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What to play? Best August releases


It so happened that August, like the entire summer period, is not very rich in major or at least remarkable releases. But the last week of summer, on the contrary, is promising. And all because it gives us the go-ahead for the beginning of autumn - the most prolific time for releases. All August releases described today will be released from the 27th to the 31st of this month. Let's see what to play?

–źncestors: The Humankind Odyssey

A project by one of the fathers of the original Assassin's Creed, Patrice Desile, has finally made it to release. Five years ago, the head of the young studio Panache Digital Games fought with Ubisoft for the right to release his game 1666: Amsterdam. And now, when the legal showdown was over, he is ready to present us with another project about human evolution.

Following Game informer, we can say the following about the game:

Focus on Survival

Survival in the game will be quite difficult. It is not enough to keep track of such indicators as food / water / sleep / health, injuring yourself in –źncestors is as easy as shelling pears. Jumped from a great height - broke bones; fought with a predator - got bleeding that needs to be stopped. Even if your primate tries a new food, chances are that it will get poisoned and go to bed.

Movement similar to AC

Not surprisingly, the art director of Assassin's Creed has added a parkour system to his game and our movement will largely be based on jumping and climbing trees.

We will visit different parts of Africa

Throughout evolution, we will be worn throughout Africa. We will visit both the jungle and the savannah. Everywhere we will be able to find new things for development, for example, create defensive weapons for ourselves against other inhabitants of the continent. However, exploring new territory is associated with great risk. So, there will be zones of fear on the map, where your character's nerves are naughty in the dark and hallucinations caused by fear appear.


The skills you gain unlock as you learn and unlock in the skill tree menu while you sleep and extend across generations.

So far, the project looks as ambitious as it is ambiguous. Why is that? While evolution over millions of years with the transfer of experience to future generations sounds cool, the chances are that the entire gameplay will turn into a search for food and water for many hours. The project may not be for everyone.


Control is an experiment by Remedy, where they try to show you how to properly cross between the action and metro genre [to get into a certain area on a location you need to level up or find a special item]. You can read more about this genre here.

Next batch. The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a covert American government agency responsible for overseeing and controlling supernatural activity, is under attack by a paranormal force known as Hiss. The main character of the game Jesse Faden arrives at the FBC and finds him already under the control of Hiss. We need to solve this problem.

The building itself of the Oldest House [in which the FBC headquarters is located] does not obey the laws of physics and is much more than it seems.

Since this is a third-person shooter, the focus of the game is on gunplay and combat. Unlike Quantum Break, which allowed players to bring different types of firearms such as pistols, SMGs, rifles, etc. Control has only one "service weapon" - however, it is capable of switching between modes, so there will still be variety. Also in battle, Jess's superpowers have values.


The game looks mysterious and quite interesting. The plot will clearly have many moments of psychological pressure on the heroine. However, recent gameplay demos are a little exciting. In them, more and more emphasis was placed on the action, from which the smell of Quantum Break emanates. However, we hope Control won't let you down. And if so, well, we are used to being disappointed.

Blair Witch

The creators of Layers Of Fear and Observation are confident that the genre of walking with shades of horror is more popular now than ever. That's why they created Blair Witch. The gameplay is pretty obvious for this type of game: hiding in the bushes, running away, wandering around with a flashlight and flinching at every sound.


In the story, we act out a detective who went to look for a missing boy in the forest near the city of Blair, but he himself fell into the madness that was going on there. We will not be alone this time. Our detective has a faithful dog. He was introduced not only as an assistant, but to scare us even more. The developers plan that we will be more worried about the fate of our dog and this will put additional pressure.

The game is canonical for the film universe. However, they promise to show us a different perspective on events in this forest.

The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan

Supermassive Games is about to take the interactive movie genre to the next level with its co-op creation Man Of Medan. And even since the release of their last project Until Down, everyone was talking about how cool it would be to play something like that in a cooperative.

Man Of Medan will be the first chapter in The Dark Pictures' universe - a 4-6 hour anthology of games, brought together by such a character as the Narrator. He supposedly will tell us about all the stories, but at the same time he will have his own storyline.


The first game tells the story of the sunken Dutch ship "Man from Medan". According to legend, this ship sent a distress signal, the people who arrived on it found that all the crew members were dead, and their faces froze in horror. After the rescuers left the ship, it disappeared altogether.

Supermassive Games strongly advise against playing Man Of Medan alone, because then it will not be interesting at all. In terms of gameplay, the most typical interactive QTE movie awaits us, where two players watch their characters in different places, meet from time to time and make difficult choices.

The coolness of the cooperative is that you and your friend observe different events, and you can only be guided by each other's words. So, your "friend" can lie to you that the path is clear, but in fact you will be killed by a hidden enemy.

It's too early to say that the game will be very non-linear. It is difficult to draw such a conclusion from the demo, which the journalists played. But the developer, of course, promises it [huh, he would try to say that it is not so]. We can definitely say that the "movie party" mode will be fun. After all, it can gather up to 5 people, where each plays the role of a certain character.

These were all the most interesting games in August. All of them will be out next week, so get ready for the best games of this month.

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