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Inside # 8.08: TCL foldable smartphone; Huawei chipset; Samsung Galaxy S11; Apple Watch 5


The next issue of Insider Data will be devoted to the discussion of information about the development of the bendable device by TCL. We will also discuss the creation of a new processor by Huawei. Let's also talk about some of the nuances of the technical equipment of the Galaxy S11 and the design features of the Apple Watch 5.

Bendable Smartphone and Other TCL Gadgets

In the first quarter of this year, TCL talked a little about its developments in the bending machine, prototypes of future TCL Flextab products were shown.

Recently, the well-known insider Evan Blass on his Twitter page posted information about the release date of such a gadget. He also spoke about some of the company's products that will be presented during the year.

An insider predicts the imminent appearance of four devices from this company at once.

According to him, the company's first flexible product equipped with an AMOLED display will be released in the third quarter of next year. There is no data on its technical equipment yet, it is only known that the device will cost at least 1300 euros.


It is also known that the T1 smartphone will be presented at IFA 2019 in September this year. It will be equipped with a 6.53-inch FHD + screen, a 24MP selfie camera that is embedded in the display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

The module of the main camera of the product consists of three sensors, the main one of which will receive a sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels. To charge a standard 3829 mAh battery, an 18 W charger is used. Depending on the configuration, the product will cost around 299-399 euros.

A smartphone with more powerful hardware TCL T1 Pro will be equipped with an Edge AMOLED display and a dual unit of the main camera. It won't be on sale until the first quarter of next year at a price one hundred euros more than the junior version.


In mid-2020, TCL will release 5G versions of these smartphones, with the T1 stripping one sensor of the main camera. The T1 and T1 Pro devices, which support the latest generation networks, will start selling at 499 and 599 euros, respectively.

Huawei Announces New Processor at IFA 2019

Before the end of this year, two important events are to take place, which are in the plans of Huawei. The first of them implies the announcement of the next generation processor Kirin 990, the second - the release of the flagship line of Huawei Mate 30. Recently it was reported that on September 6 in Berlin, during the IFA 2019 event, the company will talk about its new chipset.

It is already known that the Kirin 990 is built on TSMC's 7nm technology, which uses deep violet photolithography. At this time, the 980 series of this chip is actively used. The developer's experts predict that the new generation will have higher performance and improved power consumption.


Experts also predict possible integration into a 5G modem processor.

Galaxy S11 will get an advanced camera.

Recently, an unknown source spread rumors on the network that the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone will be equipped with a more efficient camera with a resolution of the main sensor up to 108 megapixels. For this purpose, the latest Isocell Bright HMX module will be applied there.

Due to its top-end features, it will be able to produce frames with a resolution of 12032x9024 pixels. Another advantage of this sensor is its high sensitivity to light. This will help you get highly detailed photos in all conditions, including at night.


Even after doubling them, the resolution will not be lower than 27 megapixels. The module will be able to zoom in and zoom in to any object of photography ten times.

Apple smartwatches will be released in two types of cases

In September, traditionally for Apple, some of its devices will be updated.


One of the most anticipated new products of the company is the Apple Watch 5. One of the insiders found some information about the new product on the Internet and published it on his page. According to these data, the novelty will be sold in two new versions. It is known for certain that their cases will be made of titanium and ceramic.


Many people remember that the Apple Watch Series 3 had a ceramic case. Such a material as titanium was not previously used by the manufacturer in the manufacture of this device. It is known that conventional versions of watches are mounted in aluminum cases. Therefore, we can safely say that titanium and ceramics will be used to create the prestigious and expensive versions of watches - Apple Watch Edition.


They are often fitted with premium materials.

It is worth recalling here that the Apple Watch 4 model currently being sold is devoid of the Apple Watch Edition modification. It has also been established that the new product will have a 44 mm version. The screenshots show that.


Previously, Yabloko often allowed themselves to experiment with materials used in watch production. There were devices that were made from gold and other precious metals. Now the company is positioning its watches as a gadget aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, there is also a desire to please the wealthy fans of this product.

It is not yet clear whether a model with a stainless steel case will remain on the conveyor. Perhaps it will be replaced by an analogue with a titanium shell, or maybe the company's marketers will leave this most affordable version.

This will be announced on September 10, when new Apple products are announced.

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