where the magic is real but only seen by a select few. There is witchcraft out there, Hogwarts, magical beings and the Ministry of Magic, and you are one of those who can just see it all.

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