New Mega Man in development, Dino Crisis remake gameplay and Death Stranding again - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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New Mega Man in development, Dino Crisis remake gameplay and Death Stranding again - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in our digest: Resident Evil passed without a single hit, MediEvel gameplay, 64-person mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

New Mega Man is already in development

As you probably know, Capcom is working on remakes of Mega Man, but at the same time they are developing a new part of the franchise. In one of his last interviews, the producer of the franchise, Kazuhiro Tsituya, said that there are many games that he would like to work on, but they are already moving in the chosen direction. We just have to wait for the announcement.


He also said that the company is going to support the Mega Man franchise for another 10-20 years. So we are unlikely to stop writing about her soon. Most likely, we will be waiting for Mega Man 12, because if you believe the financial statements of the company, 11 part of the game was sold with great success.

Dino Crisis Fan Remake Gameplay

As we wrote earlier —TeamArklay is a team of five enthusiasts involved in remaking the old game Dino Crisis, transferring it to Unreal Engine 4. People call this game Resident Evil with dinosaurs. Until Capcom shut down their project, you can check out the gameplay the team has released for everyone to see.

In it we can see the dinosaurs and the main character in more detail. Now development is in its early stages, and if the project is still not shut down, the game will be distributed for free.

Recall that the first game was released on PlayStation 1, but it never received its remake or remaster.

Second Death Stranding Cinematic Trailer from Tokyo Game Show

We continue to review the new gameplay videos of Hideo Kojima's creation that he showed at the Tokyo Game Show. If the last video was devoted mainly to mechanics during the journey, then the second one tells about the main character's refuge. This is where Sam descends at the end of the last video.

In the shelter, we will not play for Sam himself, but for a certain ghost who directs the main character and tells him what to do. The GG himself is well aware of this and interacts with him in every possible way [that is, with us]. For example, if you point the camera at his genitals, he will cover them, just like 2B from Nier Automata. And if we continue, Sam will eventually hit the camera. Here is such a break in the fourth wall.


You can also direct the hero to the mirror to wash and make him grimace. While Norman Reedus' character is making faces, he can be photographed as a keepsake. Also Sam can get some beer.

In the shelter, you can do costemization: change the color of the room and clothes, put on glasses, a cap and customize the satchel. The latter is an important part of the gameplay, because the backpack is divided into cells that can be filled with a certain number of items of equipment.

In the shelter, you can not only rest, but also replenish supplies. For example, Sam's biological waste will be recycled and used for crafting, as an option to create grenades, which he threw at the monster in the last demo. Who knew these grenades were literally shitty.

You can also choose the next task, listen to music, read the notes found. After Sam left the bunker, he again climbed into the hot spring and began humming something to himself. It turned out that this is how the game communicates with the other side. Also this time, the source was the character Margaret Qualley Mama.

Gamer completed Resident Evil 4 with zero hit rate

Resident Evil 4 keeps track of your hits on enemies, and at the end of the game gives you general statistics. However, she does it according to her strange algorithms. It turns out that the game can be completed with "0% Hits".

On Reddit, a man under the nickname Manekimoney posted a screenshot of his walkthrough with exactly this percentage of hits. He explained this as follows. It turns out that the game does not take into account specifically in this parameter a knife and weapons with a large area of damage - rocket launchers, grenades and mortars. They were the ones that the player used to achieve this result.

Sounds simpler than it can be implemented. There are times in the game when you need pinpoint shots. For example, when Ashley is kidnapped again, it is not advisable to shoot from the rocket launcher at the kidnapper, because she can be killed. He was able to overcome this difficulty with the help of stun grenades and a non-pumped mortar.


In general, there were several difficulties [meaning difficulties in the already difficult passage] during the passage: the battle with the invisibles in the sewers, where they had to wield only a knife and the battle with the knights in the royal harbor, where the gamer had to hard to save mortar ammunition.

His race also has several features:

  • It took place in RE4 in New Game mode, not New Game +. The gamer did not have any bonuses available upon replaying.
  • The walkthrough was in Pro mode, and the game did not automatically decrease the difficulty if the player died a lot.
  • If possible, the player ran through opponents. He rarely succeeded, and he killed 75% of his enemies.
  • To prevent the monsters from dropping ammo, he always carried 100 pistol cartridges in his inventory.

MediEvil's 10 minutes of gameplay with Tokyo Games Show

As they say, not Kojimo and his games are one. At the Tokyo Games Show, we were shown the gameplay of the very beginning of MediEvil, 10 minutes long.

According to the developers, their project is not just a remake, but a rethinking, in which new gameplay improvements await us.

Recall that the original game was released in 1998 on the first PlayStation. Events take place in a certain kingdom of Gallowmeer. Our hero, knight Daniel Fortescue, dies on the battlefield during an attack by the undead led by the sorcerer Zarok. A hundred years later, Daniel is resurrected, after which he begins to take revenge on the wizard.

The game will be released on October 25 on PS4.

The next beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare will feature a 64-man mode

It is difficult to abandon the battle royale trend, and Activision continues to introduce it into their projects. So, in the next beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, there will be a 64-man Ground War battle mode.

The 32v32 battle will take place on the Karst River Quarr map. As Game Informer says, Battlefield with a touch of Call of Duty awaits us. Everywhere people form defensive fortifications, helicopters fly and armored personnel carriers drive.


There are five key points in the mode that players must capture in order to win. Also, players can use the bonuses received for the kill streak. The developers hint that the mode will eventually include more than 64 people.

Beta dates: September 19-23 on PC, PS4 and Xone.

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